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President Edgar Lungu should accept to dialogue with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema

Headlines President Edgar Lungu should accept to dialogue with UPND leader Hakainde...

President Edgar Lungu has been called upon to dialogue with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

The Young African Leaders Initiative has said that President Lungu should embrace efforts by UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema who once tried to dialogue with him.

YALI Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza noted that President Lungu indicated that the people who have not accepted him as President want to dialogue with him, encouraging him to consider such an opportunity as a starting point for dialogue.

Mr. Mwanza said that the president cannot run away from the fact that he needs to dialogue with the UPND leader and resolve all their issues.

Mr. Mwanza stated that the President’s commitment towards peace building will be seen and weighed by the way he handles issue of dialogue with Mr. Hichilema.

Mr. Mwanza said that despite Mr. Hichilema refusing to recognize him as the duly elected president, mutual respect can be gained after the dialogue as the two leaders will begin to appreciate each other and think about Zambia.

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    • Check out that sly and limp HH hand in the picture. Sly as a salamander! If a man does not have a strong grip in a handshake, never trust him!

    • dialogue when they dont have a good hand…first you dont recognise now you want to sit on the table with Lazy…who needs who more? UPND is a party full of immature fooolish selfish individuals

    • The only bigger f ool is one who is not politically inclined to any party, but wants to see change, what fvxk is wrong with you, why are you developing diarrhea over HH, go screw yourselves btches.

    • Jay, nubian, you chaps are always throwing aimless political tantrums, just wondering what your target is, because even the holy, snobbish Dei Lai Lama knows his enemy,and doesn’t shoot is arrows wastefully and anyhow, what’s your aim in life?

    • The Real Olivia pope :

      “Let it be known that president Lungu does not negotiate with terrorists. Or toddlers for that matter!”


    • The police can’t find mmembe, there is a rat hole at the back of his house, there is only one person in Zambia who can help police, katele kalumba, he can get into that hole and get mmembe..

    • Jay Jay: I agree with you. The first thing to happen is for HH to acknowledge that ECL is the President of this country then dialogue can start. What are the two going to talk about at the moment since the other one says there is no president in the country? Let HH humble himself and accept the election results then start the dialogue process. Why is it that only ECL should be conjured to dialogue and not the opposition?

    • Miya – I am not going to beat about the bush about the UPND is disorganized and greed gets the better of them; they could have pulled out of the elections immediately ECZ chose Arabs to print the ballot papers but they didn’t.
      Why on earth would Lazy want to negotiate with them?When it comes to negotiating its equally if not more crucial is to “understand what’s important to the other side,”..what would Lazy possibly want from them. HH and GBM should be negotiating with their lawyers who have made a lot money from them for a partial refund.

    • I don’t think he should accept because bwana HH is biter and we do not know what coursed President Sata’s Death! maybe the Hyena was evolved so exposing our President to the biter one might risk his life.. look at the behavior of the HH who has refused to accept defeat even after losing in many provinces and having few MPs in Parliament.

      This American YALI Nosence should go and solve Trumps issues.

    • The onus is on Chagwa to show magnanimity. Calling for dialogue won’t take STATE LODGE away from him. Actually it might get some UPND sympathisers on his side.
      Continued obstinacy on his side just goes to show he is insecure.

    • Negotiating with HH is not a problem as ECL has always said he is open to dialogue. But on what basis will HH want to talk to ECL if he does not recognise that ECL is the legitimate president of Zambia? Let HH first accept that he lost again and that Lungu won then we can start talking

  1. Comment:HH is not Zambia. The President Mr ECL should not waste time with this man. There is nothing HH will advise our able President. Its always criticism from him. Let HH first accept that our President was duly elected and he is the sitting President, then it will make sense to dialogue with him. Satan and Jesus can never sit at the same table to dialogue because they lead different life styles. So Mr President, waste no time meeting this man HH. You have important people and issues to attend to than wasting time with HH who has no respect for you.

    • I’m also just wondering, dialogue with him over what? Is he the only opposition leader in Zambia? Let the president ECL concentrate on developing the country instead of wasting time. Let HH dialogue with his fellow opposition leaders and his donor community. For goodness’ sake we have a country to build.

  2. come on YALI the whole of Zambia knows different. HH needs to swallow his pride and bitterness and accept dialogue…with respect. why really would President Lungu be in talks with someone who rejects him and is currently in litigation with him challenging his position and election win? After the court cases have been dealt with it should be on the agenda. For now even legal advisors would not find that prudent, especially as HH would probably use it for Media attention and image gain. The ball is in HH’s court, the sooner he drops his cases the sooner he can re-enter the opposition political field which he has neglected for negative cases.


  3. Lungu is afraid of meeting the man he stole the presidency from. If he was clean he would have allowed the petition to go ahead but he isn’t. We are all interested and needs to know the truth.

    • Facts after the Election results were finally declared are that UPND won in THREE Provinces as against SEVEN for PF. UPND have 59 MPS as against 80 PF MPS.It is common knowledge that generally people vote for a President and an MP from the same party.This means the majority PF MPS voters also voted for PF President who happens to be ECL.Where is the stealing of votes?

    • if you ve so many MPs why the difference of only 100,000 votes you know that edward did not win thats why you did not want the truth to be known in the concourt period thats why edward is so insecure.


  5. Have YALI talked to HH? What’s HH ‘s feeling on this? Edgar is president and he can only talk to willing party, not him going down on his knees to plead.

    • HH his very useless and HH is Not Zambia for your own information. We need development in this country and Not thinking of foolish people in life.

    • But Lungu is supposed to be the “humble” one? Why can’t he continue humbling himself even to HH? This exposes Lungu for what he really is – a vicious vindictive and sly operator. Lungu manipulates the uninformed gullible bakaponya who want to feel relevant.

    • Think about it: I may be more anti-Lungu than pro-HH. I know what Lungu is doing wrong and how Zambia could be better.

  6. Many zambians are blind hence they don’t know that HH is the best man to control economy. Those talking against HH are half dead.

  7. Please spare us Isaac Mwanza and your YALI.HH is a very arrogant creature so there is no need for President Edgar Lungu to meet him.moreover for what?HH has gone round 3.5 provinces tellng his fellow bantustans never to recognize ECL as Republican President.so why should ECL meet such an evil man?how many opposition leaders are there in Zambia?please YALI dont make HH become big headed when he is nothing politically.ACTUALLY ITS HH WHO OWES ECL AND MANY ZAMBIANS AN APOLOGY FOR NOT RESPECTING THE PRESIDENCY!!!!

  8. U blinded pf cadres u alwayz support this your called pf leader but what change has he improved to our country which credible investor has come to Zambia from the time he started ruling I have awez said time will catch up with u pf because God will surely deliver our country from you dictator who has brought miserly and poverty

  9. mwe bena zambia bamo tompyo tamwaba u are bursy and thanks lungu tamwakwata icifukushi ilukeni please lungu he is not a zambian belamibila amano imwe.

  10. How do you dialogue with someone who takes you to court on flimsy grounds, elections where free and fair all international and local bodies declared them as such And when you go to court the cretin fails to make his case! Hungry Hyena is not interested in dialogue. YALI mean well and their suggestion is in good spirit but HH is anaza!

  11. lungu is a stubborn little preek. He stole and election and thinks he is above everyone. He has gone against the country’s laws to abuse human rights and freedoms of any one opposing him. He is a hopeless little chap who will have his day soon. Every dog has its day. let him ask MMd chaps. Lungu has a lot to answer for that is why he willl do anything to hold onto power. Look now he wants zambia out of ICC.

  12. HH should not bow to thugs and crooks who are everyday stealing from Zambians. One only has to read of these criminal acts in the Auditor General’s reports and the shoot to kill activities by the militarized Zambia Police.

  13. Have you guys blogging here watched The GodFather? there is this statement that goes “you come to my house, asking me to help you, but you refuse to call me Godfather”. Lungu should not worry about negotiating with disrespectiful kids. He has a bigger job to govern Zambia. That is the job us the majority voters have given Lungu.

    • HH and UPND doesn’t need help from lungu, that’s we can’t call him president,we kneel only before GOD, you need help from him, so go to his house kneel and call him godfather, since he is your high priest you pathetic Christian for lungu.

    • Lungu is so egotistical. Instead of governing Zambia, he is more interested in walking all over HH so that his low esteem can go up a bit. He has such low confidence. That’s why he is always threatening opponents.

  14. Mr ECL My advise,forget about Hyna Hapena,he lost the election,people have spoken period.Zambia is not HH but us.Concetrate on developing the country and stop politicking,he wont stop his lame tricks until you fail your term.

  15. “Kainde” as HH is called in Northern Zambia is a lost creature!!nobody needs HH so president Edgar Lungu must not waste his vital time talking about a known tribal politician in HH!!he is a loser and come 2021,we shall again vote for PF in masses to hand HH a 6th record DEFEAT!!!as usual UPND will cry that 2021 elections are rigged but nobody will mind that nonsense!!!in bemba we say “uulelila tabamuceba pa kanwa”, meaning “never mind a person who is mourning”.SO ECL MUST TURN A BLIND EYE ON HH WHO IS STILL MOURNING HIS RECENT LOSS!!



  17. All you HH puppets need to understand your history. This is not the first time there has been opposition politics in Zambia inspite the fact we were technically a one party State at some point. The onset of Zambias independence was wrought with opposition platforms some prior others post 1964. UFP, ANC, UP, UPP all challenging a then very formidable and mostly tolerant UNIP. the core leaders in these Parties, much as they ideologically and /or technically clashed over political values and goals, mostly respected each other amounting to a platform for real politik. Yes it got uoly sometimes with Nalumino Mundia, and Simon Kapwepwe going to gaol, but deep down Kaunda new better. HH lacks that class that made the Winas, Chonas,Sipalos, Mundias,Nabulyatos, Justin Chimbas, Sokos, Shapis,…

  18. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. Edgar Lungu is ugly! Beer belly with chiken legs! He has rotten teeth and smelly beer breath!

  19. What rubbish naimwe ba YALI, Edgar Lungu is too pompous and sly. He is busy wearing a facade of peace when deep down he has nothing but venom. Let him and let him continue entangling himself in the mess he has created. Dialogue with him disguised in the name of peace is just total rubbish. Why throw him a life line? Let him be and he will be answerable to all his ill actions against Zambia. Let the blind see!

  20. Going by the comments being shared here does one need to wonder why peace is eluding the Middle East between the Israelis and Palestinians?

  21. What is dialogue with people who can’t or haven’t recognized you. Let them be they will come and recognize him in 2021 just before the elections.

  22. HH is very useless for is country Zambia,and Chagwa no time for him please.Lets thinking of how we are going to develop this nation Zambia and Not foolish people please who got no heart for poor Zambians

  23. There is nothing to dialogue between PF Edgar and UPND HH – this will just be a waste of time. The two parties have different manifestos and the only discussion the two would have is on how to merger their manifestos and eventually their parties.
    Soon after last year’s elections HH wanted to dialogue with Edgar and the later denied this because he knew that what HH wanted was to entice Edgar to form a government of National Unity. THAT CANNOT WORK – IT WILL ONLY BRING CHAOS!!!

  24. Why should the President dialogue with a man who is already decided on what he needs? What does matter to meet HH whose motive is not known. Has he produced the agenda? All he wants to put across are in fact issues that have nothing to do with the progress of the nation. I can tell you HH’s issues now.

    1. Release carders in prison. These are criminals they hired and now it is haunting them
    2. Public order act, which law done by Zambians not ECL
    3. Open the Post. When Mmembe in fact has been stealing. Mmembe is now complaining of beng abandoned after he the contract he signed with HH put him in bad light.
    4. You are execting that he would request to be heard for a pertition? No he cant. he know he lost clean.

  25. Soli Lenje Provinces HH, Western HH, Lamba land Province HH, Hump of Copper Province HH and Musanza Province HH so the richest HH never mind about POOR liver poor and eastern, pf have developed diarrhea even last elections are not themselves they are shacking, ask a DOVE it even refused the outcome announced by Chulu. H H You deserve and tricks occurred last election wont be their nxt this is yrs and it will be yrs, only beggars pleases pf type of leadership

  26. Dialogue for what?? HH thinks he is the only person who can pose a challenge to PF and hence he deceives himself that he is a god who should be worshiped by Zambians. Please leave him to leak his wounds until he comes back to his five senses that Zambia is bigger than Him(HH). Lungu just ignore HH period.

  27. HH does not know his father, hence his bad attitude as he lacked a mentor during his formative years. Any body aware who HH’s father is or was? May be his father was from the Northern or Eastern Provinces who abandoned him and that explains his hatred for people from the two provinces. He must adopted his maternal surname. He is patented tribalist with unrepentant evil heart bordering on blood sucker’s life of Romanian Dracula. There is need to probe his state of mind

  28. Dialogue? Several possibilties on HHs agenda that I can think of although it is difficult to think for or like a UPNDonkey.
    1. HH wants to ask ECL to step down and handover power to him
    – non-starter, only the people who put ECL in power can ask him to step down. Power changes at the ballots and nowhere else unless illegally but we are a nation of laws.
    2. HH wants to negotiate with ECL that he can recognise him as President on condition that he HH becomes President in 2021
    – non starter, ECL does not choose Presidents for this country, it is the people’s prerogative
    3. HH wants to capitulate
    – well HH dies not have to seek permission from ECL to do that. He can call a press conference, complete with diplomats and lunch, and announce that he has capitulated from his donkey…

  29. There are so many political parties in the country. Why should Edgar the President of Zambia go and meet only one political party leader? What about Nawakwi and Sinkaba and others. This not America

  30. @ Isaac Mwanza, tell hh to organize himself first he is the one with endless and unfounded complaints. ECL is the current Zambian elected president elected by the majority Zambians. Tell him nothing is permanent he may become a ward chairman one day let him keep trying thank you Isaac Mwanza.

  31. The truth of the matter is we do not have true peace makers in Zambia. Other than the president who has been preaching reconciliation, bad losers have been looking for nothing other than ECL’s throat. Even before the elections were held Hh and his team announced that they would not accept the elections. True to their word they did exactly what they had planned and announced to do. The article seems to suggest that ECL is at fault for not speaking to HH. It is this kind of thinking that shows how shallow we are in dealing with real issues. First and foremost HH needs to recognize ECL as a dully elected Republican president of Zambia. Then you people can start calling your so called reconciliation meetings between the two. Otherwise this call is lopsided.

  32. Any ignorant politician who trumps religion over reality should be fired.
    When Edgar Lungu declared that being gay was an affront to christianity didn’t he realize that christianity is a scam designed to enable leeches to get rich?
    Even your touted book of fairy tales denies any benefit to anybody from that immoral sickness.Ecclesiastes 9:5 “For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward; but the memory of them is lost.”
    While sexuality is innate and immutable religion is artificial; i. e. NOT REAL. To use that sick and evil stupidity to abuse and attack 10% of all people of Zambia for the way they are born and whom they love is immoral and disgusting.

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