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Sinkamba notes similarities in Mugabe and US President Trump

Headlines Sinkamba notes similarities in Mugabe and US President Trump

The opposition Green Party President Peter Sinkamba has noted the similarities between US President Donald Trump and neighbouring Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe after the US President deleted Lesbian, gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights from the White House Website.

Mr Sinkamba said it appears Mugabe and Trump have a lot in common as both seem to abhor gay-ism.

He also said that just like Mugabe’s “Zimbabweans first policy”  Trump has also launched “America First” policy which is structured around Mugabe’s land-grab policy and indigenization strategy.

“It appears Mugabe and Trump have a lot in common. Trump has deleted Lesbian, gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights from the White House Website. It appears Trump abhor gay-ism, as does Mugabe. For couple of decades Mugabe was isolated by White House because he abhors gays labeling them ‘worse than pigs and dogs,” he said.

Mr Sinkamba noted that  Mugabe runs a Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans policy and has operationalized it by implementing an indigenization land and economic strategy. He has even pulled out of the Commonwealth.

He also pointed out that Trump has just launched the “America First” policy which is structured around Mugabe’s land-grab policy and indigenization strategy.

He  also plans to flush out immigrants from the US and build a wall to stop Mexicans crossing over into the US. He plans to pull out of the NAFTA and other agreements,” he notes.

The Green Party president  added that “Is the coming of Trump on the scene a harbinger for Mugabe?….is Trump bringing a good news for Zimbabwe?….is this the coming of Trump on the scene the turning point for Mugabe and Zimbabwe?”

“Will Trump give a damn whether Mugabe abhors gays or not? Will he be bothered if Mugabe continues with his land grabs, when he himself is set to chase settlers, legal or illegal in the USA?” he noted.

Just days before President Obama left the White House, one of his last actions as President saw him extend the sanctions towards the Mugabe’s governed Zimbabwe. What’s left for one to wonder is whether the coming of Trump may see a different foreign policy towards Zimbabwe.


  1. I have always loved and respected the old man Mugabe and his land Policies. Manje ise, we’re now asking everyone from everywhere to come and grab land. We have of late seen influx of all nationalities including Chinese, Indians, Koreans including those big nosed (like Golf balls) Arabs.

    • We used to be tolerant people. Don’t let the team down unless it’s punch a neonazi day. Then gloves on or off. Take a cheap shot. No need for that comment. Some of our brethren have oxygen swipers to be proud of too.

    • @Mushota You do know ‘america’ usage by Trump is dog whistle politics for a certain base and you might as well exchange all he has to say on this with the word ‘white’.

    • The only difference is that Trump will leave office after eight years when Mugabe will be 100 years old and still ruling Zimbabwe.

    • I see a petrified Petros Sinkamba, are these gays the major segment of your market for mududu? With the Don as president forget about that business proposal.


  2. Trump et al are not indigenous to those lands but want to first to claim it. He himself is descended from a German immigrant and even his mother was a Scottish immigrant. The whole country is immigrants aside from those they found there who are either marginalised, on reservations or living it up running casinos LOL. Trump and Mugabe may look the same through a haze of weed smoke but on greater inspection Trump and North Korean Kim are separated at birth. Man child posturing.

  3. The parallel between the two leaders is simplistic. First of all, context is critical in understanding political behavior. Southern Africa has little in common with North America. Please address specific concerns. If you are an advocate of certain minority rights, then enjoy your right to do so. The liberation of Zimbabwe, including the armed struggle was the basis of political judgment. To a large extent, the context remains unchanged. In the USA, the underlying ideology is the pioneer spirit. The search for freedom from want and the search for prosperity for honesty and hard working gifted individuals resonates everywhere in the USA.

    • Dr Makasa Kasonde, Trump’s approach is simple: no ideology, no geopolitics, no bureaucracy, no hegemony, but simply populism…..

  4. Seriously….Mugabe and Trump are poles apart! The similarities floated here are a result of plain ignorance and no grasp of American politics.

  5. I have always respected Mugabe and I will always respect Trupp. Both have good policies to empower their nationals first

  6. Trump has a German ancestry and if his DNA is checked it may be found that he’s got the same lineage with Adolf Hitler. His hatred for Obama is so intense that am sure the white house will need 200 coats of paint before Trump will feel comfortable to move in it. Everything to do with Obama whether good or bad Trump will get rid of. In fact if it were not for USA civilization Trump would have jailed Obama on trumped up charges.

  7. Imwe ba UPND, you are so myopic, and argumentative for nothing. Why argue even on straight forward things? No wonder you still believe and confident a High Court Judge will overturn the election of Lungu.

    • After the Constitutional Court has decided over the matter, right or wrong, it is being delusional to go to High Court to seek redress and redemption

  8. Mugabe is a traitor to the revolution and will of the people! He is what Bob Marley called a “mercenary and a false revolutionary”, Mugabe is a disgrace to senior great African leaders such as super Ken and Nyerere!

    Trump is an innovative entrepreneur, a socialite and a man of the people who despite being a billionaire has always had the common touch of the people!

    Trump is what America needs now whereas Mugabe is a curse on his country!

  9. So Trump is anti LGBT? that is rather strange for one who seem to be so strongly acquainted with western conservatism. One would wonder whether the stance is genuine or is out of his sheer hatred for Obama

  10. Big difference. Mugabe been defeated at the polls for the last 3 elections and has stolen them from the opposition. Trump won the majority of votes in the electoral college as voted by the American public.

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