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Brian Hapunda says he was attacked by UPND cadres at Revees Malambo’s burial in Nega Nega

Headlines Brian Hapunda says he was attacked by UPND cadres at Revees Malambo's...

HH and his entourage arriving for the late  Reeves Malambo's burial in Nega Nega
HH and his entourage arriving for the late Reeves Malambo’s burial in Nega Nega

SUSPECTED United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres yesterday beat up Patriotic Front (PF) member Brian Hapunda and roughed up member of the central committee Paul Moonga during the burial of Autoforce proprietor Reeves Malambo in Mazabuka’s Nega Nega.

Mr Moonga said in an interview yesterday that he is shocked that UPND cadres beat up Mr Hapunda and harassed him in full view of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and party deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa.

Efforts to get comments from police proved futile as calls to Southern Province commissioner of police Bonny Kapeso and his Lusaka counterpart Nelson Phiri went unanswered.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said she had not yet received such a report and referred all queries to Mr Kapeso.

Mr Moonga, who was in the company of another PF official, bolted after being confronted by “hefty men clad in UPND berets”.

“When the UPND youths saw me, they confronted me and ordered me to leave accusing me of causing Hakainde Hichilema’s loss of last year’s election. If it was not for me going to the gym, I could have been killed. Just imagine at my age running,” Mr Moonga said.

He said the only crime he committed is to belong to the PF.

Mr Moonga appealed to the Registrar of Societies to deregister the UPND as a political party because it has the potential to cause mayhem in the nation.

“HH [Mr Hichilema] is as good as my younger brother. We both come from Bweengwa. The only crime I have committed is to differ with his ideologies,” Mr Moonga said.

And Mr Hapunda narrated that he was beaten, his spectacles broken and other valuables stolen from his pockets.

Mr Hapunda said he only reported the matter at Lusaka Central Police Station because he could have been killed in Nega Nega.

But both Mr Hichilema and Mr Mweetwa denied seeing or being part of the people who allegedly harassed the PF officials.

Mr Hichilema denied seeing Mr Moonga at the funeral.

“Paul Moonga was attacked? That is news to me. I am not aware of such an incident. Paul Moonga is just in love with my name,” Mr Hichilema said.

And Mr Mweetwa said he indeed saw Mr Hapunda but was too busy with the funeral arrangements and that he did not notice anything.

“I remember seeing Hapunda. He is like my younger brother to me. I drove past him. If anything transpired, then I did not witness it,” Mr Mweetwa said.

HH and his entourage arriving for the late  Reeves Malambo's burial in Nega Nega
HH and his entourage arriving for the late Reeves Malambo’s burial in Nega Nega

HH and his entourage lat Reeves Malambo's burial site
HH and his entourage lat Reeves Malambo’s burial site

HH and his entourage lat Reeves Malambo's burial site
HH and his entourage lat Reeves Malambo’s burial site


      The United Dunderheads and their tribal Lord Hungry Hyena nevercease to dissapoint with their lunacy! Why attack Brian Hapunda? This was a non political gathering to mourn Reeves. Sad but it shows the colour that these Sa.tan.ic Blood thirsty animals only see which is RED!

    • Pictures can tell how primitive these people are. Disgusting to say the least. “Umokomoko” starting from their president

    • Why do these Tonga sellouts have to posture for their masters? What were they doing, snooping in Nega Nega? Did they even know Malambo?

    • Brian & Paul Moonga behave like the askaris (the black cops in apartheid africa) who had to demonize fellow blacks for the crumbs from the white man’s table.
      There way a lot of friends of Reeves from PF at the burial but were not harassed. What should make Brian & Paul special? Gentlemen, integrity is still a virtue.
      These two must be the thugs that attack fellow zambians at “PF” funerals.

    • And this the party that want to rule Zambia. All PF members would have been getting beaten everywhere they meet these quacks. That is why even God cannot allow it.

    • People are so stupid to fail to read the mood! In Zambia the saddest thing is people choose to differ on ideology with insults rather than cool headedness forgetting that when one raises their voice or resorts to insulting language when debating it just reveals them for what they are…..empty heads!

      At funerals almost everywhere and more especially in rural settings tempers tend to rise for various reasons and most people are aware of such and with some history attached to our walks in daily happenings anger may be vented at the most unexpected times and places! This calls for no politicization as it is obvious not everyone present at the funeral was UPND!

  1. Yawn … This grandstanding by the under 5 at every event is just BORRRRINNNG. Who goes to a funeral with a MEGAPHONE on top of an escorting vehicle as if he is going to a political rally. Do you need cadres to escort you even to go and mourn? A funeral should be a private affair deserving decency and respect

    Yaaaaaawwwwwwnnn indeed.

  2. These things, some chaps concern is a mega phone. Out of everything, you can see, for him his issue is a mega phone.

  3. A funeral deserves respect. Respect of the family. May God comfort them, even as these politicians turn everything into a circus. PF and UPND are useless.

  4. There is nothing as useless as cadres, anyone can see that where there is a cadre there is total confusion and i wonder why these cheap politicians think a cadre can make them popular. Cadres are cheap ,selfish people who are used to harm innocent people. These politicians think they are doing well by being surrounded by danda heads of cheap useless people with no future at all.

  5. Just look at the picture HH the Hungry Hyena fails to kneel instead is squating at the grave of Reeves iwe chi HH you think these are your National Service days! Yaaabaaaaa! This man shows no respect for the dead! It shows he is truelly just a pretender and attention seeker!
    Hungry Hyena is scared of getting its flithy paws dirty on the grave site then why go for a funeral if you are not prepared to kneel as the others are doing? Hopeless cretin! Nothing but Blood thirsty Sa.tan.ic animals the whole lot!

  6. What did the registrar of societies do when Stephen Kampyongo sent his cadres to attack the UPND as they went for their political party rally? Instead, that drunkard of a president appoints him to a ministerial position.

  7. Ask VJ how he was beaten by the UPND youths when he went for the late Andy Kambela Mazoka’s burial in Malende… the best these two I.D.I.O.T.S should have done is stay away.

  8. Condolences for loss of life of Reeves. My question is why would Hapunda and Moonga go for the burial, understand the anger from UPND for PF , there is fire .WHat does Hapunda and Moonga want to prove? My advise let UPND continue to dance the song which most people do not sing along with them. Hapunda and Moonga should avoid such gatherings. Let them have a life.

  9. Easy guys easy, simply don’t attend his funeral in Bweengwa WHEN it comes. I advise you to PAY your last respects at the SDA church in Lusaka and DON’T venture into Bweengwa.

    So Reeves was a UPND cadre then? Or secret funder?

  10. Ba Hakainde posing like the father to the dead. He did not see what he saw. Just like he did not loose when he lost.

  11. Then some dull people say we made a mistake by voting for violent PF-amazing!!upnd is a terrorist group.if one doesnt support their tonga god hh-then that person must die.this is their daily prayer.plus you will never hear hh blaming his supporters.mweetwa is admiting having seen Hapunda,but hh as usual has refused.this tonga party must be die a natural death!!!I CAN NEVER NEVER VOTE FOR UPND UNDER HH IN MY LIFE!!!THANK GOD GBM IS TODAY QUIET AND LOT SEEN A LOT NEAR HH.HOPE HE HAS SEEN THAT UPND WILL NEVER FORM GOVNT ANYTIME SOON!!

  12. @Chozi:you are 100% right!!all PF members must avoid attending any funeral or other events in tongaland because upnd cadres there are wounded.up to now,they still believe that soon hh will be in state as the winner of 2016 elections.somehow i can blame president Edgar Lungu and the Police for failing to arrest HH and charge him with treason!!its not a secret that in tongaland,99% of people consider HH as their president and not ECL.so these tongas must be taught a big lesson by jailing hh so that they know that only ECZ can declare a winner!!BUT ITS LIKE WE HAVE 2 LAWS IN ZAMBIA (one for the poor people and another one of the rich).IF ANY POOR ZAMBIAN TODAY BEHAVES THE WAY HH BEHAVES,WITHIN 6 HOURS HE OR SHE WILL BE IN CHIMBOKAILA!!!SO PLEASE ZP AND ECL CAGE KAINDE!!

    • Masipa a maho. A woman from UPND was raped in the presence of Inonge. Did she do anything? Stop stupid comments.

    • ndanji are you not aware that there is democracy in our country? believe what you want to believe and leave others free to have their own beliefs and preferences. why lock up someone who has as much rights as you have to justice. plus where is the proof that hapunda was really beaten.

  13. Mwamona bane mwe Batonga. Ici cililo mwaleshika impulumushi. Why beat people?? Lesa aleminona come 2021 for your violence pa cililo ca mpulumushi.

  14. UPND Cows are amazing ! Are they suffering from mad cow disease or what ? politicizing everything even funerals……..what a party ! What did Hapunda,Moonga and Mwenda do to deserve victimization ?

  15. HH has never condemned violence perpetrated by his cadres but quick to hold press conferences when his hooligans are just scratched.

  16. Even the fattest politician in the land KNELT at the grave of road accident victims in Ndola.

    Our King HH cannot kneel.

  17. We understand it’s common practice in luapula for people to go and watch mourners outdoing each other in sopranos and tenors and almost throwing themselves into the grave, ati lesa inga mwachisende ine, were i come from we go to mourn nothing else. Relax my friend this is just a funeral.


  19. You chaps are crazy!!! They are photos of HH at the funeral but no pictures of Moonga running for his life. In this day of everyone has a camera. Lusaka Times please improve instead of starting useless arguments online with cadres here.

  20. Serves Hapunda right, what did he and Paul Moonga hope to achieve by peddling lies if assault at the funeral. Is it because they were not recognized by the master of ceremony? I hear Reeves was banging the daughter of he’s girlfriend hence the rage and fight

  21. I am utterly appaled by Zambia Police to have just allowed this news if indeed sore eater or feaces feasting Hapunda was attacked. The story is false no wonder this site has choosen to pick it. Dont play to the fools by helping them feast in sores or feaces Ba Lusaka Times…

  22. The two went there asking for trouble and indeed they found plenty of it! The chaps did not even know the deceased but “kulimonesha ta” declaring themselves chief moaners! Awe sure some Botatwe loyalists meted out instant justice of the crocodile tears pretenders. Next time you will be thrown in the grave with the dead, kwamana!

  23. Lusaka times Brian Hapunda is not news weather he was beaten or not the boy is messed up in his head an attention seeker, a crook who can who has used two of Zambian President’s name to obtain money by false pretence otherwise he could have gone to prison. He is an habital lier no sane person can believe.

  24. And that is why in the Western world funerals are purely private family matters. The family of Reeves decided to turn this into a political ceremony and with all that we know in Zambia the politicians made sure they gained the most political mileage from what was supposed to have been a befitting send off of their dear departed. It is clear that in Zambia politics goes much much too far. Yesterday politics was at the funeral and tomorrow it will be in your bedroom.

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