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PF UK donates computers to party secretariat

General News PF UK donates computers to party secretariat

The vice president with UK PF Vice- Chairman Dr. Daniel Mutambo

he Patriotic Front party (PF) in the United Kingdom has donated computers and Phones to the PF Secretariat in Lusaka to boost smooth running of operations.

Her Honour Mrs Inonge Mutukwa Wina Vice- President of the Republic of Zambia who is also the party Vice President received the donations on behalf of the secretariat in London on Saturday.

Mrs Wina said she was delighted to receive the computers on behalf of the party.

In an interview, UK PF party chairman Mr. Arnold Zulu said that the PF party in the UK was happy with the leadership of of His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia and the party will continue supporting his leadership of uniting the nation.

He said President Lungu was a humble and God fearing leader who had Zambia at heart.

Mr. Zulu said the PF party leadership in London was working hard to ensure that it was promoting the party manifesto in the diaspora and was wooing more members to the party.

“As PF members we have donated two laptops, two desk tops and two Blackberry phones to the party through our party vice president and our mother, Mrs Inonge Wina because we love our party and want to make sure that operations are running smoothly. Even if we are miles apart, we are still very much part of the PF party,” he said

He said President Lungu and the PF government was keen on developing Zambia and called on all Zambians in the diaspora to support President Lungu and the PF government’s efforts.

The PF Party comprising of the party chairman Mr. Arnold Zulu in the company of the vice- chairman Dr. Daniel Mutambo, party secretary- Mr. Peter Bwalya, Treasurer Mr. Michael Sinyeuka, youth secretary, Mr. Wonder Phiri vice- youth secretary Best Nkhoma and Women vice secretary Mrs. Brenda Phiri were present during the Donation.

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    • Thieves! We know that’s the money which was stolen from the poor Zambians for pf compains.They want to make us think the money used to buy the computers and phones came from the donors ba kawalala…

  1. Using government resources, burning jet fuel to go and play childish party activities.

    Vibantu vinangu vima ninyanisa.

  2. DEC, quickly move in. These could be laundered stuff coming into Zambia. And you know this party has the most dishonest people on the continent. This is a genuine request please

  3. Could have made sense if those donations went to schools instead. Otherwise they are just going to “boost smooth running of operations” such as dividing land among themselves.

  4. Mutati=Sweden, Siliya=Poland, Kalaba=South Africa, Wina=London etc. Are these foreigners with a branch office in Zambia?

  5. UPND is dead and buried!!!PF is far ahead of all political parties in preparation for 2021.while HH is dreaming about 2016 lost elections,PF is planning for next general elections.by the time HH will come to his sense,it will be too late and near 2021 when he will face his 6TH DEFEAT!!!what PF is doing is what makes a party win elections in Africa!!!

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