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Friday, February 21, 2020

Mwanza lodges complaint against Police IG’s failure to arrest PF SG Mwila

Headlines Mwanza lodges complaint against Police IG's failure to arrest PF SG ...

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has lodged a complaint against Inspector General of Police for failure to arrest and charge Mr Davies Mwila for inciting PF cadres to take over the running of markets and bus stations in Kabwe.

Mr Mwanza reported Mr Mwila to the Police IG last week after a video of the PF General Secretary inciting cadres to take over markets, bus stations and share land went viral.

In the latter dated 31st January, 2017, Mr Mwanza said he has reported to the Police Public Complaints Authority because he finds the conduct of Mr Kakoma Kaganja, the Police IG, improper, unprofessional and  bordering on complicity as well as abetting of crime.

He explained that the failure by the Police to act on his complaint is not only unprofessional but a serious violation of the laws of Zambia.

“Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia clearly states that anyone who incites civil disobedience against (herein being the Local Authority) is guilty of a criminal offence and is liable to imprisonment. Inciting lawlessness and promoting acts of subversion of the lawful authority is a serious criminal offence that should be should be punished,” reads the complaint latter in part.

Mr Mwanza bemoaned that the same police  was quick to act and arrest UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba who “threatened” the Republican President after he was reported by the PF deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya.

He said it shows  that the police only act when it is the opposition which makes pronouncements against the law as Mr Mwila who is on video was clearly inciting his members to mutilate the Republican Constitution which the Republican President Edgar Lungu who is the leader of the PF swore to defend when he took his oath.

The FDD spokesperson pointed out that it was not the first time that the PF Secretary General has made a public blunder, late last year Mr Mwila described Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) President Linda Kasonde who heads an institution formed by an act of Parliament as a political enemy of the ruling Party.

Further Mr Mwila was entangled in controversy after he instructed independent MPs to stop using the name President because they did not belong to the PF which the President later reversed.

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  1. Please Antonio, understand that authority cant arrest itself. Some things dont have to be written down, there are unwritten rules in this world. Example, George Bush, Obama and Blair cant go to Hagge or International Criminal Court eve after they admit wrong doing.

    This is the world we live in.

    • IG is in New Mexico US taken upon himself to inlist himself for training as a Helicopter Pilot for the new ZP Airwing.
      Greedy sausage!!

  2. The toothless IG has no bozzy to arrest that i.d.i.o.t, if anything its the IG that can be arrested and touchered by Davies Mwila,s cadres. Next item

  3. The IG is shameless coward just like ACC who just act on those who have left Government like the case of CK, while leaving others whom even a child has seen that they are corrupt elements. I think these Institutions should just be done away with coz they are just a mockery, taking us for granted

  4. Please Antonio/ Citizens, STOP Dreaming.
    Justice & Sanity Never ever prevailed in a Failed State, & unfortunately Zambia is currently a bonafide Failed State under P.F, & “Jedward Chagwa”

  5. Where were you Mr. Mwanza when people were being butchered in Namwala, when HH said he will do anything to ascend to power that he will not accept any loss, up to now he still claims to be the president the list is endless. so it only the PF who you should report? Why should Mwila be arrested when there is no unrest in the country nor has the cadres grabbed any land, you people you like twisting words you are just like your friend X. who reported the maize saga without any evidence. Make sure when you are called by the Police to give evidence you will be there otherwise stop misreading people.

  6. This will be interesting. If the Police want to prove they are impartial then they have to arrest him, if they don’t, it becomes clearer just how biased they are. President Lungu can fire Mwila and let him face the law as an ordinary citizen or he can let them arrest him and see what happens. Its a conundrum.

  7. There is a misguided canon called Lemba who is talking about Namwala. Just in case comprehension was banned at your school those days, The issue here is Davies Mwila and his careless criminal remarks. In a normal functioning country, by now he could have appeared in court for mention.

  8. It’s happening on the ground already. My family store in a market is forcefully occupied by a PF Cadre, who happens to be the markets association president. She refuses to hand the store back, she refuses to pay rent, she built an attachment to the original store building and claims she wants paying for that!! It’s ridiculous. But it’s clear we can’t do nothing about her because the local police ignore her selling alcohol, the fire brigade issued a fire certificate even though the store’s cement roof is cracked and water is coming in threatening electricity fire…….she even got invited by Lusaka City Council to apply for a liquor licence to legitimise her unlicensed business! We are now calling on LAZ and Police to tell us please what it’s all about. It’s clear this is…

    • I’m a staunch PF supporter as people know, but this I have seen and experienced on the ground and it’s happening already. We have to go to court to have the deranged woman and her husband, a senior civil servant to goooooo! It’s really surprising…!!!

  9. The police apply the law on everyone not aligned with PF governance for now and like chameleons you’ll see them change behavior when another party displaces PF! The “Bamuselela kwakaba” defines who the police are especially the senior levels. No wonder keeping their jobs is not assured with every change of government because senior appointments have been politicized!

  10. Iwe Misheck what crime has Mwila committed for the police to arrest him? That is the problem with you guys you don’t follow right channels. The right people to discipline Mwila is the party (PF) not the police Mwila was just talking not in action The police only arrests someone who has committed a crime, why should they waste time with a mare talk if they cannot arrest the Namwala murderers.

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