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Liquidated Post Newspapers workers accuses Liquidator of defamation

Headlines Liquidated Post Newspapers workers accuses Liquidator of defamation

Post Newspapers editorial team working from outside their premises
FILE: Post Newspapers editorial team working from outside their premises
Liquidated Post Newspapers workers have accused Lewis Mosho the Newspapers’ liquidator of subjecting them to endless defamation.

In a statement issued to the media Oliver Chisenga the Staff representative said Mr Mosho should stop treating the Post staff like criminals because they have not done anything wrong in holding on to company vehicles as they wait for their money.

Mr Chisenga said while their record as regards to criminal activities is clean the same cannot be said about thee liquidator who has cases in the courts of law questioning his integrity.

“We have been subjected to endless defamation by the provisional liquidator of Post Newspaper Limited Mr Lewis Mosho. For a long time, we opted to remain silent hoping he would stop.

“We are not crooks or criminals. When it comes to issues of integrity, Mr Mosho cannot compare himself to us. While he has cases in the courts of law questioning his integrity, we have none. As a liquidator of other entities, Mr Mosho is facing accountability litigation. It should not be forgotten that The Post exposed Mr Mosho’ s dealings.

“There is no Post employee who is trying to steal motor vehicles from the company. They have decided to hold on to these motor vehicles, as is normal practice in this country, until their benefits are paid. There are many former government employees at all levels still holding on to government motor vehicles, other property and housing waiting for their benefits to be paid. Our police camps have many retired officers still holding on to government accommodation until their benefits are paid. We will also hold on to these motor vehicles until Mr Mosho pays us what is due to us. This is not theft. If this is theft, let the police officers working with him, those he has hired to become liquidation officers, come and arrest us and take us to court,” he said.

He further asked the liquidator to be more professional in his work as maligning the workers is not part of his duties.

“We know Mr Mosho is working with state agencies on a private or civil matter but this should not give him the right to malign us, insult us every day.

“We are asking him to change his approach and be more professional in his work. Maligning us is not part of the duties of the liquidator, let alone a provisional one. Let there be decency and decorum in this whole undertaking. There are many things that have been done in a wrong way so far. But there should be limits in how low this should go,” he said.

Some workers at the liquidated Post Newspapers are holding on to some motor vehicles claiming that they will only return the vehicles when they are fully paid by the liquidator.


    • So what you Thugs, this country is full of Thugs and if you’re waiting for the chief Thug Edgar to put bread on your family’s table then you’re doomed, just work hard for yourself. Even HH is a Thug coz he stole

    • @Chiwanangala Did you just call me THUG? Even your name suggests thug! You cant call everyone a thug and get away with it! You are worse than Mushota!

    • @Chiwanangala, The Post Newspaper came back with professional issue. Now what we get from you is calling us thugs.
      Mosho should have kept The Post run at 70%.

    • I have a very strong feeling that this Post Newspaper matter will leave a lot of people with egg on their faces one day. There is way too much excitement around it.

    • Lawless is everywhere…that is not their property, stop listening to crooks like Fred who got you in the mess in the first place

    • M’membe and his workers have the same contamination in the way the view issues.

      As a worker you have no legal right to hold on the any property of a company in liquidation.

      Unless you have a legal document from the courts of law prescribing as such.

  1. the hatred fro the Post is making people lose objectivity – not that the Post had any objectivity – the rule of law must be applied fairly and equally. we all know what type of person Mosho is but because he is fighting our number one nemesis, it is ok. They say justice is open to all just like Pamodzi Hotel is open to all.

    • All public places including the Pamodzi hotel are not open to all. You will find a notice displayed in most of these places reading right of admission reserved meaning you can be thrown out at any time should you misbehave

  2. No sympathy for these useless workers who abetted the crime of tax evasion together with the crook Mmembe and the Post Newspapers…Think of the many lives you destroyed by calling other people thieves when you where the worst thieves by not paying taxes…

  3. I sympathize with your plight comrades. But just ka small question since you’re even able to keep those company vehicles, I am sure you’re privy to whether Mmembe was remitted obligatory fees, so did you ever advise him? Come to think of it Mmembe as CEO was not the one responsible for remittance of these but one of you was employed to do that job but didn’t. In the Catholic Church we call it the “Sin of Omission ” and it’s a serious one because it causes a lot injury.

  4. I have never heard of employees of a liquidated company hold vehicle while awaiting payment. Its absurd how he impunity of Mmembe even got to heads of his employees. I pity these people in whole honesty. The only point these people wanted to put across was that the liquidator had cases in court because each and every sentence alluded to that statement. Its a shame you guys can fight over a dead carcus of Mmembe. You chaps must move on.

  5. I have always wondered how that high court judge appointed mosho as liquidator when he has always had beef with mmembe,The judge is an accomplice in the victimisation of the post no doubt

  6. These guys are jokes, they want to compare themselves to government ex-workers, is the Zambian gorvernment also under liquidation? What a bunch of *****s

    • It should be!

      Lungu and his PF have stolen so much that even after BORROWING the massive amounts of TEN BILLION DOLLARS they are failing to pay civil servants, pensioners and contractors!

      What has happened in Mozambique that tried to hide away their massive borrowing is happening in Zambia too. When the IMF is called in we will see just how corrupt, wasteful and incompetent this useless Government is!

  7. he was Fred membe not this time around because even iyoine must mwapanga it is on its way to liquidation Mr Mosho u have my support .

  8. A Daliso, what support. Your support is inconsequential, in short your support does nothing. Just cook a chi nshima and eat before mealie meal goes to K200

  9. These former employees should allow the Liquidator do his work. ThOse vehicles are the property of defunct Post. They should just arrested for obstruction of justice. Period. If Mmembr can be silenced, who are these car thieves to go free.

  10. I don’t understand Mr. mosho ‘s dealings. Why are other companies that are liquidated don’t get so much publicity .I think there is something wrong with his dealings .I remember also reading in the paper one time where he first appeared as a receiver and later as a liquidator.And mr mosho

  11. Sata must been turning in his grave to note that the newspaper which helped him come into power has been brought down by a man he entrusted with power. Very sad thing

    • Did you read Sata’s notes prepared for the successor?
      The Post had yoked my President that no doubt and in fact that is how God work. To save the millions of Zambians, our President MHSRIP, had to die.

    • The Post used Sata to get away with their crimes. Even when Sata contracted unnecessary loans, eurobonds etc the Post never criticized him. After the adverse effects of these borrowings started to show the Post turned their accusing guns on Lungu as if he’s the one who initiated the so called chipantepante borrowing. Yes we don’t know what Sata must have told Lungu so we can assume that he’s comfortably lying as he was laid and not turning.

  12. The liquidator has to sell those same assets in order to pay the company’s creditors including employees. So this is becoming a chicken and egg situation. How does the liquidator realise any money to pay off debts if company assets are being held by the same people he needs to pay? Employees are not even secured creditors so I don’t even know on what basis they think they are entitled to a lein.

  13. This is because of the intolerant lungu who has closed the post newspaper.Shame! Our paramount chief of the Ngoni speaking people is very disappointed with what has happened to the news company. All the presidents who have been ruling the country accepted freedom of expression and free media. If a country embraces democracy then media freedom should not be tramped upon. Nyini iwe!

  14. Lupoko Fred didn’t pay taxes hence the liquidation of the company. What had the courier side of the Post had to do with Freedom of the press? Tax evasion is a criminal offence even for scribes!
    Those employees are also behaving like you using ignorance to hang on to the Post assets, they will find themselves in court and lose even the little benefits they are suppose to get through legal fees.
    Zambians use too much emotions instead of brains.

  15. “Birds of the same feathers flock together.” Would it be surprising that we have journalists behaving the way they are doing. How do you hold on to property that is under liquidation. How can you say it is a normal practice in our country and you know it is wrong and you continue to do it. You are just an extension of your strange boss. He probably told you to hold on to those vehicles so that he can have something when case is over.

  16. The worker have no legal basis of holding onto what is not theirs. The liquidator should be the custodian of the assets and liabilities of the entity being liquidated. The unfortunate thing is that the liquidator is also taking on a confrontational stance with the very people he is supposed to represent thus giving them the mantle to continue doing a wrongful thing; holding on to assets which do belong to them. Mosho sit down the workers and explain to them the ramifications they face and strike and balance with them.

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