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Sudan gives Zambia 15 university scholarships

General News Sudan gives Zambia 15 university scholarships

Harry Kalaba with Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir in Khartoum recently.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Harry Kalaba wishes to inform the Nation that the Republic of Sudan has awarded Zambia 15 university scholarships which will allow Zambian students to study at the International University of Africa in Khartoum. Hon Kalaba disclosed this to journalists after paying a courtesy call on Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir in Khartoum recently.

Hon. Kalaba also disclosed that the Sudanese government plans to honour Zambia’s First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda for the role he played in liberation struggle on the continent. Hon Kalaba, who is on an official visit in Sudan at the invitation of his counterpart, the Sudanese Foreign Minister Prof. Ibrahim Ghandou, has described his visit as significant to the enhancing of relations between the two countries.

Mr Kalaba has said his visit will result in the signing of an Agreement of Cooperation which will give birth to the Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) between Zambia and Sudan. And Sudanese Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandou, disclosed that President Omar Al Bashir has invited President Edgar Lungu to Sudan on a state visit this year. Prof. Ghandou said Hon Kalaba’s visit, the first by a high profile Zambian leader in many years, will open up more areas of social and economic Cooperation between Sudan and Zambia, through the JPC.

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    • @1 Fwebene, I had also said it yesterday! SOMEONE’s WANTS TO USE HIS PERSONAL GAIN to lead the country out an agreement that HAS NOT HAD A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON THE COUNTRY JUST PLEASE HIS PERSONAL BENEFACTORS!!

    • This is sad a domestic policy driven by foreign agenda!
      Are we not capable as a nation to decide what is good or bad for ourselves?
      The withdrawal from ICC has repercussions far beyond Lungu’s term of office.
      Do we really need to debate it?
      This president gives lawyers a bad name as this ICC thing stinks of a substance called Sudan black!

    • You see all this confirms rumours that PF trained matchet wilding barbaric PF cadres in Sudan with the help of Albashir.

      Selling Zambia for 15 schoolarships in terrorism. How preposterous!

  1. Scholarships to study terrorism and dictarship? Also teaching Zambians on how to silence all those rightfully criticizing inept Edger Lungu? Useless.

  2. 15 scholarships for Zambians to study in Sudan! How desperate is our education system?
    Sudan under Omar Bashir banned English in all schools and colleges and introduced Arabic.
    These young Zambians will come back as Muslims probably radicalised, never to go to USA and will be Al kaidah or ISIL operatives backed by Somali muslin fundamentalist.
    Terrorism will have began in Zambia.

  3. To all Readers & Christians: I urge you to pray hard, this is the time to fight evil. The devil can even give you scholarships.

  4. Why would anyone go to Sudan for studies? Has the PF been bribed? Just when the asudaneese regime is being ostracised because of terrorist inclinations? Is that why the of is talking of a dégagé on banning the ICC?
    ECL do you see any contradiction with Zambias Christian values, here? Are you blinded by money or power?,

    • Sudan is 10 times more advanced than poor landlocked Zambia and don’t worry, terrorists are not dumb, they would waste blood on poor and useless zambia

  5. Thanks but we’ll pass! Sudan! Is there a country? I am surprised there are any buildings left standing! Who goes to a war zone to study! so what does he want in return from us….not to look a gift horse in the mouth!

    • hahahahahahhaha that is the funnniest comment ever! Does zambia have buildings? do you guys even have elevators??? (south african comedian)

      Port Sudan probably has more buildings than all of Zambia combined, you guys can’t even build proper schools.. Sudans GDP stands at $112 BN whereas Zambias is just $20 BN , think before you talk, Sudan could eat Zambia within hours

  6. Why is Zambia receiving hand outs from Sudan? Sudan is not a peaceful nation. The embrassment Africa with their civil war. No thanks Sudan. Learn to live in peace amongst yourselves! Zambia should be offering Sudan students refuge and a place where they can complete their studies in peace!

  7. The government of ?? should respect its nation and commit to its international obligations instead of choose to go on the wrong side of history.
    Al-Bashir terrorist regime is a pariah internationally therefore it practices bribery, it’s hunting the failed and weak governments and paying them$$ to break its isolation .

    And It is really insulting to one of our African freedom icon and Zambian leader to be honored by this dictator,terrorist and murderer guy.

    From ??.

  8. Only a government that cannot think accepts such. Why give scholarships when your country is swimming in scandals and human rights abuse? Whose benefit? What will Zambian learn from Sudan? How to oppress miniority groups. People be serious.

  9. Only a government that cannot think accepts such. Why give scholarships when your country is swimming in scandals and human rights abuse? Whose benefit? What will Zambians
    learn from Sudan? How to oppress miniority groups. People be serious.

  10. “…15 university scholarships…” in what?
    Genocide of African Christians?
    Sharia Law?
    How to exterminate Christianity?
    How to form Party Militia?

  11. Schoolarship to study what? Am not at all happy. The country is not a role model. Ni oil deals they are organising nomba. They want to see. Ba Lungu. Lawyer osauka hence we are paying the price.

  12. This university is rated behind unza and cbu at 76 and 188.It rated 193 so what logic is the govt you better off taking them ICU Zambia.

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