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HH is the biggest political disaster Zambia has ever seen-Given Lubinda

Headlines HH is the biggest political disaster Zambia has ever seen-Given...

Given Lubinda
Justice Minister Given Lubinda has charged that opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is the biggest political disaster the country has ever seen.

Mr Lubinda said it is unfortunate that he has allowed to abuse the courts of Law and disparage the Judical system in the country.

He said the opposition leader is a self-centered man with an over-grown ego who only thinks about himself and has had never had never had the interestsof the country at his political heart.

He accused Mr Hichilema of cultivating the propenisty of abusing the courts of law and discrediting the Judicial system in the name of democracy and freedom of expression.

Mr Lubinda who the Kabwata Lawmaker was reacting to the Prouncements by Mr Hichilema that Zambian judges were a disaster.

“Mr Hichilema has been abusing the country’s Judges and judicial system with impunity for a long time and that it regreatable that the opposition leader has been using democracy to propagate his hatred against the countries judicial syetem.

“How can one appeal to a local court over a matter that has been decided upon by the constitutional court “i do not know what Hichichilema is thinking, taking a case that has been decided upon by the cinstitutional court to a local court” Mr lubinda said.

Further Mr Lubinda described Mr Hichilema as the biggest disaster he hasever known.

Mr Lubinda said the Opposition leader is hell bent on castigating judges whenever they did not rule in his favour saying “there is no need to castigate innocent judges and that you should instead report to judicial Complaints Authority.”

He advised Mr Hichilema to seek redress from the courts whenever aggrieved instead of venting his anger on the judges.

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  1. President FTJ Chiluba is the biggest political disaster Zambia has ever seen, followed by HH, and GBM in close third. Kambwili and davis Mwila are 4 and 5 interchangeably.

    • Bo Lubinda, HH is not the only one commenting on judges,,,, if you are truly a minister of justice, not a minister of disaster, you will start by slapping ka lifwekelo on the face who is threatening to arrest a judge

    • @Ndobo, what you Lozis give us, that Lubinda, Lifwekelo and others… the most disappointment are those suing Litunga. Why Lubinda alloeing it? Not HH.

    • They are all spokespersons I se. . But the grammatical expression of that sentence alone is borderline dull.

      There is a few political ministerial prostitutes and Given is, he knows it himself.

      I have little to to respect to “yes men”.



    • Hahaha..the truth hurts!
      Had Hungry Hyena not been so selfish and self centred he would’ve been President by now and Nez, Spaka and co his nephews would have posts somewhere in the foreign service. The PF/UPND alliance was clear- HH was to be the vice President and successor to MCS but stu.pidity is in abundance in Hungry Hyenas and his dicisples case so they lost out, and have been cursed ever since! Opportunity comes but once but a fo.ol will never cease it. Well said mbo Lubinda, well said.

    • Only fo0ls will agree with this ***** lubinda.

      They all fear HH and hence thinking with drawing from the ICC will save Lungu with his cohorts from the wrath of Zambians

      HH is marely giving these *****s a run for their money. All the LT supporters of PF are in diplomatic missions and know that once PF or Lungu is gone then they will be jobless.

      Lies has short legs and does not go far

      Where is Kambwili today? Where is Mmembe today? Where is stupid Akufuna today?

      PF should prepare for their painfull down fall very soon.

    • No the worst was Mwanawasa the cabbage. He was a useless leader who just championed a selective ‘fight against corruption’ as a political gimmick, for a political milage.. SHAME. Mwanawasa was just a bitter man full of hatred for a certain tribe to the point of insulting that tribe, and he is loved by the bantu botatwes for that..tamwakwata mano. The Cabbage used actually to be led or controlled by Mauleen who worked tooth and nail to grab as much money as possible. I pray that Mauleen should be investigated one day. Umulande taubola

    • Laughable Nonsense the PF are a disaster I would on any day tolerate a “disaster” opposition than a a disaster Party running the affairs of this country. State house has castigated judges before through Amos Chanda …. Chapona as a Presido has gone against the constitution and allowed Ministers to serve illegally for the first time in this country and he is a Lawyer…..So Lubinda in this case is simply being a Cadre demeaning an opposition Member

    • HH is far better than the whole PF Leadership, talk the truth Lubinda. If this guy wins in 2021, you be praising co you will want a position.. Its a shame to have leadership centered on hate and emotional reaction. Grow up man., Zambia i a democratic country..

    • @2.1 which list are you refering to? ist the one above laced with dung and listed by a dunderhead. its obvious you picked on a certain tribe in your dim mind you thot your constituent will clap for you

  2. Lubinda your judges a dripping in the excrement of corruption…..why don’t they sue HH for libel? ? Because the country will be forced to hear what rigging evidence UPND have.

  3. Lubinda! It’s you who is a disaster. It’s apparent that you don’t have any idea about the workings of the judiciary, a department which you head. Just by way of example, recently, the a federal court of appeal, ninth circuit ruled against trumps illegal executive order banning people from certain regions from entering the US. The Trump team has proceeded to appeal this decision in a lower district court. Please don’t let some here come out with claims of Zambia being different from the US. Law is law and it’s universal,,,, same textbooks, same precedents etc

  4. Though Given is equally a disaster, on this one, we are together speaking as former members.

    When we first proposed to ladies who later became our wives, it was no forcing matter. The yes came after not more than two NOs.

    Three losses are enough to give others a chance also.

    Given, please pass a law to bar individuals with 3 losses from ever contesting future elections. That will help to build intra party democracy.

    We are tired of HH headlines. There are thousands of more sellable candidates to help Zambia out of this Chagwa mess!

  5. Check out this statements:
    “I do not know what Hichichilema is thinking, taking a case that has been decided upon by the constitutional court to a local court”
    and contrast it with this one:
    “He advised Mr Hichilema to seek redress from the courts whenever aggrieved instead of venting his anger on the judges”
    What is Lubinda talking about?

  6. Very worrying statement coming from a minister of justice. How are people meant to have confidence in the legal system when the person overseeing it is been politically inclined. Word of advise sir leave judgement of people to learned judges. Oh I forgot they are also employed by your boss. Zambia is phucked

  7. Given, concentrate on sorting out your problems. You have chaps who are being called wizards, you have dirty schemes, You are losing time to sort them out. Gerry Chanda is offering free advice and you are busy focussing on HH. You are loosing time

  8. Lubinda is ranting and angry becoz HH & GBM have given the PF govt the biggest headache ever. The PF’s Plan was to steal the Elections, Block the Petition and quickly swear in Lungu back in power. Having used Concourt Night Judges to dismiss the Petition they were hoping the Petition would die a natural death and HH & GBM would give up the fight. The PF govt forgot that although the expanded Bill of Rights was rejected thru the Referendum a limited Bill of Rights remained and is administered by the High Court. Under the current Bill of Rights the Petitioners have constitutional Rights to be heard in Court. The Pf govt if it so wishes should direct the High Court to pass a judgment stating that the High Court has No jurisdiction over the Bill of Rights and has no powers to hear the…

  9. My advice to Given Lubinda is to stop calling the sky blue because every normal person knows that the sky is blue. Can any sane person parade himself has a politician is they have never been a ward counseller and all they can boast about is Tribe and stollen wealth?

  10. Kaponya (HH) is indeed the biggest Hass Hole the world has ever seen.
    What a hopeless cretin this verandah chairman from Ponyio Nyio party. KaPonyio (HH) can’t become president ever.

  11. Iwe’ ka Given, you little dishonest Political Prostitute.
    I now know why this ka Lubinda was targeted by an equally dishonest Kabimba, as they are both deceptive, & “Cut from the same cloth” Ala!!

  12. @Allan Mwansa . You are spot on. After 6 months of legal wrangling in the Zambian Courts HH & GBM can now take their Petition to ICC and ICJ. Very soon ECL will be indicted to ICC and join the queue of ICC Fugitives. Let the High Court pass a judgment stating that the High Court has no powers to hear the Petitioners even though the Bill of Rights is under the jurisdiction of the High Court. After 6 months in Zambian Courts, with or without the High Court Judgment the Petitioners are legally entitled to file their Petition with both ICC and ICJ. Even if Lungu rushes to pull Zambia out of the ICC that is too late to stop the Trial. Lubinda is fighting against time and its too late to stop the Petitioners to file their Petition next month. Lungu has to start weighing the prospects of joining…

  13. For LUBINDA political success is like winning a match btwn Man U vs Chelsea.

    LUBINDA & PF are the biggest political FAILURES, They’ve failed to uplift the people who voted 4 them out of POVERTY. Zambia features on the worst statistics ratings

    a) Top 3 in the hungriest citizens IN THE WORLD
    b) Top 20 most corrupt nations IN THE WORLD
    c) Top 20 highest unemployment IN THE WORLD
    d) Top 10 child marriages & pregnancies IN THE WORLD
    e) Top 10 HIV infections IN THE WORLD
    f) Top 20 Illiteracy IN THE WORLD
    g) Top 10 no vocational skills among the youth IN THE WORLD
    h) Top 10 donor funding dependent Govt IN THE WORLD
    i) Top 10 expensive place to do business IN THE WORLD
    j) Top 10 Failed State IN THE WORLD (without a functional govt e.g. emergency services, social welfare, rule of…

    • CONTD….

      j) Top 10 Failed State IN THE WORLD (without a functional govt e.g. emergency services, social welfare, rule of law)
      k) Top 10 infant mortality IN THE WORLD
      l) Top 10 low life expectancy IN THE WORLD
      m) Top 10 Banana republics IN THE WORLD
      n) Top 20 high bank interest rates IN THE WORLD
      o) Top worst performing currencies IN THE WORLD
      p) Top 10 worst road construction standards IN THE WORLD
      q) Top 10 worst financial controls IN THE WORLD
      r) Top 10 worst stock exchanges IN THE WORLD
      s) Top 10 worst banking sector IN THE WORLD
      t) Top 10 slowest internet speeds IN THE WORLD
      u) Top 10 least wifi connected citizens IN THE WORLD
      w) Top 10 worst fire departments IN THE WORLD
      x) Top 10 worst ambulance services IN THE WORLD
      y) Top 10 worst public schools IN THE WORLD

    • CONTD….

      z) Top 10 MOST VISION-LESS Presidents IN THE WORLD

      Such LOSERS / LOW-LIFES don’t deserve to be in leadership.

  14. Lubinda you are the people who make a bad name for Africa. I show completely no reasoning. Just enjoy your stolen election while it lasts. Your days are numbered.

  15. Jealousy Lumbinda. You are just a diplomat student who is not qualified to be justice minister. Why did Lungu appoint a justice Minster who does not have a law qualification! Lubinda has a diploma in agriculture. Corruption is rampant in Lungu’s government. Go back to school instead of envying HH who has an advanced degree and not a teenage wife!

    • Degree,Degree…You just go to the university and you memories one or two paragraphs which you later reproduce during exxams,,,ati Degree holder..What kind of nonsense is this?

  16. Lungu is corrupt! How could he appoint a Lubinda as minister of justice? Lubinda only has a diploma in agriculture. He does not have a qualification in law! This is shocking to say the least! This is why Zambia is not processing. Plagued with corrupt governments and officials.

  17. Lubinda is scared stiff of being indicted to the ICC. The dreadful Petition has troubled Lungu and after 6 months tossing around the Petition the Road to ICC is now clearer. The illegitimate Lungu govt has decided the Petition will not be heard in the Zambian Courts and the Petitioners have no choice but to take their Petition to ICC who will Rule that Lungu was not democratically,lawfully and Constitutionally elected. ICC will Rule HH the Winner of the 2016 Election. Lungu and Lubinda are dead scared of joining Lorrent Gbagbo in the ICC jail in the Hague for committing crimes against Zambians. Lungu is looking for solidarity from Al Bashir who is himself an ICC Fugitive. Birds of the same feathers flock together.
    Lungu and his fellow criminals are on their way to ICC in the Hague.Lets…

  18. Why not let those judges HH has been calling corrupt Sue him ??????

    HH has called them fools, he has called them stupied he has called the corrupt , lubinda advise them to sue…..let’s see.

  19. Why not let those judges HH has been calling corrupt Sue him ??????

    HH has called them foo.ls, he has called them stupied he has called the corrupt , lubinda advise them to sue…..let’s see.

    • Because they know that they are corrupt, biased and in the pocket of appointing Authority.
      Con. Court “Justices” (LOL) are on record for abolishing a corner stone of impartial Judicial system, RIGHT TO BE HEARD.

  20. Given Lubinda is very correct.HH’s weird behaviour in local politics do not make sense at all.for HH and his upnd minions,a judge is corrupt if he fails to rule in their favour!!!why go to court if you are already a winner of case?believe you me,HH irritates a lot of Zambians(many judges too)!!thats why its very very hard for HH to win any presidential election because the same judges upnd and HH insult are voters with families who have to protect their jobs!!!YOU CANT GO INTO A GAME WHILE INSULTING A MATCH REFEREE THEN HOPE FOR THAT SAME REFEREE TO BE FAIR ON YOU-ITS IMPOSSIBLE!!!MORE LOSSES AWAIT HH IN FUTURE ELECTIONS!!!

  21. Lubinda has nothing worthwhile to say about the law. He has a diploma in agriculture. He has no business being minister of justice! What advise can he give judges and lawyers who are experts in the law profession.

  22. @njimbu….referees/judges by definition are there to be impartial and uphold the RULES/LAWS as laid down.
    NO BIAS no matter what

    • That is PF and their leaders, they see nothing wrong with stealing, corruption and all forms of wrong doing. To them that is part of life….rules are to be broken.

  23. Given Lubinda is the definition of hypocrisy. Any person with a sober mind would question the current status of our judicial system. ‘Why didn’t you GL and your President allow the petition to be heard? Why has your government represented by a ‘fraud’ as president unless proven legitimate allowed the two Ministers to stay in office? Aren’t these grounds enough to question? Given Lubinda, you are nothing but a joke. You clever id10ts will face real justice someday. HH should keep banging on for the sake of Zambia. A Justice Minister issuing emotional tantrums without the benefit of intellect, where do we get such people from and why and how do we allow the likes of Lubinda, Lungu, Kalaba and many more empty heads to make decisions on our behalf as a people? Something is seriously…

  24. Lungu’s incompetence is being exhibited by his poor judgement in a number of critical issues and the quality of his appointments. Lubinda as Justice Minister…what the? Zambians Zambians let’s wake up. Enough of such jokes as people in government representing our affairs. Just when are we going to wake up?!

  25. Mr. Lubinda, instead of blabbing day-in, day-out about HH, what have YOU and YOUR master done in past 13 months to bring Laws of Zambia in line with PF Mutilated Constitution?
    Time for campaign slander its over. Start implementing campaign promises instead of pointing finger at HH. After all, your “comrades” are first to blab about Judges.

  26. Lubinda you and your PF are the greatest disaster Zambia has ever had. the current judiciary are a disaster. Look at the money stolen through the eastern province road and the cracks one of the examples of corruption. Leave HH alone

  27. Very interesting, I am not referring to Hon Lubinda’s starement of undisputable fact, by interesting I mean the dwindling number of UPNDonkeys posting comments on LT to support HH their demigod when he is under attack. It must be fatigue, and disappointment too, he has ranted and ranted and ranted or hihoed if you want, but nothing tangible is materialising no ICC, no ICJ no inauguration of HH no nothing but just the fast fading voice of HH and his running mate. Now he even lobbies to meet ECL.

  28. And if you see a comment it someone doing so under a false name from bembaland or eastern their new favourite toy. What are they hiding? Well no need to hide your identity, if you are southerner you are a Zambian but if you are a donkey then you are not Zambian, as our constitution does not give citizenship to donkeys.

  29. I mean the cinstitution which gives 14 days for a presidential petition, not the one intended to deprive Zambia of a President inperpetuity or until as HH donkey gets tired of appearing in court and rioting.

    • It is amazing, uneducated mule which cannot spell CONSTITUTION has become “learned mule”. Now that is “unprecedented development”

  30. To most Zambians HH is not only a Hero but the Legitimate President of Zambia becoz he won the 2016 Presidential Election outright. Lubinda is a foolish Minister of Injustice who does not know Justice, Law, the Zambian Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Lubinda does not know that we all have constitutional Rights to be heard in Court, to marry a woman of choice, to belong to a Political Party of choice, to go to church of choice etc. All these Rights are enshrined in the current Bill of Rights administered by the Zambian High Court. By going to the High Court to pursue their Rights to be heard HH &GBM are Right and perfectly legal. Lubinda is an ill qualified Minister of Justice so he does not understand this. Its up to the High Court to dismiss HH & GBM’s Petition and Rule that the…

  31. To most Zambians HH is not only a Hero but the Legitimate President of Zambia becoz he won the 2016 Presidential Election outright. Lubinda is a foolish Minister of Injustice who does not know Justice, Law, the Zambian Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Lubinda does not know that we all have constitutional Rights to be heard in Court, to marry a woman of choice, to belong to a Political Party of choice, to go to church of choice etc. All these Rights are enshrined in the current Bill of Rights administered by the Zambian High Court. By going to the High Court to pursue their Rights to be heard HH &GBM are Right and perfectly legal. Lubinda is an ill qualified Minister of Justice so he does not understand this. Its up to the High Court to dismiss HH & GBM’s Petition and Rule that the…

  32. Lubinda you are the worst politician to have graced our politics in recent times? What have you achieved in your political career apart from being a bootlicker and nincompoop? HH is fighting the rotten judiciary which you preside over and a shambolic con-court never head off in human history. You morons have reduced our judiciary to a circus fit for clowns hell bent on fighting innocent citizens while fattening your pockets through corruption. You will go down in history as the worst ever minister in that ministry especially that you have no clout and the law background that is why you were dumped there. Get a life.

  33. Lubinda what about you and your government? Didn’t you appeal a verdict that was passed by the Concourt,the final court of appeal against that ruling of yourselves remaining in office after parliament was dissolved during which you illegally obtained salaries and allowances? That’s why they say “if you live in a glass house do not throw stones”

  34. Hon. Lubinda is someone i thought had some integrity left, especially the way he handled his dismissal under late Sata. To start coming out they way u are now is really unfortunate. There is a saying in chewa which says “Ukavala nzwanzwa usamalumpa moto” (if u are wearing rags, do not jump over the fire”. I may not be a die hard supporter of HH but when it comes to matters of fairness, we all have the duty to see to it that our courts are fair & just. Never hung anyone without a fair trial. This case would have been over a long time had u people not opted to using kangaroo justice system. HH is not the only person calling your judges names bwana minister. His excellence has done so through Amos Chanda, some pf carders even threatened to sort out Linda Kaosnde & some judges. Lifwekelo…

  35. He is the only politician who gives you sleepless nights no wonder you had to rig as for bo Lubido Sata knew you better but you have fraudulently found yourself at the helm

  36. Bo Lubinda u are very very dull
    I”ve always respected u but now maybe due to more white hair in that Kabwata head of yours nanzelu zinacoka. Soon u will leave that position and u will realize your foolishness.

  37. Its amazing to see how bantustans(upnd cadres) are using bemba and eastern names!!!am sure you now believe that the two(bembas and easterners) are the majority in Zambia and only their votes determine who wins presidential elections!!!keep on deceiving yourselves as the FACTS remain the same that more than 80% of bembas and easterners are still very much in support of PF and ECL!!just like you(bantustans) love HH is the same way those from the North and East love PF!!!

    • @44 Njimbu
      These bantustans use bemba and eastern names because they have a very big inferiority complex, so by using those names they think the northeners and easterners have joined their band wagon kikikikiki!

  38. What do you except from our friends , thy are full of jealous, at work, homes etc., thus why leadership is given by God. people who are selfish are evil. boss we know them very well, its not that we hate them.

  39. Tekanya Lubinda, ni bambuya bako aba! When he becomes President, you will quickly shift camp and shower him with many praises!

  40. What Given means or trying to say is how can HH take a case from the high court to a local court, its like some is insane or may be in love with courts or may he has got nothing to do apart from frequenting court houses.

    • @ lemba

      And who has voted to amend Constitution which exactly PRESCRIBE legal steps which HH is taking.
      UPND or PF members of Parliament?
      Please, read Constitution before showing your ignorance.

  41. this man called GIVEN LUBINDA does not even know his real name. to me he looks like Given Patel, Prakashi, Vaidia or Suresh etc or any indian name suits.

  42. Considering what they did during the presidential petition, I do not see any other way to define Zambia judges besides being a disaster. Way back in Ghana, Jerry Rawlings butchered them and today in Ghana you will find very few corrupt judges. But here in Zambia, the bench stinks of skanks! You recall how CJ Ngulube was caught pants down wallowing freely in FYJ’s pocket?

  43. @Njimbu,
    It’s wholly untrue that Bembas and Nyanjas make up a majority of our population. We all know that since Mazoka, polls have always been rigged against UPND. They won the last polls hands down! And what you’re suggesting actually confirms that Bemba/Nyanjas won’t vote for someone else so the better we split this country into two the better. And looking at the voting patterns today, the fault line is glaring, it’s just a matter of time before Zambia splits right in the middle. You chaps can link up with Kabila in Katanga and wa Mutharika in Nyasaland!

  44. After the Malawigate maize scandal onchestrated by their own Nyanja brethrens Changwa, Dora Silit and Bwezani, Wa Mutharika will be reluctant to link up with these thieving skanks.


  46. May i be educated on this one:Who is a disaster between HH and the Zambian Judiciary?Remove the big log in your eye before you think of removing a speck in your freind’s. Do not be like CK who is now in the mwamoneni instead learn from the way people like harry are doing their politics. Mulaimweneshamo yapping and yapping as if you are a cadre.

  47. @Njangwamuloti:whether you agree with me or not the fact is bemba speakers and easterners are the majority in Zambia.these two are the majority in Lusaka,Central,Copperbelt and dominate in Luapula,Northern,Muchinga and Eastern.these are 7 provinces where HH cant walk with his head high like he moves in southern,western,n/western and part of central.blame HH for encouraging tribal politics since 2006!!then are you sure even in 2006,2008,2011 HH won and ECZ just rigged elections?so HH was more popular than Michael Sata who lost in 2006,2008, and won in 2011?hey-upnd is full of dreamers!!!

  48. The biggest political disaster is the drunk Chagwa EL becoz of where he has taken the price of mealie meal in the history of this country. How can a 25kg bag cost k130.00 honeslty, the guy is a total failure all he knows is quaffing. God is hearing the cries of the people for possible better leadership.

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