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I support Mayors’ Decision to Remove Vendors, I want to be Minister of Clean Province-Lusambo

Copperbelt Province Minister Bowman Lusambo in his office on Friday
Copperbelt Province Minister Bowman Lusambo
Copperbelt Province Minister Bowman Lusambo in his office on Friday
Copperbelt Province Minister Bowman Lusambo

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo has said that he supports the decision by Mayors of Kitwe and Chingola to remove street vendors.

Speaking on Friday in Kitwe when he featured on a live radio programme on Yar FM’s Social Chatter radio programme, Mr Lusambo said that he wants to be a Minister of a clean province and not a disorganized province.

“I am in support but we should not allow our people stranded. No street vendor who has been removed from the streets should be left stranded. We want to give them decent trading places. Street vending is everywhere including in the UK and the US.”

He vowed that Copperbelt towns will be the cleanest towns in Zambia adding that he is supporting this crusade against vending and urged other Mayors to emulate what Mayors of Kitwe and Chingola have done.

And Mr Lusambo has vowed to change the face of the Copperbelt Province through the implementation of all developmental projects.

Mr Lusambo said the Copperbelt Province will never be the same as the PF administration is committed to fulfilling its campaign promises.

He said as Copperbelt Minister, he has a good team of leaders across all the town districts that will foster development.

He said Ndola city will soon benefit from a billion-dollar water and sanitation improvement project which will see about 18 Kilomentres of the sewer line in Masala township rehabilitated.

Mr Lusambo promised that challenges of water and sanitation will in the next few months be a thing of the past.

He said another US$450 million water project being implemented by Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company will see water blues in Mpongwe, Luanshya, Masaiti and Ndola rectified.

Mr Lusambo also stated that the construction of the $394 million greenfield Copperbelt International Airport is a major infrastructure development project which will create 3,000 jobs.
He said government is also planning to set up an industrial park within the vicinity of the Copperbelt International Airport.

Meanwhile, Mr Lusambo has stated that the recent appointments of young men and women in key leadership positions by President Edgar Lungu goes to demonstrate his desire to leave a lasting legacy for Zambia.

“The appointments show that President Lungu has a heart for Zambia and he is planning for development way beyond his tenure of office. The recent appointment of Mr Elias Kamanga as Permanent Secretary is such good example. We welcome this appointment and I know we will work very well with Mr Kamanga, the Kitwe District Commissioner Beenwell Mpundu, the Kitwe Mayor and all the Mayors across the Province,” Mr Lusambo said.

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  1. Ba Mwisho! Well said let’s show these naysayers that you are up to the task of cleaning the Copperbelt and also truning CB into the new MaizeBelt of Zambia!

  2. The new rising star……..so far so good.
    Lusambo we are watching you. Don’t be corrupted like the others, I like your strategic goals.

  3. Fantastic Ba Minister make sure copper belt looks clean that’s why we have markets and shops. Let Lusaka remain dirt. Good bless you

  4. Let us talk skills development for the youth. Honorable Minister, my suggestion is: call for Indaba to brainstorm around issues of skills training and entrepreneurship. Social change takes time but the start needs to be made. There is need to glorify the wonder kids that succeed in job creation. One youth is capable of creating one thousand jobs. There is no need to for defeatism. It is time to work hard.

  5. I want to support the crusade by the Chingola Political and Civic Leadership to clean the town by among other things removing the street vendors. But,this should be removing them from the shop corridors completely, not the way they have done by moving them to one side. That won’t help. Just take them to the market places or find new convenient places for them. Lets work together to bring back the Chingola we knew of those days of KK era.

  6. This is good news, now tell that nincompoop mwankalombe in Lusaka to emulate and reciprocate what you guys have done on the copperbelt. His vision seem to be at variant with that of his leader, visionless. Pump some sense and let the mayor and that foolish minister come back to reality and clean the capital city once and for all. By the way this is all MMD material, PF has dandaheads and yet they are complaining that the MMD has taken their positions. Work like friends have done in short space of time,we are already seeing results and not just yapping without action. Thumbs up Lusambo.

  7. ATI street vending is every where including UK and USA when your only trip on a plane and outside Zambia was in China 2months ago. Don’t cheat us bwana.

  8. Meanwhile in the capital city its another story…maybe Lazy Lungu should head hunt some more MMD cadres for hire as PF is full of Grade 7 noise makers!!

  9. Give the people REAL JOBS then they’ll move out of the streets by themselves. O r else construct plenty markets to absorb the desperate LAZY KOMBONITES. Push the LAZY KOMBONITES into farming.

    Your LAZY VISION-LESS President promised 500,000 jobs.

    Stop harassing the people who were dancing for you just the other day & give them what you promised them in August 2016.


    • @Mzee Hekima Im NOT an arm-chair critic. I’m a successful farmer/businessman with many direct & indirect employees. I’ve not just criticized but also given a practical solution.

      Do you know the pain of having your produce/hard-work hijacked by FOUL-MOUTHED LAZY KOMBONITES at SOWETO market? Offer one other practical solution instead of ku-bwata-bwata.

  10. “….No street vendor who has been removed from the streets should be left stranded…”

    So what have you done or what are you doing to provide trading places ?? I bet nothing. Zero. Big mouth. Waiting for any photo opertunity. Only good for waiting in the shadows for projects already approved.

  11. Long overdue! It’s sad when you see what goes on in these cities infested by street vendors. For instance, there is no where to step on in Lusaka! We support you Lusambo.

  12. 18 kms sewer and water lines in masala in few months, workhard boys, cost $1billion
    Water problems in mponge, luanshya, masaiti ndola solved but only $450million
    ,airport $340million
    Where is $1billion 790 million coming from for all this

    Great if it it works

  13. @Mateyo, you are the kind of people who have made Zambia to be a garbage country. Why fear kambwili? Leave the young man Lusambo to do his job. His mayors don’t want to live in stinking towns like Lusaka anymore.

  14. That’s what leadership should be about: Taking action that has a lasting positive effect on the lives of citizens. A thousand kudos to His worship the Mayor of Kitwe and the Copperbelt Minister. Hon Lusambo has actually proved me wrong. I thought he was just a kaponya who would mess up the province. That’s why everybody deserves a chance in life. Lusambo pump some sense into your Lusaka Province counterpart.

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