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Kalaba delivers a special message from President Lungu to Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir

General News Kalaba delivers a special message from President Lungu to Sudanese President Omar...

President Edgar Lungu met Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir’s at the African Union Sideline Talks in Addis Ababa on Sunday 31-01-2016- PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.
Minister of Foreign, Harry Kalaba called on Sudanese President, Omar Al Bashir were he delivered a special message from President Edgar Lungu.

President AL BASHIR and Mr. Kalaba held a closed door meeting at the Presidential Palace in Khartoum which lasted more than thirty minutes.

ZNBC’s Yotamu Mugara reports from Khartoum that earlier Mr. Kalaba and his Sudanese counterpart; Ibrahim Ghandour signed a Joint Communiqué which will serve as a framework to formulate a Joint Permanent Commission -JPC- between the two countries.

And speaking after the signing ceremony in Khartoum, Mr. Kalaba said the JPC once put in place will strengthen the two countries bilateral and economic cooperation.

Mr. Kalaba has disclosed that the Sudanese Government has also apportioned 15 scholarships to Zambians to study in Sudan.

Meanwhile Sudanese Foreign Affairs Minister, Ibrahim Ghandour is optimistic of increased cooperation with Zambia following the signing of Joint Communiqué.

Professor Ghandou said his government has since invited President Lungu to visit Sudan this year in order to cement relations.

He also disclosed that Sudan will soon honour First Republican President, Kenneth Kaunda for his role in the liberation struggle for many African nations.

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    • Show me your friends! First it was western Sahara, now Sudan, at the AU meeting busy mingling with museveni, denis sassougueso, ali bongo.

      This is the Omar Bashir some African nations want to protect from the ICC, whose janjaweed militia has been terrorizing communities in the south of the country.
      What can one learn from Omar Bashir?

  1. SUDAN is classified as terrorist country by America. They are very racist to black or south Sudan. Not sure what Zambia can benefit from these people.

    • They consider themselves as Arabs and not black Africans, yet most of them are even darker than Obama who considers himself as a black man. Very s tupid people.

    • Zambia is a joke…. what can Sudan gain from Zambia???
      zambias economy is smaller than Port Sudans let alone the rest of the country, most Sudanese don’t even know you guys exist which us laughable, you just another landlocked poor country down south, why woudl a terrorist be interested in bombing a country that has only 1 elevator 😀

    • Egypt is showing these dumb Sudanese that they are black too. Egypt is sponsoring opposition forces in Sudan hahahaha. They thought the were Arab, until the Arabs showed these Sudanese their Mattaco.

    • So you are proud of having terrorists? You as a black person that should know Arabs do not like the sons of HAM. They even banned names pertaining to you in Saudi Arabia : Malak, Abdul Ati, Abdul Nasser, Abdul Mosleh, Nabi, Nabiya, Emir, Somu, Al-Mamlaka, Malika, Mamlaka, Tabaraka, Nardeen, Maya, Linda, Randa, Basmalah, Tuleen, Arm, Nareej, Rital, Als, Sandi, Rama, Maleen, Eleen, Alas, Ainar, Loran, Malkiteena, Lareen, Kibriyal, Laureen, Binyameen, Narees, Yara, Sitaf, Aileen, Loland, Tilaj, Barah, Abdul Nabi, Abdul Rasool, Jibreel, Abdul Mo’een, Abrar, Milak, Aiman, Bayan, Baseel and Rilam.

    • hahahhaha nigga you are a joke! you know why egypt is supporting sudanese opposition? because Sudan said ”NO” and supports Ethiopia in building the GERD ,the largest ”AFRICAN” dam in Africa on the Nile which will cut egypts share of the water . SO because Egypt is against us we not arab?? haha Morroco hates ALgeria, are algerians not arabs? Iraqis hate kuwaitis, are kuwaitis not arabs? and the whole arab world supports FSA , is bashar not arab?

      Our allies in the gulf like Saudi Arabia have pumped $11 billion in investments into Sudans economy , UAE $6 billion and qatar&Kuwait $4 billion combined. Saudi arabia and UAE have lobbied the US to remove sanctions from Sudan, its only Egypt that is against us because of the Nile. You know nothing you zambian chimp hahahaha

    • I know nothing about the names you just mentioned, they are most likely ”Shia” names. Sudan already cut relations with Iran. what is all this to you anyway? Sudan is empty of any terrorists and Sudanese national security has been cooperating with the CIA since 2000, whats all this got to do with Zambia anyway?? no terrorist would be interested in attacking Zambia….

  2. Kalaba, rush back home, Lungu has threatened to fire you after noticing your absence in Luapula and not visiting Bahati on the claims of being busy as minister. I’m just telling you!

  3. Dictator to dictator. What can we we surely gain from Sudan apart from refugees especially once dual citizenship is enacted. Lungu can only befriend dictators like mugabe and this Sudanese mam because he took power through illegal dictatorial means. Do you remember at kabwe rock when they were firing guns and raising hands

  4. where is zambia? what can Sudan gain from Zambia other then HIV? and ugly girls?

    The size of Zambias economy is smaller then that of Port Sudan let alone the rest of the country, zambia is just another poor lanlocked country down south, the comments from zambians towards sudan are laughable

    • and lmao terrorism ,don’t worry, most sudanese don’t even know where zambia is or whether there is something down there worthy of bombing

    • iwe if you are a sudanese then fair enough. But I get the feeling that you are a zambian economic refugee who has fled to seek greener pastures.. do i blame you? no! is there something you can do? Yes. You can come back and help us get rid of illegal presidents like lungu and change our country for the better. We beg you for your assistance if you have any heart in you. Am sure you have left very poor relatives here

  5. It’s because Bashir is a big friend to Rupiah Banda (aka Lungu’s boss) and Lungu has recently been whoring Zambia to USA, Israel, Saudi and Morocco without thinking first. Next we will do the same thing as the latest Western Morocco state visit – we will welcome Syria and Iran to aporogize and explain to them that we actually want a ka “joint” arrangement because we were sorry, mistaken, sorry, some months back when we said they were the source of all terrorism and Zambia needed to increase cooperation with heroic Saudi, Israeli and American security services… Someone should tell the President that the Cold War is over and playing geopolitical games is not the same as in the 1970s

  6. Birds of the same feathers flock together. Omar Al Bashir is on a warrant of arrest for committing crimes against humanity. Lungu knows that he has committed similar crimes in Zambia and would like to learn from Al Bashir how to survive as an ICC fugitive. Lungu’s association with this criminal will just worsen his own illegitimacy. Lungu voted in favour of an AU motion to leave the ICC en masse. Lungu decided to pull Zambia out of the ICC for personal and selfish reasons. Lungu has committed crimes to Zambians similar to what Al Bashir has done in Sudan and Lorrent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast. Lungu is now putting into place mechanics of getting Zambia out of the ICC and setting the Exit Time Table. Omar Al Bashir as an ICC fugitive will give useful advice to illegitimate Lungu on how to Exit…

    • hhhhh I can’t stop laughing more. Ask yourself, why is Bush, Blair , Netenyahu or any white criminal never convicted by the ICC? why does America itself not recognize the ICC and prevent its own citizens from being indicted by the ICC? why is it only black African leaders indicted by the ICC? leaders that historically happened to oppose western policies???

      Now whether Zambia leaves the ICC or not barely has any effect on Africa. The main players like South Africa are leaving the ICC, Kenya soon following up, North African powers never recognized ICC on the first place, its now only the smallest and weakest African countries that lick white ass left in the ICC except maybe Nigeria. countries small and weak like Zambia , Malawi , Botswana , Tanzania etc….

  7. 15 scholarships for Zambians to study in Sudan! How desperate is our education system?
    Sudan under Omar Bashir banned English in all schools and colleges and introduced Arabic.
    These young Zambians will come back as Muslims probably radicalised, never to go to USA and will be Al kaidah or ISIL operatives backed by Somali muslin fundamentalist.
    Terrorism will have began in Zambia.

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