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Chinese-owned firm refuses to halt the construction of illegal structure

General News Chinese-owned firm refuses to halt the construction of illegal structure

THE Chinese-owned Mei Mei Zambia Limited has defied the Ndola City Council (NCC)’s directive to raze a structure being constructed along a buffer zone.

NCC had written to the company to pull down the structure being built on the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway and was not in the initial plan.

According to the earlier plan, the Chinese firm intended to set up a US$150 million mini-city to comprise houses, warehouses, a five-star hotel, shopping mall, an amusement park and a service station next to Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

A check yesterday found workers had continued to work on the illegal structure, which is near completion.
Mei Mei general manager King Muluka said the local authority had given the company an ultimatum to demolish the structure, and that an appeal against the move had been made to the NCC.

Mr Muluka, who could not give a clear explanation on why the company had continued to build despite the directive, said the Chinese company had stopped the construction and that he was not aware that the works had continued.

“I am in Lusaka and tomorrow (today) I will be back in the office and I will give you a clear position of the company. We have been having meetings with the council and when they gave us the ultimatum, we appealed. Since that time we stopped and I am not aware of the new developments at the site,” Mr Muluka said.

NCC spokesperson Roy Kuseka said the local authority would hold a Press briefing tomorrow, where the Mei Mei and other issues would be addressed.

“NCC will hold a Press briefing on Friday and all the queries and issues related to Mei Mei will be tabled,” he said.

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    • PF’s investors promised you a mini city, they have just built for you a katemba, kikiki. Roads are been mangled by little rains.

    • “A check yesterday found workers had continued to work on the illegal structure, which is near completion.”
      So basically you went there without a camera. Where is the picture of the building kaili? This kind of reporting ba LT awe sure.

    • Arrest those Mei Mei bandits! They have defiled the laws of the land by building illegal structures~ instead of the mini city which was initially agreed upon earlier on.
      Seems to me that someone at state house received kickbacks. PF ACC & PFolice where are you than persecuting Mutinta Mazoka Mmembe after tearing her clothings?!
      The Skeleton Key

  1. The question is why is the structure still there. Graze everything if they are not in compliance with the law. Why do Zambians like to be walked on? Isn’t this the same structure Lungu said had lied they were putting up something only to have another project? Where is Lungu himself on this one? A Chinese continues to build means being defiant. Now the Chinese are controlling Zambians. People love slavery.

  2. If u are in breach of your permit…..permit withdrwan……..deportation……chinese defying not NCC but his excellency ECL. IS MEI MEI chinese, if it is how come making blocks and in extractive. Thought was SI saying had to Zambian…what is shareholding…any know


  4. Poorly written: NCC had written to the company to pull down the structure being built on the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway and was not in the initial plan.
    Professional journalists would say:
    NCC had written to the company to pull down the structure being built on the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway. The structure was not in the initial plan.

  5. Someone chewed big time from MEI MEI. And he is the one who officially commissioned this project sometime last year just before the August general elections in case you have forgotten. You know who.

  6. Corruption, the Chinese asked for their kickbacks and the morons failed to reimburse. So what next, they say then we will continue to build since you have failed to pay us back our money. The next thing we will hear is that government has decided to let them go ahead as they have created employment for our people. There is no way these guys can go ahead if truly they were stopped. Someone has told them to finish the structure because some of the money was used in the campaigns. After all the Chinese are controlling us, Sata made a very big mistake to allow these fake infestors to even sell chickens and roasted maize in the streets.

  7. I know and work with Chines. There are some good one but Zambia is in trouble. Soon, we will be more slaves in our own country. PF is fighting M’Member but toothless with the Chinese. What a pathetic government

  8. We are all wondering, yes it is true they are still constructing despite some noise which were made by GRZ Officials and this Mukuka can’t claim not to know anything as a Manager. it is there for all to see, how long has he been in Lusaka???????

  9. This government will let the foreginers come and do as they please in our country as long as there pockets get filled they care nothing about the good of our country or people. It really is time our president thinks about his people before the people of the far away lands who benefit from our country. When will this start!!

  10. why a lot of mei mei on when there are companies that have built right on the pevment in kitwe and no one is talking about it. it would make sense if law is applied equally

  11. But kwena ba council,I was wondering why the works have continued even after instructing them to stop.This just shows how these so called investors are taking advantage of the current regimes corrupt ways and unprofessional decision making.where is the copper belt minister kanshi ?i guess he is busy listening to various people who have gone” mu ku zala” utu fintu ku office kwabo.ive never heard him comment on this matter.

  12. Surely, now even the Chinese are defying legitimate Council orders. This is interesting.This country is quickly sliding into unruliness.

  13. Don’t expect anything good from NCC with a spokesperson called KUSEKA , he will just be laughing according to his name. This is a big test for MMD DIE HARD BOWMAN LUSAMBO, HE PROMISED TO REVOKE THE LICENCE AND DEMOLISH THE STRUCTURE THAT MEI MEI HAS PUT MANJE TIZAONA WE HAVE RECORDED AND WE SEE IF YOU SHALL SUCCEED

  14. I dont know what leadership qualities Lungu saw in this MMD DIE HARD SUPPORTER.We are in trouble.A thug as a Minister?It can only happen in Zambia.I will soon relocate to my home village kuti wafwa na BP.

  15. So if it was for an ordinary Zambian they would have demolished on the day when there is heavy rail fall. Poor Councils in Zambia. Some one is himself with Chinese. Continue you will be rewarded in Heaven.

  16. We are just a joke of a country. Why should foreigners do things with impunity all because of a mere 50000kwacha bribe?

  17. Just next to the same stadium and Mei Mei, houses belonging to Zambians have been bulldozed to the ground. What a joke this council and government are.

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