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President Lungu disappointed with a Chinese company for getting huge tract land on pretext of building a Mini City-Lusambo

Economy President Lungu disappointed with a Chinese company for getting huge tract...

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo making his remarks at the funeral late Ben Kapita
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo making his remarks at the funeral late Ben Kapita

COPPERBELT Minister Bowman Lusambo says President Lungu is disappointed with a Chinese company, Mei Mei Investments, for backtracking on its initial plans to set up a US $150 million mini-city along the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway.

The mini city on a piece of land next to Levy Mwanawasa Stadium was to comprise houses, warehouses, a five-star hotel, shopping mall, an amusement park and a service station.

President Lungu was at the ground-breaking ceremony for the US$150 million project on May 6, 2016.

The Ndola City Council has since summoned Mei Mei management to explain the change of plans to construct the mini-city.

Mr Lusambo said this when he toured the mall with Ndola mayor Amon Chisenga, Ndola Central member of Parliament (MP) Emmanuel Mulenga and Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt chairperson Stephen Kainga.
He said Dola Hill Mall is in a prime location next to the stadium, which can be complementary.

“The President is annoyed. He was coming from Kitwe and was very shocked that things going on here are totally different.

“We want to make sure we move in,” Mr Lusambo said.

And Mr Mulenga said Mei Mei needs to adhere to their original plan submitted to the local authority before land was provided to it unlike a situation where the Chinese are engaged in the wholesale of goods.

“They had a plan and it is the reason the council gave them the land, they said they were going to build modern infrastructure and it is the modern infrastructure we need in Ndola Central but look at what they are doing,” Mr Mulenga said.

The delegation was also surprised to find construction works in the buffer zone, near to the main road.

Ndola mayor Chisenga said it is important for any developer of land to follow plans as submitted.

He summoned Mei Mei management to explain the activities at the mall and why construction of the initial mini city had not started.

“All that is happening at the mall is wholesale, killing the businesses of the locals,” Mr Chisenga said.

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  1. Uko with the visionless PF bandits of blind Lungu. The glimpse into having 1second~vision~ for visionless Lungu is not a surprise & quote that~”The President is annoyed. He was coming from Kitwe and was very shocked that things going on here are totally different” b’coz he of PF bandits Lungu is visionless! Mei Mei has done a Donchi Kubeba sickness on PF bandits in dununa regret.
    If you have vision how much is mealie meal today by the way?
    The Skeleton Key

    • Thats what happens when a country is lead by baboons….. the chinese have seen you buttocks.

    • This is why nobody without a green NRC must be allowed to buy land in Zambia! That’s Zambia land must be only sold to indigenous people.
      When shall we learn?
      Land is the only thing that should be non negotiatiable!

    • That’s the problem with these bakaponya who think that foreigners will develop Zambia, that every pledge at ZPA is real money coming in, that everybody who walks in and claims to be an investor deserves a red carpet without doing background checks, and that ifintu filaisova instead of managing activities. What a bunch of hopeless monkeys are at the steering wheel of the country!

    • …..”was to comprise houses, warehouses, a five-star hotel, shopping mall, an amusement park and a service station.” Mini City

      For just $150 million? The Chinese must be efficient…..how can ECL be blindfolded to think that a mini-city will cost $150 million.

      Please, do your math. $150 million is just for the warehouse construction.

    • Annoyed? That is your reaction? You should be revoking the contract. But then again we know you have wasted the money on trips. No leverage. Abash Lungu abash HH

  2. How far away is the ACC with bandit Kambwili of PF issue & the Malavi Dora Siliti maize matter?
    This should be news. LT can you check about these issues.
    When is visionless Lungu’s after a “fruitful meeting with the millers” reducing the price of mealie meal PF bandits? Can blind Lungu’s visionless PF bandits tame their bandit secretary general~Mwila~ confused chap with an anarchism visionless mind.
    The Skeleton Key

    • And someone ask zesco or the Minister of Energy what the water levels are in Kariba Dam so that we know when loadshedding will come to an end

    • MM731 you are very right. LT help with the concern of MM731 by asking zesco & energy minister what the water levels are at kariba dam before PF bandits start on making their short legged lies. Floods everywhere, no lies on load shedding PF bandits~manzi nimbwe but load shedding is everyday for over 6~12hours. No yapping PF & the presidential petition must be heard.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Dams in Zimbabwe are about to overflow in Zambia…its always excuses all which all boils down to corruption – procuring substandard products.

  3. It’s simple:Grab back that land from them for breaching the contract. I hope they signed somewhere that they would use the land according to what they stated in their application for it and that is, for creating a ‘mini city’

    • For all I know, which that bunch comprising Bowman, Emmanuel and Amon should as well, Mei Mei was a simple block -making company in Ndola. Did they, all of a sudden, do a quantum leap to even promise our President that they will build a mini city…!?

    • @Political Scientist – You don’t have to sign anywhere stating what you are going to build. You submit your Architectural and Structural drawing drawings to Council for approval. The Council inspects the land and the drawings are scrutinized e.g. adequate change rooms, fire escape provisions etc., etc. After all this the Council approved and stamp your drawings when everything is in order. You are also issued with a building permit.
      After that you are free to start building and the Council Officials are supposed to come and inspect again that you are building as per plans submitted. It you digress from your approved plans then the building is illegal and must be demolished.

    • I forgot to mention that here in Zambia they normally don’t demolish these illegal building. There is a clause within Council terminology which says “CHANGE OF BUILDING PLAN” and this gets endorsed when you pay a fee of ZMW 3,000. Normally fake receipt books are used for this kind of payment. This Mei Mei will suffer may be because it has spilled to State House; otherwise it was going to be a done deal at a minimal fee of ZMW 3,000.

  4. Why should it take the president to point out this? Where was the council when the Chinese where building what was contrary to their initial submission? More questions than answers…
    The council is incompetent for allowing this to happen…someone should be fired. Only then will people start taking responsibility.

  5. What is happening in Zambia is very sad. First of all.. What kind of country freely gives foreigners land mwebantu! Secondly mr president use your instruments of power for once! Fire without explanation pipo will start fearing u. Things to do : 1)Grab that land back 2: fire some ministers like Dora 3: stop hanging out with RB it’s just not a good look

  6. A $150 million mini city?
    Very disappointing that adults can be duped into believing that one can build a city or whatever you wanna call it in such a small amount. smh

    • That’s not even enough for one big and beautiful building! Definitely not for the shopping list that the Chinese presented. It just shows what a clueless desperate bunch of monkeys will allow themselves to be duped for.

    • It reminds me of 1990 when KK was SCAMMED by crooked Indians (Maharishi) who promised to construct HEAVEN-ON-EARTH CITY development in exchange for 1/4 of the total land in Zambia. Also the OIL-FROM-GRASS conmen.

      It’s so disturbing that LUNGU & his PF00Ls are still being SCAMMED 30 Years later at the expense of poor Zambians.

  7. This is what happens when everything is done corruptly and there is nothing the LazyBum is going to do as he is part of the rot…this company will even use theland to build a Chine gated township to hide thousands of Chine illegal immigrate workers.

  8. okay. apa paliko vuto. It had to take the president to notice that we were gongad. Where was the Mayor, town clerk, provincial government leaders, district leaders, even party cadres?

  9. Infact a lot of comments have very good advice on different topics . Just pay attention to the important honest ones. You ll find the advice is better than the ones your advisors give u.

  10. @Political Scientist, Nigga Nature, Chainda, Talker, Daniel etc, I agree with you guys & others. No one can build a mini city for $50m. Council should cancel the contract, fire corrupt dull officials and get back the land. But it should not be given to PF cadres.

    • Who’s going to stop them from grabbing it if the SG is on record for encouraging this behaviour under the Lazy Bum’s watch..without Good Governance and Leadership we are going nowhere…it will be more disappointments ahead!!

  11. yaba yaba bane…………………………………………………………..cry the be loved ndola.why build 19th century african structures.ba lusabo help us

  12. Yaba. We shall keep on talking but nothing will change. A change of government is necessary. Not through the ballot but OTHER MEANS!

    Is there anyone out there with balls who can can handle this? Ba pompwe balilya umupola

  13. best real estate is owned by foreigners in zambia,in china not even the citizens own land,it belongs to the government they just lease it if they want it back its theirs

  14. Yaba, all institutions have broken down in Zambia with these PF theives where even high ranking officials like Davis mwila issue calls to plunder and rule by lawlessness.

  15. I am impressed that these guys have started to see. I hold PF in low esteem but pretty impressed that they have picked this one up, where the substandard Chinese building next to high standard hotel and a high standard stadium is busy wholesaling stuff.

  16. I’ve always commented on this website that it’s so painful to see LUNGU & PF auctioning our country to Ma-CHINESE. No one is allowed to own land in China. But here we are giving it out freely.

    How much did LUNGU pocket? Now we know how he manages to make $23Million in 1year.
    – By selling huge tracts of land to Chinese. In 2015, he gave another Chinese huge tracts, the size of Lusaka in Ndola Rural.
    – by getting cuts from road & infrastructure tenders from Chinese which have left our once booming economy in serious debt. Now the masses are paying via increased bank lending rates, airtime etc. whilst LUNGU & his PF got his cut & houses in Dubai.

    We need serious investigative journalists in Zambia, NOT those DeadNBC stooges stuck in UNIP days.

  17. We are going to lose Zambia to foreigners. They are being given green NRCs they obtain land more easily than the Zambians. We can not go to China and do what they are allowed to do here in Zambia.We are not desperate nor are we prostitutes. We are quite capable of developing our country with partners that respect us.

  18. Very sad for Zambians who think only a foreigner will develop Zambia. Foreigners get land so easily but a Zambian will not. Who has bewitched us??? Please get the Land back and give it to Zambians to build houses. PF you must know that your rating is plummeting so fast in view of the many silly mistakes you are making. No electricity even if there are floods in the country, No fertilizer and now its February, Having a SG who talks nonsense and yet the president says such SG will stay with him, etc . You think you have a chance in 2021?? I doubt guys.

  19. When we say the OPPOSITION POLITICAL LEADERS are just there FOR THEIR BELIES and THEIR POCKETS this what we mean!! INSTEAD of MAKING PF UNPOPULAR by EXPOSING SUCH WRONG DEADS they have KEPT ON MOURNING a court process which is as GOOD AS FORGOTTEN! SATA was less educated than HH,Nawakwi and some other opposition members but HE KEPT EXPOSING MMD’s BAD DEEDS to a point where when RB took over with his extreme bad behavior it was all done! HOW CAN WE TRUST THAT HH and GBM are fighting for the masses when they are FAILING TO USE THEIR POSITIONS TO EXPOSE SUCH DIRTY DEALS and how THEY CAN DO IT BETTER??

  20. I stay near Levy Mwanawasa stadium, I was the 1st person to complain on press review on Sun FM and many other Ndola residents started complaining about this structure. I appealed to the council to come in and control these Chinese chaps. Its disappointing that until the President talked about it that is when pipo have waken up. That is trash -Gross mall!

  21. It had to take the president to notice that something isnt right in concern with the said land. What was the council doing besides waiting for parking shares from Park Rite?
    Suddenly china man has been summoned by council…. Lmao, nonsense. We very far from development. Too many rotten seeds

    • Lungu is too dull to notice anything. He is the one who actually opened those shops and we laughed about it. The person to thank is Bowman, an MMD person. PF members do not have the intelligence to notice anyhting.

  22. why sell land to foreigners anyway? what we need are partnerships with these people. they have the money & machinery, we have the land. Plan ban selling of land to non Zambians before we become another Zimbabwe. By the way, did you know that in China, no single citizen has a title deed for land?

  23. MMD die hard Bowman Lusambo who is the Copperbelt Minister has even the audicity to say President Lungu is annoyed when himself as the Minister in charge should have stopped that nosense earlier but he had to wait for the President to notice it that’s when he’s started yapping…When cadres invaded the same area he was quick to denounce them and everyone supported him…Bowman is just there to please the President in the media but no work and hence, the earlier President realised that, the better…

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