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Post employees to be paid, those hiding Post assets to be prosecuted, warns Lewis Mosho

General News Post employees to be paid, those hiding Post assets to be prosecuted,...

Workers from the former Post Newspaper sharing their 'Last Supper
Workers from the former Post Newspaper sharing their ‘Last Supper

Provisional Liquidator of the Post Newspapers Limited Lewis Mosho of Lewis Nathan Associates says he is confident that employees of the Post will be paid their salary arrears after settlement of sums due to assured creditor Investrust Bank Plc.

And Mr Mosho has disclosed that Investrust Bank Plc was last Thursday added to the winding up process of the Post Newspaper as a secured creditor after Lusaka High Court Judge Sunday Nkonde passed a ruling following a successful application by employees of the Post in liquidation.

Meanwhile, Mr Mosho has warned that he will commence legal proceedings against all persons who have continued to hide assets of the Post Newspapers in liquidation.

In a statement, Mr Mosho said all employees should register their claims with his office by phone or email together with their pay slips.

He has since warned persons holding on to company assets saying concealing these assets amounts to fraud on creditors which is an offence.

“Assets such as motor vehicles being held by employees are required to be surrendered for accountability purposes and shall be taken into account when assessing what is due to the affected employees. All employees must thus register their claims so that the claims are taken into account when assessing payments to employees who are still holding vehicles,” Mr Mosho said.


  1. Despite the difficulties faced by former employees I am pleased that The Past news is finally gone, never to resurrect again on our life. The so called successor the Mast is a still born baby which will die as soon as its funders HH comes back to his financial senses and sees the big gaping hole that the sly Mmembe has drilled in his bank accounts.

    • It’s a pity to see Mmembe kill the Post, a newspaper which we should wake up at 6am just to get a copy. Somewhere down the line Mmembe became some kind of a god.

  2. Terrible…. well written you should apply for a position at the Mast to give a balanced point of view. Good journalistic skills.. LT sign him up now before he is poached by the opposition

  3. Now we are left with cadre news from the likes of Lusaka times. Zambia has bee reduced to a dictatorship where freedom of speech is hindered. Lungu needs to learn from Gambia. Here in Zambia we will kill him unlike the gambians who allowed that preek to escape. Here he will face law.

    • @NEZ – There is a difference between the happenings in Gambia and Zambia. In Gambia after election count the opposition leader Adama Barrow was pronounced winner of the election and the then incumbent Yahya Jammeh conceded defeat. Yahya Jammeh even made a phone call to Adama Barrow congratulating him in the name of Allah – this really impressed me that the muslims were very honest as demonstrated by Jammeh. In a twist of events the same Jammeh was quick to make a U-Turn and started claiming that election was rigged.
      Here in Zambia the electoral commission declared Lungu as winner and not the Opposition leader Hakainde – SO THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GAMBIA AND ZAMBIA.

    • NEZ is illiterate. He can’t even spell prick. HH will never rule Zambia because of cadres like you. Zambia has wasted a lot of time going after its past leaders at the expense of developing the country. Grow up NEZ (Worst Blogger – Worst Election Rigger).

  4. why is Mr. mosho bringing this issue of the post more in the media let him just solve the problem .we are not interested to read about this it is boring. They have closed the post what else does he want to achieve .

  5. Its boring for you because you have not gone for months without pay and yet your ‘boss’ owns over 100 trucks and 50 buses lives in a double storied house. Par month end he tells you he cannot pay because government is after him he calls a meeting and places a pistol on his table and encourages you to tighten your belts he then walks out and jumps into a hummer and drives off. In the meantime you have a failed journalist he pays every month as his right hand man munkonge…

  6. Mr mosho are you offering anything to whistle blowers? I know one guy hiding a cruiser. Tell me how much is at stake.

  7. Mwisho or whatever your name is, the first laugh is not always the best, your time will come and we will see who will laugh last. *****, ifyabufufuntungu na chimpazee munobe efyo mulebilimina na ku press?

  8. let Mosho do his work and except he talks too much…. Serious liquidators do the work and are not political. His approach seems to serve someone ‘s interest who claimed he would close the Post when he become President.
    In America , many companies file for bankruptcy under chapter 11 and no politics is involved. Currently, ABN and CNN are singled out by Donald Trump that they are dishonest people on earth but He wont close them….
    This is Africa, where the President is worshipped like GOD and what the President does through his agents is supported even if it is illegal. One President grabs someone’s wife and the husband was quiet and the whole nation still praise the said President for declaring Zambia a christian nation.
    Above all , humble men dont hide their identities and…

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