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Grade 12 results are out

General News Grade 12 results are out

Minister of General Dennis Wanchinga
Minister of General Dennis Wanchinga
Ministry of Education has released the 2016 grade twelve results, with 54 schools recording a hundred per cent pupils obtaining school certificate.

Minister of General Education, Dennis Wanchinga says the proportion of candidates obtaining school certificates increased by 4.9 percent in 2016 compared to 2015.

Dr. Wanchinga added that there were more boys than girls who obtained school certificates at 63.95 and 59.57 percent respectively.

He attributed the improved performance to interventions taken by Government such as the recruitment of teachers and fast track teacher education program.

Dr. Wanchinga further said the highest mean percentage was recorded in Fashion and Fabrics while the lowest mean percentage was recorded in Agricultural Science.

Eastern Province had the highest proportion of candidates obtaining school certificates while Western and Copperbelt provinces had the lowest proportions.

Dr. Wanchinga advised members of the public to access grade 12 results through the SMS Results Release System offered by the Examination Council of Zambia.

According to the results, grant headed schools performed the best followed by Private and public schools.

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    • I had 29 points and accepted at UNZa natural sciences and refused to go because the standards are low nd I wouldn’t necessarily want to be taught by a black person.
      I remember when I was in grade 5, because i was this much intelligent I was asked to go to grade 7, where I for 689 which was the highest at the time in the coperbelt

      Folks, I am not showwing off, but I got 29 points in grade 12 and easily passed to go to grade 10 (388 points) and thus I consider myself a genius

      I am happy these grade 12’s have made it, but why are the results coming too early, and are they living up to the standards I left when i left zambia considering I have gone on to be doing my PhD?

      Good luck to them all, but remember I did hold the torch once, and led the way. Who ever is holding the torch…

  1. Copperbelt had the lowest pass proportion? I am sure it has to do with fewer boarding schools there. Most of the day schools on the Copperbelt are not fit for purpose. Most of the kids in day schools just go to school to have fun.

  2. Also teacher to pupil ratio, Many Females teachers who are most dull, are their teachers, Our children eat a lot and they fail to run.

    • @ Mwiya Nkole;
      I second you, male teachers goes in the villages while female teachers mostly stays in town to show their dullness their with fashion instead of teaching. Most graduates from Mufurila Teachers are posted to Chipata where they are have good results while copper belt are being dealt with female who married in town. Shame

  3. KUDYA BANA ABA,We feed our kids too much(oversize meals) such that they fail to read and fall asleep.even us parents when we eat too much we also fall asleep at work.Boma ilanganepo,they should regulate the quantity that we eat.navi zee world bachoseko ba Boma,i was shocked to find my ka little child narrating the whole love story,even saying “when blah blah refused to kiss him they broke up” ine dead.
    Boma ilanganepo.Congrats to the all of you upcoming freshers.

  4. women are too sympathy with our kids,when us fathers try to control something at awe let the child enjoy.the parents are stil alive.mwana 10 years ali na potberry can he or she study lol.BOMA,EDGAR CHANGWA LUNGU

  5. Zee would has become to be a confusable linkage more especially to the girls , they need parents advice and study extra heard . Excellent to those who have made it nd good luck

  6. During our times Grade 12 results used to be ready at the end of March. Thanks to the computer age. Within 2 months results are ready!

  7. The rural areas do better because of leakages. I was a Grade 12 student and managed to get 7 points because the school in Solwezi rural where i finished last year teachers gave us the leakages night before exam.
    now scared to go to UNZA coz am a very bad at maths

  8. Easterners u are always on top continue doing good coz even the Bible record’s that wise men come from the East, copper belt students like chilepule baby nd how can a child work had to study?it’s inpossible so pliz Boma do something with copper belt province coz its too much now even last year copper belt came number last what could be the reason?

  9. Its very sad that results these days are not due to intelligence or hard work but mostly leakages what’s wrong with this country can’t we do anything right, where are we headed to?

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