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UGL, Mazhandu found guilty of violating the Road Traffic Law, fined K600

General News UGL, Mazhandu found guilty of violating the Road Traffic Law, fined K600

Suspended Mazhandu buses
Suspended Mazhandu buses

The Lusaka Fast Track Court on Traffic Offences has found guilty and fined Unlimited Gifts Limited Company on two counts of using a vehicle as a Public Service Vehicle for carrying goods contrary to section 101 of the Road Traffic Act No. 11 of 2002.

Magistrate Anna Holland has fined Unlimited Gifts Limited Company K600.00 for each count or six months simple imprisonment for the company directors, in default.

Particulars of the offences are that Unlimited Gifts Limited Company on 05th February 2017, did use Trailers registration number AEB 675T and AEB 634T on a public road for carriage of goods, separately, without a Road Service Licence.

The Court has also found guilty Mazhandu Family Bus Services on two counts, for permitting a vehicle to be driven on the public road without a valid Road Service Licence contrary to section 101 of the Road Traffic Act No. 11 of 2002.

Magistrate Anna Holland fined Mazhandu Family Bus Services K600.00 for each count or six months simple imprisonment for the company directors, in default.

“The RTSA, therefore, urges all motorists to observe road traffic rules and regulations as those found wanting will be prosecuted according to the provisions of the law. To facilitate for the country-wide enforcement of eliminating bad road users, the Agency is expected to roll-out the Fast Track Court for Traffic Offences to Central, Copperbelt, Eastern and Southern provinces before the end of the year 2017,” said Frederick Mubanga, RTSA Spokesman


    • What a joke, There is no justice. These guys must know people in high places. Evident by the fine!!!!! Come on guys you think that’s fair? Really???

    • Kikikiki hhhhha The Zambia Fast Track Court…. What fuuuuck is that, is it because buses run so fast that court can’t wait for checks but just accepting whatever cash driver has in pocket. “Nkwetepo the K600 pin your honor”.
      Ni mwa Lungu!

    • There we go…lack of institutions pa Zed…a case is established therefore if you lost anyone in that accident, sue mazhandu for unfair loss of life and cash in…u will get way more than 600 kwacha because you can not put monetary quotation on life, it will be measured against these killer’s incomes!

    • K600.00 for all the misery these people have caused? Wow. Very Shameful. Is a Zambian life that cheap? And you expect to change this company’s’ behavior after this? All these toothless laws need to be revised. You need to dish out stiffer penalties and heavy fines if you expect to affect these lawless companies with their devil- may- care attitude. You’re not protecting innocent Zambian travelers by treating companies who endanger people’s lives with nothing but a slap on the wrist. Especially if they know that they’ll get away with it, even if they cause loss of life. In fact you’re aiding these companies by treating them with kid gloves. It’s no secret that companies value profits over people’s lives — and it’s up to the government to hold them accountable, and thus…

    • (Continued)… protecting the vulnerable public. But if the government gets in bed with crooked companies, innocent people suffer. Get tough with them –people’s lives are at stake! As for the victims’s families, make sure these reckless companies get sued whenever they cause some serious injuries or death to your loved ones. The same goes for mining companies that keep dumping toxic waste in our rivers, and releasing poisonous fumes in the air, causing lung diseases to our people. Sue them too.

    • The majority of Zambians have not passed their driving tests. It is common practice to buy a driving licence rather than pass the written and practical course. Most Zambians have never read the high way code. Many of the bus drivers are illiterate. There how can they understand road rules that are instructed in English. In other countries you need a specialist license to drive trucks , buses and motor cycles! For some unlogical reason this is not the case in Zambia. I know many people who have bought their driving license. There are a number of ministers and their wives who did not follow law and order when obtaining a driving license. The road traffic agency is one of the most corrupt organizations in the country.


  2. This fine is not related to the accident. This fine is related to them using a trailer for Mazhandu on their trickery scheme of saying they are a different company. However, even for using the trailer that fine is too low. But its not the judge to blame, the K600 is what is in the statutes that can be changed by either parliament or through a statutory instrument, the judge is just following what punishments are in the books

    • People should be knowledgeable of current affairs. How can misdirect oneself in such a manner. Zambians should read to redeem themselves from ignorance and embarrassment like in this case. The K600.00 fine is for the usage of Mazhandu trailer by UGL, which has to be clarified if its Mazhandu Bus just changing the name so fast. Nothing to do with the accident.

  3. @Gabriel,thankx for clarifying the point for all those bloggers above.They rush to comment before reading the whole story.indeed poor reading culture and rushing to show their intelligence pa social media kikikiki.

  4. Mazhandu were advised to get around the ban by changing their name by people who are supposed to be safeguarding our lives. Zambia is corrupt to the core

  5. But same fast track court has been charging not less k1500 on all cases taken by rtsa! It’s Zambia for the rich!

  6. The problem is not the amount of money charged which I believe is within the law. The problem is having inadequate laws to govern.

  7. Zambian life is cheap ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, appears the poor and weak in Zambia are sacrificed for rich few. What a tragedy a nation has plunged itself – cycle of disaster one after another.

  8. K600!All of us know that’s a drop in the ocean for Mazhandu.It should have been K50,000 though no amount of money can bring back a life in this world

  9. What the FCUK? How is K600 a deterrent to stopping the carnage on our roads? The magistrate is as corrupt as the violators he is punishing… Bad bad people…

  10. Bloggers – Please do not mix up issues. In this article Mazhandu is charged for operating buses WITHOUT A ROAD SERVICE LICENCE. Most bloggers are thinking that this fine is for the 10 deaths that were caused at around 05:40am between Kabwe and Kapiri on 31st January 2017 – NO, IT IS NOT.
    The K600 fine is for the incident that happened on 5th February 2017 and is not related to the accident that caused deaths. K600 is the normal fine that drivers pay for offences like Overspeeding, No fitness, Worn out tyres, Overloading etc. etc.
    FOR THE 10 DEATHS THE DRIVER HAS BEEN CHARGED FOR “CAUSING DEATH BY CARELESS DRIVING” AND WILL APPEAR IN COURT – THAT IS TEN COUNTS TO ANSWER TO. Of course the driver will be jailed and Mazhandu bus licence has already been suspended.

  11. Simple…..The Zambians should simply boycott Mazhandu & UGL buses.
    In a civilized society, customer service & good PR are paramount for the success of a business.

  12. hahaha, dumb ****** making my morning. accident has nothing to do with the trailer. the law is the law, UGL and Mazhandu violated a specific section of it and they have been sentenced accordingly. Get over it bitches!

  13. What an Insult to the people who lost their families and friends. Know wonder, most Zambians are not afraid of the Zambian Laws that govern them.. What a joke. K600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Yes we know that its for the usage of the trailer, but still. The law needs to be a bit more strict to these high powered business people or successful people. A poor man goes and steals a bag of groundnuts and he gets many years of imprisonment. Looks like the laws favours the rich and powerful. Bwafwa……

  15. Learn to read articles n understand therein before comenting. The fine has nothing to do with the accident. Why relate it to the lives lost. Stupidity must stop on LT.

  16. the Directors of Mazandhu must not think they are very clever, brilliant and inelligent. that kind of selfcentredness will shock you one day. mazandhu could not even show remorse or feel sorry for the famillies that lost their beloved ones; they were doing all those shaba ranks and going to court before the dead were burried. in the zambian and african culture that is quite strange. WATCH THIS SPACE MAZANDHU OR UGL, YOUR DAYS IN BUSINESS ARE NUMBERED. GOD FROM ABOVE IS SEEING AND WATCHING YOU. I just hope the blod spilled was not ritual

  17. The road traffic agency should be held accountable for the road accidents caused by ALL motor vehicles. The RTA is one of the most corrupt organizations in the country. The driver of this bus had not passed his driving test for a car. He certainly did not take a test to drive a specialist vehicle like a coach bus. He had no knowledge of road rules and Highway Code. He did not know he could be taken to court for reckless driving. He bought his license for The road traffic agency. This corrupt practice is normal in Zambia. This is the reason why there are so many deaths on the road. People who are not trained to drive should not be on the road. In other countries there is a separate test for truck drivers! This is not the case in Zambia. The road traffic agency has blood on it’s hands for…

  18. There is no regulation in Zambia. I agree the road traffic agency is one of the most corrupt agencies in the country. There is not a single truck driver is has had training in driving a truck. That is why truck drivers do not have the skills to control the trucks and cause accidents. Drivers do not know the rules about overtaking, speed limits, rounds abouts etc. I have seen so many vehicles moving at 40 plus miles an hour on residential roads where the speed limit is 2O miles an hour. I have seen trucks and buses overtaking when it is clearly not safe to do so.

  19. @1.6 Mutale, I’ve always pointed this one on LT but it’s like everyone here accepts as normal to buy a driving permit without knowledge of how a road “works “.

  20. Hehehe the begining comments a mind bogling… even the first readers missed the point of the $60 fine. laughing at the court kanshi you a laughing at yourself.

  21. Brian Mushimba why are you asleep when there is rampant corruption in the Minitrey of transport and communications.? You have been aware about the the corruption at RATSA and you have done nothing! Eating , sleeping and getting fat is your priority.

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