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South MPs, councilors willing to work with PF govt-Hamukale

Headlines South MPs, councilors willing to work with PF govt-Hamukale

Southern  Province Minister Edify Hamukale says some United Party for
National Development (UPND) councilors, mayors and members of
parliament have expressed willingness to work with the PF government.

Dr Hamukale who was speaking at a press briefing at his office in
Choma  said the councilors, mayors, and Members of Parliament
were willing to work with the Patriotic Front (PF) government but were
scared to come out in the open.

“There are a number of councillors, mayors, and members of parliament
who want to work with us, but they are only scared of coming out in
the open. I receive a lot of phone calls from them wanting development
in their respective areas,” Dr Hamukale said.

He thanked the Pemba Municipal Council which is UPND dominated for
giving government land for the construction of the skills training

He said the PF government was ready to take development to all parts
of the country and cited the Dundumwezi –Kalomo and Namwala –Itezhi
Tezhi Road project that the government embarked in the province.

He thanked President Edgar Lungu for approving the construction of the
roads in Dundumwezi which was an indication that his government was
ready to develop everywhere in the country.

“People of Southern Province should come forward and join the PF, as
they can also aspire for party positions,” he said.

Meanwhile Dr Hamukale said the fight against the army worms and stalk
borers were over in the province.

“The war against army worms is over, we thank the officers from the
Ministry of Agriculture for their quick response. The infestation will
not affect this year’s harvest,” he said.

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  1. Dr please don’t shift this political endorsement to southern province .You are a very respected doctor .leave politics to chancers.Just develop the province it does not mean that one has to be PF to ensure his development come to his area

    • What is edify trying to prove to pf? PF is a bunch of cowards who always don’t want to mention names of individuals they are talking about, give us the names of those MPs iwe chi edify.

      Vibantu vinangu vima ninyanisa!

    • F o ol we just want to have access to the moni from the treasury so that we develop our areas, we have survived in opposition since KK’s unip, but developmental projects we still manage get the moni from treasury, so get lost yebo suntwe.

    • Thank you Dr Hamukale sir, a wise man indeed. The rules the Hungry Hyena has put in place to prevent his MPs, councillors and mayors from joining hands with govt in bringing development in their areas is actually criminal! Let’s have development for all!

    • Here is a supposedly educated ignoramus who can not separate partisan affiliation from national development. Seems tax payers money gets tied to the coffers of the party in government. Elected leaders are expected to grovel at the feet of the ruling party administrators to be able to get programs for their constituents implemented! When will slave administration mentality wear away? Is Pemba Municipal Council not a government institution irrespective of who the administrators are? Is government not obligated to avail funds to all parts of the country where there is identified need and should Dundumwezi star? Its obviously not army worms gnawing or burrowing through Hamukale’s brain as these are associated with the maize crop but some other virus which tends to infest many a politician or…

    • contd…..political appointee at play in the way these leaders start thinking once given opportunity to administer national development.

    • Abamano: why don’t we people understand what people say kanshi. The Doctor is talking about developing southern province with UPND councilors and others and not talking about people joining PF. But my question is this: You are telling me that for the next five years, the people of southern province will not have any representation in the development agenda? This instruction of not working with the PF government means that no councilor, MP and Mayor/Council Chairperson will ever participate in development activities during these five years. Another question is: So these representatives will be getting free allowances and salaries for the next five years. Third question is: What will happen to southern province in the future since UPND will not form government in 2021? This scenario might…

  2. “are willing to work with the Patriotic Front (PF) government but were
    scared to come out in the open.” Then in what kind of activities are they going to participate which are not carried out in the ‘open’? shushushu? witchcraft?

  3. here is catch…….“People of Southern Province should come forward and join the PF, as
    they can also aspire for party positions,” he said.
    So its not about development but joining PF for development to come South. These are Government resources collected from all citizen that should be used to development the whole country regardless of colours of provinces.

  4. Firstly as an MP you represent the whole nation. You are a lawmaker for Kaoma, as you are a law maker for Nakonde. The problem in Zambia lies with the people themselves not knowing this.

  5. The councillors, mayors and MP’s are representatives of people and do not need permission from the government to take development to people. Even the government should not only take development to places where the MP , mayor or councillor are from the ruling party. Its the governments obligation to develop the whole country. Stop misleading the people that their areas can only develop when they vote for the ruling party.

  6. But who says PF has its own government in Zambia? Hamukale, please know that in this Country there only exits the Government of the Republic of Zambia(GRZ), There is no PF government in Zambia. All Parties that are represented in Parliament are and work for the GRZ! PF only runs the Executive Wing of Government as the Administration, on Salaries and Allowances paid to them by all the people of Zambia.

    The Opposition parties should not shy away from working for the People. This is because they are part and parcel of Government as Legislators. Judges are part of Government, too! Working for the People and demanding resources from the Administrators is a right and obligation of all the MPs. Demanding for development is not synonymous with Defections. Only unprincipled people would shy…

  7. I have never heard of the Republican party government, Labour party, consecutive partyor the Democratic party government only in Zambia you hear pf party government, so backward.

    Vibantu vinangu vima ninyansa.

  8. That is shallow thinking Edify, do you understand the meaning of multipartysm? The government of the day has a duty to take development to all parts of the country regardless of who belongs to which party.

    • Muna: a Councilor is the first line of development in any ward naimwe. So if a Councilor is not participating in the development agenda, it is very hectic and time consuming for the government to target development in a particular area. That is why the people in these wards are accorded the opportunity to choose their representatives who are the Councilors.

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