His Worship Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba at a Press conference in the US city of City of Albuquerque



  1. What are these beggars still doing in this small town…these type of meetings are supposed to be attended by their juniors not the whole of IG and Mayor doing what?

  2. Kikiki the the life of a vulture country. Beggars failures Kikiki. Won’t surprise me if Trump blocks Zambians from travelling to the states. Economic refugees

    • But lishamo, those are PF leaders. HIS WORSHIP!!!! DR DR DR DR.
      How much is daily allowances for these majesties?

    • They are there rushing to receive left handed vehicles when our Fire Fighters can not even control a RHD truck at high speed. Where are these foools going to get cylinder casket for that thing after it does 1000 miles? Soweto market? really laughable….you foools come back to Lusaka.

    • @Euro You are used from buying reused cars from Japan in Euros- try buying a brand new vehicle next time! In case you cant afford it ask for terms! As for fast talking Jay Jay, you can customise an LHD to become a RHD.

  3. I always tell people that an ambulance like that in the picture can easily be assembled at ZRL works factory in Kabwe…there is nothing sophisticated about it. Its simply a chassis with a van head and a special container at the back…all you have to do is buy equipment from third party manufacturers. You want value addition for IDC company portfolio…you can even make more forex by exporting these vans to our neighbours.

    Wake up!!

    • Now here is a bright idea to stimulate a development oriented brain to create jobs. Obviously the ZRL works factory if refurbished could diversify into production of other equipment thus more jobs for the Kabwe people! Nice one @ Jay Jay!

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