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UPND Coordinator urges government to expedite the farming input distribution exercise in Kaoma


Kaoma district United Party for National Development (UPND) has urged government to expedite the farming input distribution exercise in the district.

Kaoma district UPND Coordinator, Kenny Ndumba said many farmers in the district have not yet received their fertilizer and maize seeds for 2016/2017 farming season.

Mr Ndumba said that Kaoma being the food basket of the province, there is a feeling of a severe looming hunger if the distribution exercises many farming inputs is delayed further.

He said many farmers in the district have just opted to plant their own recycled maize seeds as the FISP programme in the district have failed to materialize.

Mr Ndumba said the Ministry of Agricultural staff should ensure that the distribution exercise of the FISP inputs for many farmers be done in haste as the e-voucher cards up to now have not been activated for all the farmers in the district.

He said that all stakeholders in the FISP programmes in the country should be weary and aware that Zambia solely depends on maize as a staple food and that concerted efforts should be sought so that these farming problems are addressed.

Mr Numba said the E-Voucher system being on a pilot project in Kaoma district of Western province, strategies were supposed to be put in place early adding that government should learn from these FISP problems.

And Kaoma district agricultural Coordinator, Cristerbel Kakumbi said that about 952 hectares from 2, 980 households of maize fields have so far been sprayed from stalk bore pests.

Ms Kakumbi said all camp agricultural officers are on alert of any suspicious maize field pests ravaging the staple crop in the district.

She said that about 100 liters of stalk borer pesticides is expected to be received in the district in order to wipe out the stalk borer pests in many reported maize fields in the district.

Ms Kakumbi expressed optimism that at the rate agricultural extensions officers are working; there is hope that the district will record a bumper harvest for 2016/17 harvest season.


  1. You will receive now. She is back from the states where she had gone galavanting. People having been complaining for a long time over late delivery of inputs and that’s when he is going on a fact finding mission in late January

  2. Many farmers have not received? Which means some have received and which follows the inputs are available but someone somehow is playing politics. I have seen this especially with the issuing of arm worm chemicals. The guy responsible in our farming block is never available prompting some of us to buy the chemical.

  3. Too late now, it’s a lost cause. Who in their sane mind be planting especially maize at this stage? Its a missed opportunity already

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