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Alba Iulia
Friday, February 21, 2020

HRM investigates sexual abuse of kasama Girls and Zambia police recruits.

General News HRM investigates sexual abuse of kasama Girls and Zambia...

The Human Rights Commission (HRM) is investigating reported cases of sexual abuse of pupils and Kasama Girls Secondary School in Northern Province to establish their authenticity and ensure that culprits are dealt with accordance with the laws pertaining to gender based violence.


HRM Spokesperson  Mweelwa Muleya said in the statement today  that the Commission  will also investigate allegations of sexual abuse of female police recruits at Lilayi Police Training College.

Mr. Muleya disclosed that so far one female has officially lodged a complaint with the Commission.


He said depending on the findings of the investigations, the Commission will engage the Zambia Police Service to ensure that perpetrators of girls and women sexual exploitation and abuse are appropriately punished for acts of either rape, defilement or  as the case may be.

He reaffirmed that rape and defilement are serious forms of violence and human rights against women and girls and constitute a crime against humanity as it is used as a weapon of compromising the vulnerable women into harmful sexual practices.


Sexual abuse is the worst form of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment women and girls suffer at the hands of their perpetrators and it has long lasting physical and psychological impact that violates their inherent dignity and worth of a person.


The Commission has  acknowledged  the pledge by the Government through the Ministry of General Education and the Ministry of Home Affairs to investigate the allegations of sexual abuse at the two respective institutions.


Mr Muleya said  such publicly pronounced commitments are in line with the Government’s national, regional, and international human rights obligation to protect victims of human rights violations through effective and prompt investigations and punishing of perpetrators and granting effective remedies to victims and must be implemented.


He noted that the Government has an obligation under Article 15 of the Zambian Constitution, Article 5 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the UN Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment to protect the victims and punish the perpetrators.


The Spokesperson has  appealed to victims to report their ordeals to the Human Rights Commission Offices in Lusaka, Chipata, Kasama, Livingstone, Mongu ,and Ndola or call  the Commission  on the Toll Free Line 8181.


He said the Commission wishes to assure the victims of strict confidentiality and protection from any form of reprisal as a result of reporting cases of human rights violations.


Mr Muleya said Commission, however, wishes to appeal for honest and good faith allegations to avoid violating the rights and reputations of innocent people, particularly through the social media where they may have no recourse to defend themselves.

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    • This is a good starting point, and please go to all schools countrywide, teachers sexually abuse girls everyday.

      I remember when I was in grade 9 one of my teachers used to sleep with one of my classmates and childhood friend and there was nothing I could do to stop the teacher from abusing my friend. I used to feel bad about it and i still feel bad

  1. Please take with you Senior Female police officers to carry out the arrests… That is why AIDS can not be scaled down in Zambia…

    It is irresponsible for Lungu’s government to just sit on the edge and pretend to be in charge when things are getting worse… Corruption…, Nepotism – (Wako ni wako)…, Tribalism…, Defilements..
    The list is endless….

    Why should the government, with such meagre resource base, be running Parliament Motel which is just a Brothel… How many MPs have ended up contracting HIV and how have died…. You can not continue hiding these statistics from the people of Zambia… The truth shall be told…

  2. this is what beats my reasoning, does it mean the HRC can only do investigations when someone complains. i mean we all know what happens in these military institutions. you do as you are told or else they make your life hell.

  3. The Government via Police/ Justice system IS NOT investigating, coz the President is Drunk, busy planning his next trip abroad, whilst dreaming of 2021, & the Chief of Police is busy concentrating on how many police officers are married to, or going out with “foreigners”

  4. The reality on the ground is that many newly employed young teachers are excited and going out with higher grade girls some of whom are almost their age. The scenario could be tricky for the HRC and other investigators because i see them ruining chances for some possible future marriages. Where a young teacher should search for their future life partners is another critical aspect of this matter especially where some school going girls could be of marriage age

  5. My childhood friend was impregnated by a cook of all people during military training over a can of beef. These monsters are barbarians.

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