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Tanzania makes changes to entry requirements for Zambians

General News Tanzania makes changes to entry requirements for Zambians

Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Elwyn Chomba have a moment with Dr. Nkuliyinooma Anastase shortly after giving him resident permit during the launch of Integration for Former Rwandan Refugees at the Commissioner for Refugees Conference room
Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Elwyn Chomba have a moment with Dr. Nkuliyinooma Anastase shortly after giving him resident permit during the launch of Integration for Former Rwandan Refugees at the Commissioner for Refugees Conference room

The Zambia High Commission in Tanzania has informed the Zambian Government about the recent developments in that country on immigration matters relating to the citizens of Zambia.

Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Professor Elwyn Chomba said these developments emanate from discussions held at different levels by relevant authorities of both countries aimed at resolving issues of mutual concern.

Professor Chomba said Zambian truck drivers will no longer be required to obtain a Business Pass when entering Tanzania and will not be charged the US$ 200 fee which was previously applicable.

She said truck drivers will now be required to obtain a “Visitor’s Pass.”

“Citizens of Zambia proceeding to Tanzania for a visit will be entitled to 90 days per year which will however, not be issued at once as it was previously. Any visitor intending to spend more than 90 days in Tanzania will be required to apply for a resident permit or any other relevant permit in line with the laid down immigration regulations of that country,” she said.

She added, “Citizens of Zambia falling under the business category will still be required to obtain a Business Pass when entering Tanzania and will also be entitled to 90 days per year which will not be issued at once.”

Meanwhile, Police in Mpulungu have arrested 14 Tanzanian Nationals for entering the country illegally.

Are District Commissioner Dennis Sikazwe confirmed the development to ZANIS in Mpulungu today saying the prohibited immigrants were arrested in Chambeshi village of Iyendwe area yesterday around17:00 hrs.

Mr. Sikazwe said the team of uniformed officers from immigration, Zambia National Service and Zambia police swung into action after a tip off from the community in Iyendwe that some foreign nationals were in their area cutting timber.

After apprehending them, it was discovered that the prohibited immigrants did not have proper documentation for their entry and cutting of timber in the country, he said.

The suspects are detained at Mpulungu police station and will appear in court soon.

The District Commissioner has since commended Iyendwe residents for their patriotism to the country by reporting the presence of illegal immigrants in their area.

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  1. Just make Africa borderless like it was before we were colonized. We have more to benefit than all these pass nonsense. It’ll increase trade and reduce poverty.

    • How does an illegal entry into another country and cutting of trees illegally increase trade? We should learn to separate issues.

    • The white man came and carved africa into pieces dividing our kngdoms and nations,and yet here we are almost 130 years later, we still call ourselves zambians and malawians,and tanzanians. I call a tumbuka man from malawi a foreigner and yet,i, a tumbuka from the so called zambia calls a Bemba my fellow citizen.How is that possible?and we say we are independent in mind and thought when the white man still dictates our way of life and how we relate to one another. Wake up alkebulanians. These borders are a farce and a lie.

    • Fortunately for Europeans, democracy has become way of life instead of African style of “democracy” which you are supporting at nauseam

  2. Of all economic regions on the world, Africa is the one which needs the country borders and barriers the least has we have little or nothing to benefit from these borders other than fragmenting and increasing market entries barriers unnecessarily. The world needs an AU more than it needs EU or NAFTA!! If only our leaders could recognise, acknowledge and explicitly address this need!!

  3. Have started liking this Magufuli Zambia no matter what it needs Tanzania in all spheres of life whether political or economic. Zambia is the hub Tanzania needs to reciprocate on an equal basis if trade in that country requires to be boosted. Its high time Africa should learn from Europe.Big ups for the two leaders to come to mutual understanding of their interests in a number of trade initiatives and cooperation.

    • Magafuli Tanzania is developing within East African Customs Union which is based on exactly same International Treaties which Republic of Zambia has Ratified but NEVER implemented.

  4. Europe is in a serious mess due to their borderless and visa free, passport free movements! You guys supporting borderless entities are misguided because even your body has a skin for its border!!

    • Well spoken. Moreover, Africa is the only continent that stubbornly refuses to learn from others and always inventing the wheel for all the wrong reasons. The British are sharp that is the reason why they colonized “half” the world. They have decided to pull out of the mess of the so called border less society.

  5. So our truckers were being charged $200 per truck whilst us we were not charging…what docility..no wonder the miners hire foreign truckers!!

  6. Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi must form a free movement zone. We must put to shame these other countries that think we are dependant on them..We need Tz yes for access to the sea, thing is we are also imposing stiff controls on them so they are only reciprocating Let’s be fair..

  7. Professor Chomba, something is missing here. For Tanzanian truck drivers entering Zambia what will be required when entering Zambia & at what charge? For citizens of Tanzania coming to Zambia for a visit, to how many days will they be entitled to per year & will it be issued at once or not? For any Tanzanian visitors intending to spend more than 90 days in Zambia, what will they be required to apply for, a resident permit or what document? If the Tanzanian Law changes are not reciprocal, then there is nothing for Chomba to smile about and if they are burdensome on Zambians, then what has President Lungu & past Zambian Presidents been discussing with their counterparts in Tanzania whenever they fly there? All Zambian bilateral agreements are onerous on Zambians only.

  8. Zambian has a lot lazy neighbors for it to be borderless. Imagine Congolese, Malawians and Zimbabweans being allowed to run around freely in the country. There will be serious shortage of essential commodities such as maize in Zambia. Most of these neighbours needs us more than we need them. Unless someone out there can prove to me that having apples from south africa is more important than the mangoes that grow freely in every Zambian back yard. Or getting peanuts for wages in Shoprite is better than a Job at Zambia sugar then I will understand we need these parasites.

    • Spot on KCI, Zambia is way too good to foreign nationals and even allows them to break the law with impunity. Comesa Market is teeming with chaps from TZ plaiting here and doing all sorts of businesses there. Kasumbalesa in Chililabombwe is full of Congolese involved in all mischief. In Chawama/ Kuomboka we have a lot of sex workers from Zimbabwe. And believe you me, most of these fellows don’t even have proper documentation.
      We have a lot of so called investors who even abuse our people right in our backs. The chocholiz, the lebanese…you name them. We need to wake up…!

  9. Even me I wouldn’t want citizens of a drunk president country who stole elections, from entering willy nilly. We are painted by what the president does so now all Zambian are known as thieves and drunks

  10. So it’s prof Elwyn Chomba who has invited foreigners to CB to work on the mines at the expense of the locals? Now I know who is a problem

  11. Ba NEZ, you will be chocked to death by your own bitterness..Open your eyes man and see the reality. Continue living in fantansy with your HH to your own peril..

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