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UK based Zambian Gospel Song bird is born

Headlines UK based Zambian Gospel Song bird is born

“I sing in my house and my children have seen it such that it has become part of their lives” says UK based Zambian song bird ‘Blessed Hildah.

Speaking to Lusaka Times today in an interview, Blessed Hildah’s manager London’s Broadcaster Chela Katwishi said Blessed Hildah believes in the adage which says that laughter, dance and singing are therapeutic and a key to long life.

Katwishi said that the five-track new album titled ‘NEW VERSION’ emphasizes mainly on testimony and identity of the almighty God adding that out of the five songs, two are mixed gospel tracks in Ndebele, Bemba and English, while the remaining three are sang in Bemba.

He said that ‘Blessed Hildah’ was driven by this passion of testimony and identity in her entire life and in turn decided to release the album in order to inspire others.

Katwishi added that because life is full of challenges, ‘Blessed Hildah’s burning desire is one that no man can quench in that she constantly sings and sometimes dances almost every day.

He disclosed that ‘Blessed Hildah’, a born again Christian, discovered that she can sing in 1989, when she got admitted in her first-year school of nursing at St Paul’s nursing school in Nchelenge, Zambia.

Katwishi also revealed that ‘Blessed Hildah’ used to sing in the nurses’ choir under the Zambia Nurses Christian Fellowship and at her local church then, under the leadership of Bishop Chachi.

Katwishi, who also manages the popular Zambian based group, Organized Family’ and also co-manages leading gospel musician, ‘Ephraim’ has said that he is thrilled by the album release from a hardworking nurse and looks forward to managing more musical artistes. This is ‘Blessed Hildah’s first album.

Listen/download  her music below:

Download Alpha and Omega HERE

Download Ever Shinning  HERE 



  1. She is not attractive. She shares me. Look at the state of her face.

    Having just listened to her song – they are rubbish, don’t bother.



  2. These are Zambians forced into economic exile as economic refugees due to failed leadership by that rat lungu and his friends. Very sad indeed

  3. Mushota, what type of an animal are you? So, so, so … I don’t know what to call you… So pathetic… ha!!! For once you cant appreciate your fellow human being!!! Jesus… May God deliver you!!!

  4. Nothing original about tis lady’s singing. Very, very basic. I remember attending a mining conference in Livingston two years and there was this group of young Zambians who sung the Zambian National anthem. Boy , boy, boy did they put melody into that usually dull tune. They sung it so good with beautiful melodic tune and yet keeping it a national anthem. As a Zambian in the diaspora, I decided there and then that I will be going back home….I have since secured farm land and have started farming. That is what those did to the national anthem and subsequently to me. IT WAS SIMPLY WONDERFUL TO LISTEN TO.

  5. Few at her age can do what she’s doing.
    I am moved by the passion and drive
    Blessed indeed and beautiful album

  6. Very poorly written article. Meanders from one point to another without connection. O agree with Mushota but its the photographer to blame for not knowing angles

  7. I enjoyed your music and I think the songs are nice. Keep it up and do not worry about detractors. Remember, they did not say weapons will not be fashioned, but that they will not prosper!

  8. Congratulations Rev. Hildah for your auditions are very uplifting Woman of God. You have really stood to challenge the young generation and all the boundaries of women clan. Well done, your contribution in Zambian
    music Industry has been noted in Zambian history. Great to represent Zambia and Zambian Gospel abroad.
    Omega International Ministries in Zambia, your Church must be proud of you. Being the FIRST WOMAN AND MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL TO RECORD IN ZAMBIA, ” but away from Zambia” Zambia and Zambians abroad especially
    United Kingdom must be proud of you. Great Woman Of God.

  9. Great Thanks to REV. Hildah for achieving the greatest position in the Zambian Gospel Music Industry. Having been recognised as the FIRST ZAMBIAN GOSPEL ARTIST WOMAN ABROAD ESPECIALLY UNITED KINGDOM TO RELEASE AN ALBUM AT THE AGE OF 50 Years. This is your testimony Woman Of God. Zambia is very proud of you. You are a challenge to women clan. Congrats REV.

  10. Rev Hildah the law of God from your music is clear to the wise but woe the perishing to them its foolishness.
    Preach the word of God its your time. God has evenly distributed time to every person the biggest challenge is how you use you portion of time God assigned to your life. That will be your story. Stop insulting preachers from their pulpits. Instead receive the word of God as it is given to you. Mushota, Rev. Hildah is not preaching beauty contesting here do you understand? You need to take God’s word here. Stop being jealous.

  11. Stop being jealous of preachers they are the right handy man of God. God uses them to fulfil His work.
    Before you comment read the subject. Know the difference between Preaching and beauty contesting.
    Mushota this for you. You need to know the areas of God.

  12. Mushota be born again and stop being jealous of the Woman of God. Do you know that you can also sing?
    All you need is a RIGHT DECISION.

  13. Am not a Zambian, but a Nigerian. Nigeria produces giants both preachers and singers, Zambians I want to challenge you that you are producing a great woman a giant Artiste your nation shall ever
    produce in its history and records. Rev. Hildah has multi- Talents at an international level understand this not national level, I repeat, International multi talented woman. A woman of focus and well educate lady. I first met her at the Bible school, Cliff College in Deryshire, Calver, In England, when she started her MA in Missions
    programme. Zambians rejoice.

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