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Nixon describes late reporting for work as sin

General News Nixon describes late reporting for work as sin

Luapula Province Minister Nixon Chilangwa has described laziness, begging, and late reporting for work as sin in the eyes of God.

The Minister justified his description of the three acts as sin when Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Musumaili paid a courtesy call on him.

He said Jesus gave a parable of the ten virgins from which five were not allowed into the wedding banquet because they failed to keep time which means late reporting for work is sin in the eyes of God.

Mr. Chilangwa added that laziness and begging is equally sin because the bible says those who refuse to work should not eat.

He called for national guidance on the proper work ethic for everyone in the country for the nation to become productive because the begging culture is becoming entrenched as a formular for work free lifestyles.

The Minister said the nation can never develop with lazy people who specialize in begging and lazing around.

He wondered why so many people were rooming the streets of Mansa begging instead of being busy cultivating the fields at the time when the rain patterns are favorable in the region.

Mr. Chilangwa challenged the ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs to come up with workable strategies for changing the work culture and mindsets of Zambians to develop a health work culture for productivity.

And Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Musumaili agreed with Chilangwa that the ministry has come at the right time because it is only through hard work that the country can develop and remain food secure.

Ms. Musumaili noted that the national values which are reflected in the constitution must be popularized and inculcated in the nationals for Zambia to have her clear identity.

She added that values of honest, hardwork and sustainable development were important values which once practiced by everyone could bring development to the  nation’s economic landscape.

And Speaking earlier, Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Buleti Nsemukila appealed to the new Ministry’s officials to look into the archives and dig out some good practices that were the bedrock of the same ministry during the first Republic so that they could be modified to fit in the modern lifestyles.

Dr. Nsemukila noted that the first Republic was particular about patriotism and used the National College of Management and Development Studies now called Mulungushi University in Kabwe to propagate the national values in the nationals.


  1. We have a ‘sinful’ leadership if that is the basis of your argument. For example people are always waiting around for ED2.0, our very own Jay Jay has called him out for laziness and we are out with begging bowls to West, East, Central, North and South in the name of investments that rarely come to fruition without chunks going missing. Can we add theft? I hear it’s a commandment… Perhaps ‘some’ not all people are a mirror reflection of their poor leadership… Don’t let that stop you though. Some Zedians do need a tongue lashing about responsibility. Repeat this in parliament and at state house.

    • That Chilangwa is hyper. Most of my leg-handcuped friends behave like Chilangwa, so contravesial.
      You remember he appointed as PF secretary General appointed by Guy Scott, just served for 2 days.

  2. Was the Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Musumaili come late for the courtesy call and begging for Nixon to say these words?

  3. A real circus. National guidance on work ethic? Lungu has set a bad example of reporting for work late, and under the influence of alcohol.

  4. Mr. Nixon Chilangwa: I fully agree with you my brother, a lot of Zambians want to be given free food, free every thing that a human being need for betterment of life: To day 24/01/2016 I saw Chinese supervising Zambians mending pot holes apposite the road to Kitwe City Council Civic Centre , them I said surely in Zambia do we need Chines to supervise us mending roads? Where are the so called Road Engineers in our Councils (May be they are gone for beer drinking). Mr. Chilangwa you quoted a very good Biblical teaching Mathew 25: 1 – 13 Well done::::::::

  5. Is that how low ‘our’ governors have sunk in terms of lack of ideas to change attitudes, mind sets or provide an environment that actually creates jobs? – by simply calling the behaviours a ‘sin’. Shouldn’t they be prayed for, then, as this seems to be the norm in Zambia now. The ministry of guidance and religious affairs is a waste of resources. Leave religion in the private realm! Its now being quoted and used as an excuse for all government failures.

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