The Football Association of Zambia was forced to defer the adoption of the FIFA driven constitution after members raised objections to certain clauses.
Zambia has until March 31 to align its constitution to FIFA Statutes or face suspension.

FAZ President Andrew Kamanga called for an Emergency Council Meeting on February 4 as part of the process of meeting the FIFA deadline but members could not agree on the document.

Lower division clubs rose up in arms with FAZ challenging their diminished influence in the 80 member proposed Electoral College that surrenders 50% of the voting rights to 20 Super Division sides and another 20 allocated to National Division One teams under the new structure.

The lower division sides have been allocated miniscule voting rights falling under provincial associations.

They labelled the new model elitist and exclusive to Super Division and Division sides.

FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe announced that the members will have one extra week to make final amendments after which the legal team will draft the final document that will be adopted at the March 26 AGM, five days before the FIFA deadline lapses.

FIFA Member Association Chairperson Luca Nicola attended stressing the gravity of failing to miss the March 31 deadline.

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  1. Kalusha is history let’s move on,we cannot be suspended. what ever the hudle it will be resolved in time


  2. Obviously a lower division club can not be equal to the super league one. Therefore if more power is given to the super league clubs, all lower clubs will be motivated,to fight for promotion in order to enjoy the same privileges. Currently we have clubs in some of the lower leagues who are just comfortable where they are with no investment for the teams to perform better. A situation that must change for the good of the game as a country in that we will have players from all divisions competing for places in the national team.



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