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Shops Selling Sex Toys pop up around Lusaka

Headlines Shops Selling Sex Toys pop up around Lusaka

FROM sex boosters promising wonders in the bedroom, there is now a growing trend by people turning to sex toys, especially in Lusaka, for sexual fantasy.

Shops selling adult toys have popped up around the city.

One such stall selling the sex toys is found at a market in Longacres.

The sales lady at the stall, Nina (not real name), said she has sold over 600 sets of a popular sex toy for women called Bunny since the stall opened in July last year.

The products Nina sells range from vibrators for women to men’s sex items.

There are also sex toys for gays, which Nina said are also popular.

But she said popular among her customers are married women.

“I have a lot of customers who are married women, and their major complaint is that their husbands do not satisfy them, either they always come home late or they are always tired,” she said.

She added: “I don’t know what happens in marriages, but women complain a lot about men.”

But Nina said some of her male customers also buy the sex toys for their wives.

“Can’t you buy a G-spot for your wife? It’s not a big deal,” she said.

Nina also said while most of her male customers are usually shy and would rather order the toys from their cars in the parking lot, the women are less shy about it.

“The men will call me and say bring to my car, but the women are very free about it,” she said.

She said her customers range in ages between 25 and 60 years for women, while for men, the ages range from 30 to 100 years.

Nina said using a sex toy is better than sleeping around, which may lead one to contracting sexually transmitted infections.

And what is the downside of the products?

Nina said the sex toys could lead to divorce for married women, as they “satisfy women more than a man will and the more you use it, the more you want it”.

Asked if she would use a vibrator herself, she replied: “If I had two kids, a nice job and I was disappointed by my partner, I would go for a vibrator.”

But relationship expert Walubita Siyanga said God created man and woman with everything needed for sexual fulfilment and they do not need a sex toy.

He said the reason married partners are seeking sexual pleasure in sex toys may be attributed to lack of communication on sex.

“I would advise couples to explore ways of satisfying themselves naturally,” said Pastor Siyanga, who is a marriage counsellor.

He also said the downside of using sex toys is that it is based on self-satisfaction and, therefore, does not “do much to build intimacy between the couple”.

“The meaning of love-making is lost because you cannot make love to yourself,” he said.

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  1. Sex toys should not be entertained by married people. I would not condemn the windowed using them but not encourage singles to use them. They are not supposed to be sold in the open market too. Ku overseas they sell them in sex adult shops far from common shops

  2. This is what happens when as a country you lose self confidence due to being managed by a failed government without vision. A real man does not need boosters to feel good about themselves. Leave those to weak men like lungu who steal elections. I am very certain Esther is not satisfied. You can tell.

  3. Zambian married women don’t know how to look after men. That’s why vigololo vapaka my Zambia. Men go looking elsewhere for gratification because modern wives are not performing like the old ones used to. Modernity and Religion have inhibited sexual adventurism and made marriage boring. The Chinamwali rituals were designed to make marriage exciting but westernized Zambians have discarded them and that’s why modern society is saying “I don’t know what happens in marriages, but women complain a lot about men.”

    • you are misinformed my friend. Old, traditional sexual practices in the bedroom are the ones ehat are archaic , boring and unimaginative. Basically the traditionally applied methods of choice in the traditional sense are premised on the singular goal of male satisfaction, which is to say upon attaining male climax or ejaculation there is no further thought to put effort into the desired fulfilment of your partner who by their very nature take longer to actually reach a thorough climax. Men would turn back smoke a little and want another wham bam thank you m”aam. Modern sexual tango is creative. Woman takin charge, on top, side, room illumination, oils, candles, seductive dressing, in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, annd of course mutual play and toys. Move with the times, read the stuff,…

  4. The beginning of marriage break downs. be ready for single parent families, perversive pleasure on rampage. Ask south Africans. Satan has extended his spell to Zambians. Out of control , how unfortunate !!

  5. The devil at work. You have eyes but you don’t see and you have ears but don’t listen. Read The Bible what it says about end of Time::::

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