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147 former Ethiopian convicts repatriated

General News 147 former Ethiopian convicts repatriated

A total of 147 former Ethiopian convicts who were recently pardoned by President Edgar Lungu have successfully been repatriated to their home country.

The 147 comprise 145 men and 2 women who were serving various jail sentences in various Zambian correctional facilities across the country from 2011.

The excited former Ethiopian prisoners departed at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport aboard a ET863 Ethiopian plane at about 13:35 hours.

And International Organization for Migration (IOM) Zambia Communications Focal Point Officer, Bertha Nguvulu explained that the 147 were repatriated under the IOM Assisted Voluntary Repatriation (AVR) exercise.

Ms Nguvulu said the repatriation exercise cost about $150,000 and follows the joint agreement between the governments of Zambia and Ethiopia.

And the former Ethiopian convicts praised President Edgar Lungu, Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo and the Zambia Correctional Services (ZCS) Commissioner General Percy Chato for attaching great importance to the welfare of prisoners in the country.

In a joint interview with ZANIS at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Biruk Alemu 35 and Abudulahi Debiso 25 said the Zambia Correctional Facilities have taught them how to love humanity.

The two said while in prison, they learnt to love God and respect the rule of law and expressed hope that they will be received with love in their home country


    • How is this repatriation? It’s deportation

      You repatriate someone when they voluntarily wants to. These are prisoners who are not needed.



  1. I feel it is immoral to arrest any African in Zambia, we are alll one unless you are a Nigerian or Congolese fake Prophet (Profit) or Nigerian or Congolese drug dealer then you must be sent to mukobeko with a hard labour! Mind you if you are Nigerian and Congolese but do not engage in such evil vices such as being a false clergy man or peddling drugs then I have no problem with you.

  2. “…In a joint interview with ZANIS at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Biruk Alemu 35 and Abudulahi Debiso 25 said the Zambia Correctional Facilities have taught them how to love humanity…”

    If Zambian correctional facilities “have taught them to love humanity” than equivalent in DEMOCRATIC (LOL) F.R. of Ethiopia, I feel sorry for them.

  3. I don’t trust these chaps. In a week’s time they will again be crossing Tunduma/Nakonde border post hiding in containerized trucks. These chaps claim they are running away from war in Ethiopia when that country is at peace and hosting huge international conflicts. There are just economic refugees – I LIKE TRUMP”s STANCE TO BAN MOST OF THESE CRIMINALS FROM ENTERING AMERICA – VIVA TRUMP.

    • Forgive him. Ethiopia has detained thousands of its citizens for political reasons. On top of it, the bloggers are not as free as here, there they will trace you, arrest you and turn you into dog meat.

    • @LUNGU – thanks for your comment; but probably we need to redefine the terminology “WAR”. If a husband is fighting a wife at his home this can not be termed as “A HOUSE AT WAR”. Real war is what is happening in Syria where Rebels supported by Allied forces are fighting the Assad regime (America on the rebels side and Russia on the Assad side). War is what we experienced in Cuba when the revolutionary forces of Fidel Castro fought against the tyranny of Dictator Furgensio Batista who was supported by USA.
      In Kenya as well as Ethiopia we just have a small group of disgruntled bandits called Al-Shabab mounting sporadic attacks on innocent civilians. The same happens in Germany, France and USA. Because of these terrorist attacks you can’t say Germany, France and USA are at war – NO! and…

  4. You spend all that money to help foreigners and and yet Zambians are seeking refuge abroad due to your failed economy.

  5. Zambia is one of the poorest nations in Africa even it is below Ethiopia
    these refugees were going to south Africa so why you don’t you give them due respect as africans
    you should not forget that ethiopia is africas no1 refugee hosting country.

  6. It is sad news that 147 Zambian Police Officers’ foreign spouses have gone back home in Ethiopia.
    Kakoma Kanganja means business & culprits are now hiding in Assisted Voluntary Repatriation (AVR). Kanganja Repatriate, deport more and more to pave way for mor Chinese Infesters.

  7. Its very expensive to feed 147 Ethiopians. ECL has done well to send them home. In any case they are not hard core criminals but economic and political refugees. More food and more room for the Zambian prisoner. More money in your pocket too

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