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ZABS consulting over the use of second hand tyres


Second Hand Tyres
Second Hand Tyres
THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is consulting the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states on how best it can draft the guidelines for suitable used tyres for the country.

Government, through the Ministry of Transport and Communication, rejected the proposed banning of the importation of second-hand tyres but directed ZABS and the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to develop a national standard for them.

As a way to guarantee safety for motorists and road users, ZABS, in collaboration with RTSA, has since started drafting the guidelines for used tyres in Zambia, according to a statement availed to the Daily Mail last week by ZABS public relations officer Lee Haamunji.

Mr Haamunji said the standard for second-hand tyres will take into account the types of roads and climate that we have in Zambia.

“ZABS is now collecting data from the COMESA and SADC to see if there is any country with a standard on used tyres. After the collection of the data, a technical committee will be instituted to formulate the guidelines which will later form the draft standard for Zambia.

“The standards are vital as they will help the public identify tyres that are meant for winter and others are meant for snow countries,” Mr Haamunji said.

He said the standard will later be published for public comments from interested parties and the general membership and the period to receive comments from the public is 90 days.

“After ZABS has collected the comments from the public and interested parties, the draft standard will be sent to the board for approval. The whole period would last for 18 months depending on the approvals and comments received,” Mr Haamunji said.


  1. Just ban them, you don’t need to consult…Second hand tyres are a way of dumping waste from other countries. Even this salaula should be banned! Bring back Dunlop and invest in the textile industries….Lets move forward chaps!!!!

  2. Not sure why these people cant see the dangers involved in second hand tyres. for them to dump them in Zambia it means they are expired and can not be used anymore. what consultations do we need?

  3. I agree with Nigga Nature; However,the PF government should first of all set up tyre manufacturing factories before banning the importation of second hand tyres. Currently, all tyres are imported and therefore very expensive. What happened to the Rubber Plantation Kenneth Kaunda established in Luapula Province? It used to supply raw material to Dunlop Tyre Factory in Ndola…

  4. Just ban those things, they are a bl00dy death trap. A used tyre is just what it is, used! The reason they get rid of them is simply because they are done, finished and you want them on our roads. Just ban them completely!!

  5. True indeed we do not need these rolling death traps….Please lets do away with them but we should look into setting up a tyre manufacturing facility as we do that.

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