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Fred M’membe attacks High Court Judge Sunday Nkonde

Headlines Fred M’membe attacks High Court Judge Sunday Nkonde

Mr Fred M'membe
Mr Fred M’membe

Fred M’membe has demanded that Lusaka High Court Judge Sunday Nkonde be removed from handling the matter in which the Post Newspaper has been placed on provisional liquidation.

In a letter to the Judge in Charge at the Lusaka High Court and copied to the Chief Justice, Mr M’membe accused Justice Nkonde of having attempted to close down the Post Newspaper five years ago.
He said it is inconceivable that Justice Nkonde can be in good conscience to determine a matter involving a company he tried to destroy five years ago.

Mr M’membe said as a lawyer in private practice, Mr Nkonde brought an action against the Post Newspaper in relation to the Zambian Airways allegedly on behalf of Finance Bank just before the 2011 general elections.

He said actions contained scandalous accusations and bore the hallmarks of being politically inspired.

“What is worrying is that Justice Nkonde’s conduct in this matter is that we know have it on good authority that when he commenced the action against the Post Newspapers Limited, he was acting without authority from Finance Bank,” Mr M’membe said.

He said that action was calculated to destroy the Post Newspapers and lead to its liquidation as part of a political scheme to silence critical media.

“What was the motive of bringing an action against the Post Newspapers on behalf of Finance Bank without being instructed by the bank?”

“Even if he had instructions to act, how can a Judge sit to determine a matter involving a party he has sued in circumstances that suggest misconduct?”

Mr M’membe added, “Justice Nkonde must not hear this matter. Justice must not only be seen, it must be seen to be done.”

“To this day, Judge Nkonde has failed to disclose who instructed him to sue Post Newspapers Limited on behalf of Finance Bank Limited. We challenge him to disclose who retained him in that matter,” Mr M’membe said.

Meanwhile, Post Newspapers employees have accused provisional liquidator of Post Newspaper Limited Lewis Mosho of subjecting them to endless defamation.

Post Newspapers workers said for a long time, they opted to remain silent hoping he would stop.

Workers Representative Oliver Chisenga said the workers are not crooks or criminals.

“When it comes to issues of integrity, Mr Mosho cannot compare himself to us. While he has cases in the courts of law questioning his integrity, we have none. As a liquidator of other entities, Mr Mosho is facing accountability litigation. It should not be forgotten that The Post exposed Mr Mosho’ s dealings,” Mr Chisenga said.

He said there is no Post employee who is trying to steal motor vehicles from the company.

“They have decided to hold on to these motor vehicles, as is normal practice in this country, until their benefits are paid. There are many former government employees at all levels still holding on to government motor vehicles, other property and housing waiting for their benefits to be paid. Our police camps have many retired officers still holding on to government accommodation until their benefits are paid.”
Mr Chisenga charged that the workers will also hold on to these motor vehicles until Mr Mosho pays them what is due to them.

“This is not theft. If this is theft, let the police officers working with him, those he has hired to become liquidation officers, come and arrest us and take us to court. We know Mr Mosho is working with state agencies on a private or civil matter but this should not give him the right to malign us, insult us every day,” he said.

“We are asking him to change his approach and be more professional in his work. Maligning us is not part of the duties of the liquidator, let alone a provisional one. Let there be decency and decorum in this whole undertaking. There are many things that have been done in a wrong way so far. But there should be limits in how low this should go.”


    • This whole bunch of Mmembe, Nkonde and Mosho are unprofessional, with axes to grind. There’s no need to believe any one of them. That’s what you get when the main culture in a country believes in cheating, lying, thieving and deception.

    • Fred is asking because things are not going his way.

      He has no jurisdiction and should be ignored as such.

      It’s been long due and clearly he has been breaking the law over 5 years ago himself.

      To not pay tax is the ultimate corporate sin.



    • Bandit Mmembe is right. PF’s visionless judge should declare interest in the matter of wanting to close the post newspaper in 2011. This bandit of a judge must respect the constitution & law simple.
      A normal Zambian should be proud of bandit Mmembe for at least employing thousands Zambians~even though he has his rags to patch up. By the way LT “attack” as your title for the story is media dysfunctional in act of “pull him down” syndrome. How much is mealie meal today? What about load shedding & economy? Fred everyday is having buttered toasted bread, eggs & milk for breakfast whilst most people including PF bandits ya nyokola njala! Sort out the mess & let post open finished.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Skeleton Key,
      Mmembe can never be right. When a snake charmer get bitten he should never expect sympathy. Fred Mweembe nurtured and raised the PF because the MMD had caught on to his game and wanted the money he owes government through the Zambian Airways debacle. Now that his protector Michael Sata is dead, he wants to raise HH

    • Its not Mmembe who has lost but the majority Zambians are the ones who have lost. In the absence of the Post Newspaper, there is no credible print media around. Talk of Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail, Daily Nation etc can anything good come out from these cadre papers? talk of ZNBC… In short from the time the Post was closed Zambians have been deprived of credible news

    • Who told M’membe that the Zambian was formulated specifically to serve his interest?

      M’membe will do well to realise that he was mistaken to think he is more intelligent than the rest of Zambians.

      Just because you have a newspaper and you can write whatever you think and people can read due to lack of literature, does not make you more intelligent than those that have not written their ideas.

      Actually all M’membe has been doing is exposing his thinking capacity, which intellectuals will tell you that it has measured below normal expectation.

    • Lenje Diva~ everything you have said is true. Just like bandit Kambwili, Mmembe too has found himself into mwamoneni.
      On the contrary~despite Mmembes short falling into creating the mercenary PF bandits, on this one without reservation Mmembe is right. Nkonde is an interest party. Revenge is injustice.
      The Skeleton Key

    • @Dombwa~you’re very much right. The post newspaper & courier employed thousands of Zambians to have food on the table & pay many bills. DeadNBC, Times of Zambia, daily mail~nation,zesco, zamtel, kcm etc own ZRA more than what the post newspaper actually owns~each. The price of Miles Sampa is the issue. Those floods~visionless, violent & clueless PF bandits have failed the economy. How much is mealie meal? How much is an egg? The petition must be heard~no more visionless adjournments by PFourts & PFudges. The presidential petition is important & must be heard NOW!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Life is good but it always favours fools. I imagine how this Sunday Nkonde bled financial blood from City of Lusaka Club. Are you wondering the once famous City ya Moto Club and its sister the Woodlands Stadium are in the horrible state they are in? Ask Sunday Nkonde and his colleagues. No respect for him.

    • Fred now writing letters from kitchen… even signing Journalist..really laughable…you never thought the end day will come when you were in bed with the devil; writing Michael this and that..the people you hated are back in power; look at Chanda Chimba rotting in prison. I hope young bootlickers are watching and learning.
      I hope the Chief Justice hears him out!!

    • Well, this makes me wonder EVEN MORE, whether this guy was really powerful and was capable of pulling strings in Zambian Politics as was thought of him. I think this was just an exaggeration, however, in reality he was not all that powerful as he was attributed to be. I can’t believe it, if he was so powerful he would be reduced to almost a destitute like he is now. Look at that photo carefully, you can’t mistake him from a normal KAPONYA
      I am sure, if he had been so powerful he would have some compromising information on current leadership, and would have definitely used that.

  1. Fred is right here. Judge Nkonde must recuse himself from this case in which he had and may still have intetest. Period.

    • By the way Mmembe also glorified the cabbage Mwanawasa, don’t forget that. So it was not only Sata he propt up especially towards the end, no he also worked with Mwanawasa and owned businesses with him and Maureen….though Mauleen is not helping him although they were partners in criminality. And when is Mauieen’s case coming

    • And this crook cum politician signs himself as a Journalist! Imwe Bantu so anyone can be a journalist? Anyone can hide in this profession? Chishimba kambwili is a journalist?

  2. For whom the bell tolls! I see the hate for the Post blinding a lot of people to how the rule of law is being applied. I know the post have a lot of enemies but let the entity have their fair hearing in court. Mosho is not a clean man as a representative of the state neither is judge nkonde.

    • and is Fred himself clean? Is it fair to see the speck in your opponent’s eye but fail to see the log in your own eye?

  3. To think that this FO0L once upon a time had access to the corridors of power. It’s amazing how a once powerful cartel was reduced to smithereens by my powerful President ECL who uses a big stick.

  4. My name is MMD Chief Bootlicker and I have no sympathy for this criminal, neither do I support his fraudulent tormentors. It’s devil eat devil affair here.

    M’membe had access to power and did he use it to the benefit of Zambians? No, he instead abused it full throttle and this is a case of the chickens have home to roost, let them roost my friend

  5. When you’re walking in the bush ensure you don’t step on the puff adder because if you do it’ll bite you. That’s what Mmembe did : he stepped on too many puff adders without considering the consequences.

  6. A tax thief has the audacity to start claiming old illegalities. Meembe should just pay up of shut up. He is a criminal together with those st.upid employees of his. Mosho might be scandalous but he is a good tool to deal with fellow scandalous and thieving id.iots.

  7. The last kicksof a dying horse this accounts clerk shibukeni lawyer and wanna be scribe is wallowing in massive vomit. What or who hasnt he attacked ever since he had a pen? Let him go ahead with mast and he might last. The gods first make mad those they intend to destroy

  8. If Mmembe had not involved himself in the investigation of the Task Force, Chiluba &Co could have been conclusively prosecuted in the shortest possible time. Mmembe used the opportunity to hit at his enemies even the defense lawyers were not spared. His “interference ” complicated the process therefore making the case to drag on even up to now.

  9. Zambian Judiciary is a disgrace to the entire global legal profession. NKONDE does not even have the dignity to recuse himself.

    Nowadays people go to study Law becoz ‘there is good money’ NOT becoz they want to mete out justice.

    If the Zambian Judiciary (especially the pathetic Kang-Court) were in GAMBIA, Jammeh would still be in power.

    • @ Vizungu. It’s been done before in Zambia.

      – Mwanawasa lost to Mazoka in 2001, they did a Jammeh through NIKUV.
      – When RB lost to Sata in 2011, he did a Jammeh & refused to concede. RB was even nicknamed Gbagbo (the Ex-Ivorian president who also refused to hand over power).
      – LUNGU also did a Jammeh in August elections by delaying announcement & manipulation of Lusaka votes.

      We urgently need to join ECOWAS not this weak, irrelevant SADC/COMESA nonsense. otherwise we’ll find ourselves in a situation like ZIMBABWE, ANGOLA, LESOTHO or DRC, where some people think leadership is their inheritance.

  10. Dombwa you are right only a foolish Zambian can condemned Membe this time we would’ve been listening to coruuption which is going on. can ZNBC, DAILY MAIL and TIMES of ZAMBIA tell bad things about the Government. POST was open and telling what’s happening in our Government. How many companies which is owing ZRA any action taken none but only targeting one company

  11. The one who must recuse himself is Chitambo. These are just Mumembe, Nkonde, Mosho are birds of the same furthers. Let them just finish each other. Do not even dare interfere.

  12. Who told M’membe that the Zambian law was formulated specifically to serve his interest?

    M’membe will do well to realise that he was mistaken to think he is more intelligent than the rest of Zambians.

    Just because you have a newspaper and you can write whatever you think and people can read due to lack of literature, does not make you more intelligent than those that have not written their ideas.

    Actually all M’membe has been doing is exposing his thinking capacity, which intellectuals will tell you that it has measured below normal expectation.

  13. what goes around comes back around.Dance to your own Tune FRED.Indeed ECL a drunkard as he maybe is one smart fella.Membe’s been finished,HH still in court crying over things that’ll never change till 2021,Kambwili soon to be fired…the list is endless.But Fred had it coming for years.He thought he was untouchable…..let him feel the wrath of all those he stepped on on his way to the top.I have zero sympathy for this FAGGOT!

  14. Mushota must be a g*y or a transgender working from state house. Even when it makes sense she just comes up with nonsensical responses like a woman on menopause who still thinks one day she will get pregnant.

  15. death will catch up one day with all these fake leaders and corrupt judges that’s my consolation. as they say its more painful when a corrupt rich man knows his about to die and his power and wealth can not save him.

  16. Its unfair for Mosho to prosecute the post newspapers who exposed him for his wrongs. Justice can not prevail under these circumstances since he has scores to settle. Culculated moves today against the great mmembe but 2moro, the persecutors will fall beyond him.

  17. sad to hear…..
    i hope God help us with sincere people in the judiciary.
    i smelled a rat in the closure of the post……
    i dont trust the daily nation. it too have interest to serve

    • The Daily Nation belongs to the Jail bird Richard SAkala. If you observed closely Richard SAkala during SAta’s reign, Sakala was very opposed to PF and SAta. Immediatetely Edgar Lungu took over leadership of PF and Presidency, Rischard SAkala changed like a cameleon and became a darling of PF and Lungu. Richard Sakala is just another cheap Easterner tribalist who can never be objective when it affects his wako ni wako. And there great Teacher intribalism is the shameless RB. In short, I tell you we need another independent news paper to replace the Post. The NAtion is just useless

  18. Comment: If the workers representative.is accepting that some workers are holding on to the vehicles until they get their benefits, then i am afraid these workers will be arrested for theft. Comparing retired civil servants still occupying Government houses waiting for their benefits to the workers whose company is liquidated and holding on to the properties of the company is a misplaced comparison. The civil servants have this in their conditions of service but the workers holding on to the properties of a liquidated company are committing a felony. The workers are being misled by that representative.

    • And how are the workers hoping to be paid when they are holding on to the property that Mosho wants to sell so that he can raise money to pay them? There is lack of reasoning here on the part of workers, what they are doing is they are actually prolonging time to be paid by clinging to those vehicles.

  19. So what do u want me to say? two useful i.d.i.o.ts fighting. One used and dumped already, onather one being used and yet to be dumped. No comment!

  20. How much taxes do mines, Zamtel and other private companies owed the government at the time The Post was closed? Can Donald Tramp, the new US president come to our rescue? We have suffered enough as there is no news balance in this dictactorial regime of PF govt.

  21. LAZ , LAZ , Law Association of Zambia can you please comment on this. I see you are always coming in to defend the Judiciary , this is not an attache on the Judiciary , but the integrity of a sitting Judge. He can not be a Judge if he is not in good standing with the Association.
    What is LAZ’s opinion in this regard?

  22. Fred Mmembe dug his own grave and dug it deeper for him to be buried in it.Most of the comments that I have read are not supporting the crookedness of Mmembe.The man scandalised a lot of people in the name of free press.He singlehandedly removed Muchenga from DPP office to create room for his friend Mutembo Nchito.He was acting in a holly thou art and yet in actual sense he was a hypocrite.

  23. Fred should have cleared the tax instead of arguing about it. He should have paid it and then started about its illegality after. Now, they aim to completely destroy him.

  24. I agree for attacking the judge. Our court judges have lost morality and have all been turned into cadres of Edgar Lungu. The Ngoni paramount chief has also observed that Zambians have lost confidence in our judicial system. This country has been destroyed within a space of one year the time when lungu has been in power. The five years this man will leave office there will be nothing that is going to be left for posterity. Our chief is hoping that maybe the newly inaugurated America president Trump may come in and help Zambia by removing Lungu a dictator. Machende!

  25. What a lame duck excuse, we are holding on to these vehicles “as is normal practice in this country” two wrongs never makes a right. These are supposedly the journalists of a self acclaimed elite news paper that digs deeper. If you are holding on on to property that is under liquidation you must be a crook or crooks. why did you not hold on to these vehicles before liquidation? “Because there are so many criminals in this country we must also turn into criminals” if this is a journalistic way of thinking then we must start training our journalists elsewhere and should also be subjected to registration exams like other professions. On the attack on the Judge: The only good judge is the one who rules in favour of M’membe. And the only good government is the one that dances to the…

  26. You are right JK I’m a Bemba by tribe according to my research we are being used by the people from eastern province and we are busy insulting our brothers in southern province. we need to work up we are sleeping. look today a percentage of people who have been appointed are from eastern province. in fact those people they did not help us in all elections in the history of Zambia we have been having. Chiluba was not voted for they voted for UNIP Kaunda from Malawi same to Sata they voted for MMD because of Rupia Banda. If I take you back during election between Sata and Rupia after the death of Mwanawasa. Rupia was preaching to the people of Eastern Province that wako ni wako meaning your tribe’s people is your people again he did the same this year to Edger Lungu. why is that Rupia…

  27. Mr. Fred M’membe has a point, Nkonde SHOULD NOT HEAR IS MATTER. I agree that justice must also be seen to be done. Period.

  28. After reading all the above, I find out Zambians easily digress from the main subject to semantics, which defeats the whole purpose of having an intelligent discussion that can yield a fruitful solution to the Mess we have deliberately ushered ourselves in. Really, no one is to blame because we have had to take the risk with people we well knew have strong connections with the wildest criminals of the worst kind. This Nation has wiped itself out of the treasured books of respectable nations and now fits the feeling one gets when they sight a Venomous Viper. No one wants to walk the path it slides on for fear of being injected with deadly venom. It is clear that only those that hate the truth will hate this write up by ‘TRUTH DIGGER’. Who doesn’t want to know the truth?

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