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Paying Pensioners countrywide has been a thorny issue, but will be resolved-President Lungu

Headlines Paying Pensioners countrywide has been a thorny issue, but will be...

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu shake hands with Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa at Mansa airport shortly before his departure for Lusaka. This was after concluding his tour of the Province on Saturday.
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu shake hands with Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa at Mansa airport shortly before his departure for Lusaka. This was after concluding his tour of the Province.

President Lungu has acknowledged that paying pensioners countrywide has been a challenge for government because the huge bill is a result of historical injustices.

Speaking to Pastors in Mansa when Pastor Barnabas Mwansa asked what Government is doing about the plight of Pensioners countrywide who have not been paid their dues to date, President Lungu said Government is committed to pay all the Pensioners whose cases were clearly documented.

President Lungu said Government is also wary of opening a Pandora box where some unscrupulous people can make wild claims and forward false claims and names in which Government can lose a lot of money.

He assured the Pastors that the pensioners whose cases are well documented with the ministry of finance will be paid.

The Head of State said he remembered one day when someone met him on the copperbelt and told him that he was working for UBZ and has not been paid his dues to date.

He added that the person even claimed that at one time President Lungu was their company lawyer and did a good job for the company but wondered why up to now the person has not been paid his pension.

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu confers with Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti Nsemukila at Mansa airport shortly before departure for Lusaka. This was after the President concluded his tour of the province
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu confers with Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti Nsemukila at Mansa airport shortly before departure for Lusaka. This was after the President concluded his tour of the province

Meanwhile, President Lungu has disclosed that Government will not meddle in chiefdom wrangles countrywide because under the current constitution, government has no role to play in settling chiefdom succession disputes as it is the responsibility of the judiciary to do so once the case has been brought before them.

Speaking to the Pastors Fellowship in Mansa when Pastor James Kapungwe raised a concern over Chief Chimese’s succession wrangles which have been protracted for close to two years and wanted Government to intervene for the chiefdom to have a recognized chief in place, the President said under the new constitution Government has no role to play in succession processions as that has been left to the chiefdoms themselves to settle.

He said if there are disputes, the courts of law can assist including the house of houses in looking for a settlement of such disputes as Government has no role.

The Head of State however acknowledged that a chiefdom without a chief for a long time is not good because developmental programmes are negatively affected.

He said the succession wrangles are not just confined to the Chimese chiefdom but are spread countrywide but Government would like to see a situation where the wrangles are settled in good time for development to be given a chance in the affected chiefdoms.


  1. Pastor James when the people are paid there pensions is your church going to ask them to sow a send or they pay 10 percent of there life savings.

    • Bunch of deplorables queing up to lick his azz, Mr. Jemasoni Utubatobo Ukufimba ni Malnutrition

    • What is thorny about paying pensions?
      People have made contributions already!
      There is obviously a problem with pension funds management!
      Don’t lie that you may open a Pandora box you have a list of everyone that has retired.
      Its a scandal!

    • @Nubian, uleisebanya that you didn’t get laid yet again this weekend. Your friends like Mushota are still passed out. But you Nubian is fantasizing on HH Sunday morning.
      I pray for you , i have to go to mass.

    • Never in the history of Zambia have we had a leader that is ready to look into every matter on a personal level! God is great! ECL truelly is a good President! As for the haters, you hated and vomited your usual lies immediately the Late Great MCS was elected! Even before he had one month in office you bitter, frustrated United Dunderheads said the usual rubbish , and when we started having improvements in the economy, rebasing of the Kwacha, improved infrastructure, more employment in the private sector and in the govt than ever before still you ungrateful chaps vomited your nonsense. So what’s new? Just continue with your usual drivel its part of your sick nature.

    • All the pension money THAT WAS PAID IN has either been stolen for election bribes for ConCourt judges, or used up on Lungus travels.

      Lungu knows it will be resolved — by the pensioners dying before they have ever been paid.

      What a lying hypocrite!

  2. There is nothing thorny about this issue..there is simply too much waste..Lazy has got no clue about such matters he only knows how to send money by flying, just imagine if they implemented value engineering in road construction instead of overpriced million dollar per kilometer we would start paying even $200,000 per kilometer, his minsters as well have too many benefits,bonuses if they reduced their luxuries.
    Those misused, misappropriated expenditure in the last Auditors Report would have also been diverted to pensioners …but there is no political will.
    Its a shame these so called Pastors of today are all cowards looking for a job in the govt.

  3. Useless chap and yet his salary is paid into his account everymonth without fail. With him it is always a case of we will try and fix it. when will he ever make a statement with an action plan with set dates etc. Very clueless man

  4. When it comes to paying off politicians, the pension matter enjoys rocket speed. It only becomes a thorny issue when the common man calls fro his life’s contributions. How heartless!

  5. If this Pastor Barnabas Mwansa had any brain matter he would have asked Lazy how much running that useless Religious Ministry is costing us and Lazy should close it…save money to pay pensioners!!

  6. Hollow statement without any backing. He thinks Zambians have short memories? Maybe brain-washed PF00Ls who religiously believe every word he says

    He has made many outrageous promises without any results

    1) Where are the 500,000 new jobs?
    2) Has load-shedding ended?
    3) Has Mulungushi Textiles been opened?
    4) Has the price of mealie-meal been reduced?

    The list is getting long

  7. “…He added that the person even claimed that at one time President Lungu was their company lawyer and did a good job for the company but wondered why up to now the person has not been paid his pension….”

    If lungu was your lawyer, your money has been chewed. He already a has a conviction for such……

  8. More lip service. Meanwhile, no commitment to small government, no control on government expenditure and no rationalization of domestic and foreign travel. Where can the money come from? Is that the reason you now want our ZRA TPIN codes to mpo our bank savings the Mugabe way? Don’t blame past injustice. The question is what is it you have done to better the plight of everybody, not just retirees?

  9. Thanks,mr president for visiting our province. We confidently believe that your visit will leave and bring blessings to the people of Luapula. Don’t bother about vision less opposition .member’s retrogressive comments, go ahead with your vision for Zambia. It’s not easy to run a country but we will always support you.Elasto Bupe.

  10. This non-payment of pensions is really unfair. Every after one year the money stops coming to my account I then have to go and queue in Lusaka where I fill forms and then told to return and wait for payment, no one picks up my transport costs. I served diligently for over 35 years unlike some who stole and where fired but they now lead a better after ‘service’ life on stolen proceeds. Where is the justice. UBZ bwana President was privatized its a totally different ball game from us retired civil servants. Please shake up Civil Service Pension Fund its a disappointment

  11. This is why I keep on saying remove useless perks like Luxury SUVs for all govt officials from Ministers to even MPs both UPND and PF!
    The funds the govt is spending on these useless things could be used to pay pensions.
    Let’s be practical and not give the United Dunderheads any leeway…the govt should cut on useless selfish expenditure of top govt officials if we fail to do these practical things we won’t make it in 2021! And then you top govt guys will be the first in line to feel the harshness! Some of us are used yet we continue to support ECL because we see the goodness in him and hope and pray he will wake up to remove perks such as Luxury SUVs in govt!

    • TwenteTwenteVisionless, ati bwanji? You keep saying what? You think he will listen to you, you are nothing, you are only good for sing praise songs for him at the airport.

      Nubian is feeling horny, sorry girl HH is already taken try Dan Pule.

    • Divide and rule

      Ahhhh Dan pule will refuse her maybe she will have better luck with Mike mulongoti or shamenda.

  12. Edgar Lungu has left Luapula province developed (ECL talk of development).
    All pensioners in Luapula have been paid and chiefs left with hefty envelops to stop chiefdom wrangles. Next time you may see (if ever) will be election time.
    A least Luapula developed province in Zambia has once more been hoodwinked by PF and left dazed or happily defrauded.

  13. Money for pensioners is always there but it is spent on unnecessary trips and sending cadres for holiday. Cut on trips be like president Magufuri don’t pretend you are a caring president when infact you spend more on yourself and cadres.

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