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Macky 2 unleashes ‘Favor’ music video


Macky 2 releases the video for his single ‘Favor’. The song was produced by Kekero.

Video produced by Kopala Boyz Films



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    • I wonder how much he paid BMW and Land Rover (yes Land Rover, the makers of Range Rover) to pause with their vehicles.

    • Why should he pay them? They are the ones to pay him if anything…product placement. Why being so trivial? Do you ask the same questions of pop-stars in the US when the have Hammers, Cadyllacs and Bentleys in their music videos?

    • This bitterness is for ever. Unless you evolve! NEZ should differentiate between time for tribal-UPND politics and time to enjoy life!

  1. ….he should not have been mean to feature all alone when I can hear backing vocals…the restriction of location is also too monotonous..,..variety of sites could have made the video more interesting…music purely for under 25s..

  2. Why are iliots like NEZ allowed to comment on this forum. This guy will die from bitterness. It’s like those people who grew up with troubles in their homes. Always bitter, always sulky, very negative, they don’t have the bright side of life. And due to their misfortunes, inconsistencies,they blame others. Mambala, Shaa

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