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President Lungu back home after AU summit

Headlines President Lungu back home after AU summit

President Lungu Interview in Addis Ababa , Zambia First
President Lungu Interview in Addis Ababa , Zambia First

PRESIDENT Lungu says he is satisfied with the outcome of the just-ended 28th ordinary session of the Assembly of heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU) which closed here yesterday.

And President Lungu says the election of Albert Muchanga as AU, Commission (AUC) commissioner for trade and industry indicates the immense potential Zambians have to achieve excellence.

The President said in a wrap-up interview at Bole International Airport shortly before departure for Zambia that most of his expectations were met as he took time to hold bilateral meetings with some of his counterparts to discuss issues of mutual benefit.

President Lungu said the theme for the summit, ‘Harnessing the demographic dividend through investments in youth’ is appropriate because it is in tandem with his administration’s resolve to support and invest in youth.

“We will invest in youth because not doing so has serious consequences in future,” he said.

President Lungu said the interactions at the summit “were worth the money” because Zambia’s thrust for growing the economy is economic diplomacy which can be achieved through interactions with others for benefits.

“We cannot grow the economy in isolation, all these things we aspire for cannot come on their own, we have to interact with colleagues.

“For us, we wanted to maximise and make the most out of this [summit] because several leaders were here and we took time to interact with some although I would have loved to have more interactions but we got the most out of it and I am satisfied,” he said.

And President Lungu says the election of Zambia to the continental position of commissioner for trade and industry indicates the immense potential Zambians have to achieve excellence and help develop the country.

The head of State said the development is heart-warming and that he is delighted that the country will be represented at a higher level on the continent.
President Lungu advised Zambians to avoid being “enemies of themselves” and being jealous against those making efforts to excel in various endeavours.

“It is time we developed confidence in ourselves and avoid being victims of our own jealousy against one another. I am ready to support anyone willing to work hard and excel.

“I will cut all boundaries and choose the best and it doesn’t matter which political party or tribe or anything you belong to, I will choose and support you on merit, and like I keep saying, it’s Zambia first,” he said.

The President arrived home last evening.

President Edgar Lungu departs Addis Ababa Ethiopia at the End of AU Summit - Pictures Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse.
President Edgar Lungu departs Addis Ababa Ethiopia at the End of AU Summit – Pictures Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse.

President Lungu with Museveni

PresidentLungu with Gabon President
President Lungu with Gabon President

President Edgar Lungu departs Addis Ababa Ethiopia at the End of AU Summit - Pictures Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse.
President Edgar Lungu departs Addis Ababa Ethiopia at the End of AU Summit – Pictures Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse.


  1. “PRESIDENT Lungu says he is satisfied with the outcome of the just-ended 28th ordinary session”
    There is already an outcome??? What was that Mr Lungu Sir. That was a very quick outcome from what was discussed at AU. Or is it rhetoric????

  2. Welcome back Mr President Sir! Well done on a successful AU summit. At home your team has been performing! Mealie Meal Prices to be reduced soon thanks to a hard working team in the Min of Agric! We said it would happen but these United Dunderheads kept laughing and wishing ill. We predict the positive whilst they always wish evil, so sad!

    • Definitely there will be a reduction in MAY or JUNE once people harvest due to high supply and this reduction usually yearly. If they do it in FEB 2017 I will believe what you are saying.

    • VASCO DA GAMA just came to change clothes. Very soon he’ll be flying out to on another Voyage whilst the country wallows in abject poverty.

      He makes $75,000/day in allowances each time he’s out of the country.

    • Let’s deal with the floods once and for all. These pictures of floods are embarrassing and heart breaking. We fail to deal with drainage issues honestly with all these UNZA graduates at Lusaka City Council. Guys!

    • …and he even says Zambia first, like Trump’s America first. Very blank piece of shlt! He can’t say or do anything of his own.

  3. Commenting against your friends is a sign of jealous,just concentrate on your work guys .politicians will be like that every where including big and powerful nations

  4. It’s confirmed. Lungu worships the devil. Look at the 666 symbol (right hand) with thumb and index finger forming a ring and three raised fingers indicating 3 sixes. Does anyone need further proof as to who Lungu worships.

    • Thats the only thing I noticed CHILD OF THE SKY. MANY PEOPLE ARE NOT ARE AWARE AND THEY DONT EVEN KNOW THE MEANING OF MANY HAND SIGNS AND SYMBOLS THAT MANY PRESIDENTS MUSICIANS DO. Unfortunately I have seen certain great religious leaders raise these symbols. That zero and three fingers raised means 666. Those who are interested can check these on line. JUST TYPE IN “SATANIC SYMBOLS and all the hand and finger signs will appear. People be warned. We are leaving in the End Times and many will be caught unawares because of lack of knowledge and unbelief

    • @7 Child of …and @7.1 Adage.. thank for the information. In fact two of these Presidents he was chatting with in a happy way, ALI BONGO and SASSOU NG’UESSO are KNOWN MASONS belonging to the GRAND LODGE OF FRANCE! In fact that is like a requirement for one to be a President in a Francophone African country!! SEE HOW MUCH SADNESS IN THESE COUNTRIES DESPITE THE RICHES SOME OF THEM HAVE!!The French have been warming too much to LUNGU and he took a State visit there,let us be aware!!

    • Just look down the LT page and you will see Bishop Mambo using the same sign! What is going on? These are the real satanists.

    • Lungu, My President.
      The tallest President in the world and can see the future from up there. Welcome back. UPND has a running stomach just seeing the president on the red carpet.

  5. What outcome satisfies illegitimate Lungu? AU top leadership is now dominated by Reform minded and ECOWAS oriented Leaders from West Africa. On Gambia the AU has ratified the use of Military Force,Diplomacy and Constitutionalism to dethrone Dictator Yahya Jammeh and sending him into Exile. A new Reform minded AU will soon ask illegitimate Lungu to explain how he illegally and unconstitutionally inaugurated himself and what is he doing about the Petition? Very soon illegitimate Lungu will be given an ultimatum to hear and dispose off the Petition. Lungu is naive to think that AU now recognises him and the Petition is dead. The Ecowas precedent in Gambia should be worrying illegitimate Lungu now that Nkosazana Dhamini Zuma who was shielding him is gone. The New AU Leadership is Ecowas…

  6. Unbelievable. Even this one was successful like all the others. Trickle down effect to the vulnerable and the poor, completely nil. The world we live in

  7. The 28th AU Summit was a disaster for SADC and illegitimate Lungu.SADC did not want Morocco to unconditional rejoin the AU but they lost the Vote and Morocco was re-admitted. On the AU Chairman of the Commission SADC candidate lost out to a Chad Candidate. The Chairman of AU is from Ecowas and so is the AU Commissioner and his Deputy. Ecowas rose victorious at the AU Summit. On Gambia the AU Summit applauded Ecowas for what it did to install President Adama Barrow in power. Ecowas was praised for using its Military Might, Diplomacy and Constitutionalism to dethrone Dictator Yahya Jammeh and exiling while protecting and upholding the Will of the People. Ecowas has shown the way in solving Election Disputes in West Africa. SADC was shamed by Ecowas and it remains to be seen whether SADC…

  8. Some comments you people say are not helping they are full of hate don’t hate the player hate the game as long you alive you will fil alsots of stories grow up it is what it is because of you there can be 1president at a tym no matter what you say you take I’ll until 5yrs plus another 5yrs some of you will commit suicide just because your hatrad has driven you to no were just think you don’t excissity

  9. There is a saying that goes something like this “SHOW ME YOUR FRIENDS AND I’LL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE”.

    The moral is, if your teenage son starts hanging out with boys who smoke, don’t be surprised if he’s expelled from school for dagga-smoking. Or if your daughter hangs out with girls with sugar-daddies, don’t get shocked if she gets pregnant or contracts HIV.

    Why should a “Democratically elected” president associate with DICTATORS?

    – Y. MUSEVENI – Ugandan Dictator has been in power from 1986 – date
    – Ali BONGO ONDIMBA- Son of Life Dictator Omar Bongo who ruled Gabon from 1935 – 2009
    – Denis Sassou Nguesso – President of Congo-Brazaville since 1979
    – Mugabe – in power since 1980
    – Dos Santos – in power since 1975

    The fear in Kalaba’s eyes tells you how much…

    • Yes he is back. but will be flying out to some other country to be useless and incompetent there tomorrow.

      All at taxpayers expense of course. 75,000 dollars spending money!

      Sorry for you pensioners waiting to be paid. Just listen to what our “president” is telling you —

      FCUK OFF! The money is MINE!

  10. What outcome of the 28th AU Summit satisfy Lungu? Mugabe has said he is very unhappy with Morocco being re-admitted into SADC without any preconditions. Mugabe is also unhappy that the SADC preferred candidate for the Post of AU Commissioner lost the Election to the Chadian Candidate. Mu7 was very unhappy with Ecowas’s Military Intervention in Gambia and the overthrow and banishment Yahya Jammeh. Mu7 preferred a Power Sharing arrangement as opposed to the use of force to install President Adama Barrow in Power. Is Lungu and SADC happy with ECOWAS’ Regime Change Agenda in Gambia? The AU Summit seems to have ratified Ecowas’Actions in Gambia. Does SADC and Lungu agree with Ecowas’method of installing President Adama Barrow in Power in Gambia? If Lungu and SADC agree with…

    • All major UN.olo AU.conferences have outcomes….milestones.goals…eg shelter for all by yr 2030, eradicate kachasu by yr 9999 agreed at conclusion of such meetings. Nothing to do with actual implementation or achievements… Iong term goals fimofimo….

  11. But he remains the President! Remember how he came to power this time? A corrupt President (born again? – christian) like his friends (those dictators):

    – Y. MUSEVENI – Ugandan Dictator has been in power from 1986 – date
    – Ali BONGO ONDIMBA- Son of Life Dictator Omar Bongo who ruled Gabon from 1935 – 2009
    – Denis Sassou Nguesso – President of Congo-Brazaville since 1979
    – Mugabe – in power since 1980
    – Dos Santos – in power since 1975

  12. If Lungu asked Kalaba to kiss his ars.e right there on the red carpet, he would have done it. He seems paralyzed with fear. Like a kid caught stealing.

  13. If any one doubted who Lungu worships, that well known Satanic symbol clinches it. Even before this blatant display of love for Satan his behaviour has always been devilish and diabolical. He rose to power through scheming, machetes, stealing, rigging and violence, traits you scarcely find in a true Christian. It’s time the tag “Christian Nation” was removed, you cannot have a Satanic worshiper presiding over a Christian nation!, Can you?

  14. The outgoing AU Commissioner Dr Nkosazana Zuma had this to say on Gambia. “Ecowas has set the example to all of us, to remain steadfast in defence of the Principles and values of the African Union”. If Constitutionalism ,military force and Diplomacy are going to be used as instruments of Trasferring Power then Lungu and SADC should be worried. This means Lungu’s inauguration was illegal and unconstitutional becoz the Petition was not heard and disposed off b4 he was inaugurated. The Petition will have to be heard whether Lungu likes it or not. Period.

    • @21 Mwansa, the last time I checked, Dr.Nkosazana Zuma was CONGRATULATING LUNGU for his SUCCESSFUL RE-ELECTION in both ENGLISH and BEMBA!!

    • @ bwafyaa

      I don’t think this “Dr.” Nkosazana Zuma even understands either ENGLISH or BEMBA!

      She was a real case of “window dressing” at the toothless AU. Loved by all the DICTATORS CLUB MEMBERS!

      Now she thinks she is “qualified” to follow in her corrupt ex-hasbands footsteps!

  15. i told u this kalaba guy is a thief u c now it has come out he is useing his nephew doing crimes for him so can DEC check him out

  16. Hon. Kalaba,
    how come that you are silent about yesterday African Leaders approval of a strategy for mass withdrawal from the ICC?

  17. African leaders on Tuesday adopted a strategy calling for a collective withdrawal from the International Criminal Court. The non-binding decision came behind closed doors near the end of an African Union summit.

    It was the latest expression of impatience by African leaders with the court, which some say has focused too narrowly on Africa while pursuing cases of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Late last year, South Africa, Burundi and Gambia all announced plans to leave the court, leading to concerns that other states would follow.

    Desire Assogbavi, head of Oxfam International’s liaison office to the AU, confirmed the adoption of the strategy. A source close to the continental body’s legal council also confirmed it, saying countries had been divided on whether to…

  18. …call for leaving the court individually or together.

    The source said the majority of countries also wanted the meaning of immunity and impunity amended in the Rome Statute, the treaty that set up the court in 2002. The source spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

    Some African countries have been especially critical of the ICC for pursuing heads of state. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has been wanted by the court since 2009 for allegedly orchestrating atrocities in Darfur. The ICC also caused an uproar among some African nations by indicting Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on charges of crimes against humanity for 2007 post-election violence in which more than 1,000 died. The case collapsed because of what the ICC prosecutor…

  19. …called lack of cooperation by Kenya’s government.

    Elise Keppler with Human Rights Watch’s international justice program said the ICC withdrawal strategy has no timeline and “few concrete recommendations for action.” She pointed out that several African countries, including Nigeria, Senegal and Congo, have spoken up in support of the ICC in recent months.

    A draft of the strategy, obtained by The Associated Press, recommends that African countries strengthen their own judicial mechanisms and expand the jurisdiction of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights “in order to reduce the deference to the ICC.”

  20. This president is useless all he knows flying over the world. Galu iwe.even if you are a president you have no impact. Machende yako!

  21. Ama friends kikiki, if you was in the bush and met museveni, you definitely scamper for you life, how many of you kiddos remember wetlook? That is bongo favorite hair style before white hair struck, denis sassao guesso typical kasai diprosal bleached face, iye imwe.

  22. There is no way a Jameson drinking guy is part of the free masons lol. They are sober like a known cattle owning guy.

  23. “held bilateral meetings to discuss issues of mutual benefit” – that’s what Lungu says each time he comes back from one of his frequent sojourns. What are these ‘issues of mutual benefit’?
    He is also excited that a Zambian was elected as commissioner for ‘trade and industry’ in the AU. Who has followed what these commissioners actually do or achieve after these meetings?
    Then he says ‘his expectations were met’ – what are they? Could we have a press conference to give us details of all the outcomes from your trip? How it will all ‘trickle down’ to the livelihoods of the ‘common man’ in Zambia?

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