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ZICTA to revise ICT Act of 2009 to deal with Cyber Bullying and Online Defamation

Headlines ZICTA to revise ICT Act of 2009 to deal with Cyber Bullying...

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology (ZICTA) has ssaid that it was in the process of revising pieces of legislation in the ICTs sector to incorporate provisions that address lacunas within the ICT Act of 2009 and the Electronic and Communication Transaction Act of 2009.

ZICTA public relations officer Hanford Chaaba said that the authority has observed that people have taken advantage of ICTs to engage in activities that infringe on other people’s rights such as uploading of content without permission.

Mr. Chaaba said that the idea of revising the legislation is to ensure that pieces of legislation are in tandem with the new emerging issues bearing in mind that technology changes after every three months.

Mr. Chaaba said that once revised, the legislations will be able to capture issues such as cyber bullying, online defamation among others and will effectively enhance ICTs consumer protection.


  1. That will be better so that there sanity in the industry.

    The Act should address issues to do with fake news so that people dont create false rumours during elections.

    So that they don’t decieve candidates who lose elections, making them believe that they have won.

    Or cause them to submit petitions based on unverifiable and false evidence.

    Rasing false hopes, that eventually make these losing candidates to avoid hearing or defending their own petitions.

    Wasting all their legally allocated time for petition hearing to raising preliminaries because they can’t locate the people with the perceived evidence from the internet.

    So, to avoid these internet citizens causing heart attacks in losing candidates, the Act mist come in.

    • These social media citizens could not come to the aid of the losing candidates because they could not travel to Zambia from their home country, the Internet.

      So the losing candidates could not find these witnesses as they could not access them as their citizenship was the Internet and specifically the social media.

    • @Peace for Zambia – With people like you, Africa will remain a dark continent until your lot die away although I fear you will continue passing on your primitive ways to your offsprings what with your usual rat like breeding ways.

    • @ 1.2 George Soko,

      Your kind is what makes the continent darkest.

      If you had light you would light up the place.

      Because even the slifhtest light is capable of despersing and displacing darkness, but you have failed to do so.

      You don’t need all citizens to be Bill Gates before you make impact.

      So if you had value, you would not be crying that everyone be like you. You value would create impact, but unfortunately you have sat on your value if you think you have.

      The only skill I identify in you is expertise at insulting. I don’t know how you succeed in deriving pride from it

      Worse still I wonder how you hope to turn around the dark continent using insults.

    • @Peace for Zambia

      There – now you have a taste of what it feels like to be continously insulting people who are just exercising their democratic rights and have done you no wrong whatsoever.

      You abuse, deride and scorn at innocent members of the public even when the story has nothing to do with them at all.

      Then when we give you a mirror to look at, you don’t like what you see – life is a b1tch right?

      you need to change your ways.

    • @ 1.5 George Soko,

      I don’t compete using insults but logic.

      I may dramatise the issues but what I present is full of logic and reason.

      It is not surprising that you respond the way you do.

      People whose thinking gets locked and blocked whenever they try to follow logic and reasoning end up angry and burst into insults.

      My class is not that of insults. If you are looking for one to compete with in insulting then look for someone else.

      If you wish to compete with me you are already an unproposed champion.

    • Peace for Zambia you cheat yourself that you use logic but you know zilch about logic. I’ve seen some of your illogical posts and its crap real crap

    • @ George Soko,

      Why are you giving opportunity to intellectual and moral reject of civilized society to spread his inbred 1mecility based on “logic” and “reason” which is understandable only to the scum like “Peace for Zambia” and his Masters?

    • Only Upnd psychopaths can be against this because it will be too dangerous to insult the president and calling for rebellion in the nation.

    • “The Act should address issues to do with fake news so that people dont create false rumours during elections.”

      Like LOAD SHREDDING will end?

      Or 500,000 jobs will be created?

      You are right. We do not need “FAKE NEWS”. We do not need a compromised ZNBC spreading PF propaganda.

      And most of all, we do not need a FAKE PRESIDENT that steals elections or FAKE Concourt that that has no idea what they are there for except to take money in corruption.

    • PF have to make up their dull minds – is social media important or not? Half the time they deride another party that they claim is only popular on the Internet. The other half, they are shutting down websites. How many millions of dollars has PF spent on trying to control social media? How successful have their efforts been? It is painful when you are exposed, isn’t it?

  2. Dont be silly!!!! Can you please give us the statisics of how many zambians have access to internet and social media in comparison to entire population. You will realise then that this is not priority. instead of concentrating on how to deal with the hunger looming and poverty affecting over 68% of population you are here talking about social media . Pf have no sense of priority. chimbwis

    • Look, even if there is one terrorist out of a population of 82 million the security wings will hunt for that one terrorist.

      They will not say why bother when there is just one person in the entire of 82 million people.

      So, if there only one abuser of the internet and social media, they need to hunt down that culprit.

      He/she is as bad as a terrorist.

  3. Sounds like Government censorship, one party State, and personality cult to me!

    Clampdowns on freedom of speech and expression and dictatorships do this. Real leaders accept constructive criticism, and all the stuff that goes with being a public figure.

    Dictators and tyrants arrest dissenters, torture and kill them, and use the media to find them. Ask Assad in Syria how it is done.

    Is that where we want Zambia to go?

  4. Very good, soon we will know who the likes of Nez, bucketbrains, lutuku and co are. These chaps have abused free speech and have gone overboard insulting and defaming the President on a daily basis. Let these cretins face the Law. Incitement, hate speech, encouraging separatistism and lies are not to be tolerated in any society even in the US insulting Obama when he was Pres would result in a visit from the Secret Service.

    • Kiki you are a lost baboon because I do not give who I am. I am part of the strategic team of upnd. I normally work from home thanks to the same technology but if you want to meet me face to face then contact the upnd head office in Lusaka and an appointment can be arranged. I am not scared of any living man and not especially a rat like lungu

    • @ 7.1 NEZ (new educated Zambia UPND ) BEST BLOGGER 2016.

      Your strategy is very poor.

      That is why you advised you party, UPND to submit a petition without evidence.

      Then try to play a delaying tactic by bring preliminaries to buy time, without realising you were losing that same time you were trying to buy.

      What a strategy!!!!!

    • kikiki iwe ka peace for zambia you seem desperate to get my attention. ka tuvi iwe. grow up

    • Is “kikiki” the sound of you suffering diarreah? This thing called Nez. (New Evilminded Zombie) is as dull as any Dunderhead I’ve seen, at least Wanzelu (the former flag bearer of your tribal group on this site before you knew how to use the internet) sometimes could debate logic but a Dunderhead like you is lacking in that area. The state agents are responsible for making a follow up on you so its up to them. As for me meeting you face to face badaala sure lets meet.

  5. Only tin pot leaders are scared of their own shadows. I will still blog and tell these monkeys not to waste tax payers money chasing people on the internet. People have said all demeaning things about Trupp but he is not like the stup1t monkeys in Zambia who have failed to rule.

  6. I be-mourn the high cost of Internet services in Zambia. Typical Zambian way of organizing public entities. They are just milk cows for a few fat cats instead of being a service to the population especially the majority poor. An Internet license costs something like K300,000 allowing only a few big guys who easily gang up and squeeze the Zambians at will to make huge profits. Internet ought to be viewed as a vital tool in national development but who cares about that in our country? Look at ZAMNET eating with both hands as a back-end carrier as well as its own client as an Internet provider!

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