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Zambia Police Raid Fred M’membe’s house, wife arrested for tearing up a search warrant

Headlines Zambia Police Raid Fred M’membe's house, wife arrested for tearing up a...

Fred M'membe and Mutinta Mazoka-Picture by Chanda Mwenya (Zambia Daily Mail)
FILE: Fred M’membe and Mutinta Mazoka-Picture by Chanda Mwenya (Zambia Daily Mail)
POLICE last evening raided the home of Fred M’membe, the former managing director of the Post Newspaper, which is now in liquidation.

Police officers arrived at the house on Nangwenya Road around 17:00 hours and proceeded to produce their warrant.

However, the wife to Mr M’membe, Mutinta Mazoka, who is also the proprietor of the Mast Newspaper got into an altercation with the police officers.

Mr M’membe’s wife, Mutinta has been taken to Lusaka Central Police Station after she tore the search warrant upon being denied entry into her residence.

Police could not by Press time clarify what was contained in the warrant and what the Police operation was about.

Later, children and other family members left the house with some belongings.

Police were still at the premises by Press time.

Earlier, the Lusaka magistrates court signed an arrest warrant for Mr M’membe.

According to the warrant that was signed on February 14, this year, Mr M’membe was supposed to be arrested for presenting himself as owner of the Post Newspaper in liquidation and not availing all the property and documents of the company to the liquidator Lewis Mosho.

Mr Mosho recently indicated that he would act against all those not availing the company’s property for onward sale to enable the liquidator pay the workers and institutions owed by the Post.


    • This is how dull and stup id Zambians can be. Its disheartening to see many Zambians cerebrate the harrassment of Mmembe regardless of what he has done in the past. Something that puzzles me in Zambia is that if there is anything bad happenning to someone we see people cerebrating as long as it does not affect them. This harsh treatment at some point will backfire and the one harrassing this family one day will be out of office. Lets learn to treat each other fairly and forgive.

    • In civilised countries, criminality is dealt with by the law. Fred is just reaping what he ‘planted’. As for his wife, her action can only be described as contempt! We should not think using the heart, this may seem cruel but it is not harassment. The cops were just carrying out their duty.

    • @Nostradamus
      Please help me into,,mmembe is cousin, I know he is bad man sometimes. I just want to help abana, they have nowhere to go, in barosteland there is a coup d’etant, not safe for kids,,,, please help me get them refugee status ku luapula for now,,, please boyi

  1. Leave the family alone. This treatment is too harsh. She is only a woman why Police are too harsh on her? What is happening to our beloved Country Kanshi?

    • Ba ken nabeve, what is the problem with pfacists? Who is talking about a police permit here? And this vizungu pf cadres tugs along on his tail too. For Christ’s sake, it’s the goddam search warrant we talking about, by the way is pf police still issuing police permits, i thought we only have to notify them.

  2. M’membe is in real trouble and the government wants to fix him once and for all. I doubt if this issue is only about avoiding paying taxes, this surely has more a lot of hidden agendas that we are yet to know.

    • Sad as it is, Mmembe has only himself to blame. His blatant support for his dear Michael was so biased that he lost credibility. He then thought that he was a kingmaker and could put Winter Kabimba into State I am sure that he now realises that RB was just benign compared to PF and Lungu. This is the result of lack of foresight and wisdom. He is being swallowed by the lilombamema that he himself groomed and reared.

  3. Never insult a crocodile whilst your bums are still in the water. It was known this was going to happen. It took a little longer, but is now happening.

  4. Teach him a lesson. He called Chiluba a thief while stealing taxes and his prostitute does not respect the law. You cant tear a search warranty and you cant avoid it. Let them dance to their own music of evil reporting.

  5. I have no mercy or kind words for Fred! He destroyed so many ppl with his post. Those who raise by the sword fall by the sword

  6. For whom the bell tolls slowly the noose gets tighter oh see how the ” mighty” have fallen. A tax evader should know his limits tearing, defiling, altering a government document is in itself a crime and can lead to one serving behind bars. We have said before fight a matter within the law

  7. When you sleep with the devil there can be only one result: death! You can do business with “some government agencies [mini-devils]” but never build your whole business empire on government [the devil]. This guy compromised himself embarrassingly. He thought those Michael this, Michael that editorials in his newspaper would help him get away with murder by not paying ZRA the taxes he owed. Guess what God took Michael Sata and it was only a matter of time before the revenue authority pounced. Proverbs says man plans, God laughs. ZRA is government but lets look at other institutions [DBZ, Investrust, NAPSA, Zambian Airways etc] all had huge debts. I am not a some of us but logic tells one you can’t start a business with huge debts. This is a lesson to all people in business cultivate…


    • Please stop exaggerating, since when did a crime of evading taxes become ‘murder’? You really think what’s going on with the current harassment of Fred Mmembe is actually rule of law? This is what political persecution is all about, settling scores and that’s what failed states do.

      Why is it that Mmembe was allowed to evade tax? The same people who are in govt today, including those at ZRA knew that the man wasn’t paying tax but they let him, just because he was was on their side that time and their cheerleader and mouthpiece. The people who should be going to jail are those who let him get away with it… they had the power and he was just an ordinary individual, albeit one with a lot of influence.

      Right now as we speak, there’s someone else who is in their favour who is also…

    • continue reading…

      Right now as we speak, there’s someone else who is in their favour who is also not paying tax just like Mmembe did. Even worse the same politicians claiming moral and legal authority over Mr Mmembe are themselves involved in corruption, bribery and looting of public resources.

      My friend you should be more worried about the state of the country and the mess it is in, rather than celebrating Mmembe’s downfall. There’s no rule of law if the application of the law is based on friendship and enmity. Think beyond your political affiliation.

    • @Maverick I forgot to put murder in inverted commas as in: “murder”. That shouldn’t be interpreted literally. That said, the tax M’membe owed which his Post was obligated to pay byZambian tax law denied government the opportunity to buy things like medicines for clinics, build schools and other infrastructure & yet he was busy expanding his empire. If he had a sound business model it was going to be a simple matter of making an arrangement to clear this matter. Even since M’membe was accepted to the bar, he thinks he is the law unto himself.

  8. The arrest and rough treatment of Fred Mmembe is only setting a precedent for the same guys in power when they get out of government. They think they are clever now until they are asked to account for their riches by the next government. Nobody stays in government for ever, one day they will all be out. Chiluba used to think he was invincible, until his time came and from there it was downhill for him until his death. The outside is presently waiting for these guys to come out of power; the lucky ones are those who will die before that time comes.

    • No bwana – this man became a politician and thought he was immune to statutory obligations. The person who protected him is not there and now the cover is blown.

  9. Tax in many countries is never a kind of debt that should send a company into bankruptcy. M’membe played hard by running to the courts for injunctions etc instead of coming up with a workable plan with ZRA through his legal department. He continued to claim political influence. He cited Freedom of the Press as if Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Expression told him not to pay taxes.

    • That is the point. It is high time companies consider having tax accountants to minimise exposure because the politician is now so in need of cash and the only way is through taxes. VAT is the true killer as penalties accumulate on a daily basis until the wrong is spotted and corrected. There is no excuse for ignorance.

    • Mate, let’s face it… we all pay taxes not because we want to but because we are forced to by the law. Very few people pay it because it is a moral and right thing to do. My point is if I can be ‘let’ or ‘allowed’ to not pay tax by government agencies (ZRA, politicians, etc.), I’m pretty sure I won’t pay it. I know you wouldn’t either… let’s be real here. Some multinational corporations evade taxes too, albeit they do it legally by finding loopholes in the law. Mmembe wasn’t finding loopholes in the law per se, the government allowed him not to pay tax when they knew at the time that their power depended on him. This was their favour and a way of rewarding him. If anything the people who deserve to go to jail are those who let him get away with it. I’m not saying he’s…

    • @Maverick do you agree that compromising your company by not paying taxes is breaking the law? Having political connections doesn’t mean exemption from punishment. He broke the law whether government allowed it or not that’s not the issue. He was given many opportunities to work with ZRA instead he chose a very, very wrong option. If this was media persecution, all the western diplomats in Zed from US, UK, France, Germany, Canada and the Scandinavian countries would have defended the Post like they have done in the past. Why haven’t they done so this time? They can defend the indefensible that’s the simple answer. ECL even said all those who think it’s persecution let them settle the Post tax bill

  10. This is the danger of going to bed with politicians and police. U are only friends wen u support the politicians. Equally, u are only friends wen u buy beer for policemen….! Fred should have seen this coming if he was clever as he claims he is…!

  11. Imwe sure, instead of concentrating on bringing the price of mealie meal down, we are busy with vinthu chabe chabe. What liquidator?

  12. I saw the way the police harassed her on Muvi TV last evening. I would like to believe that it was her hubby they were after but they did not find him.So why didn’t they leave her alone? What has become of this country mwebantu? I thought Rupiah Banda was a cruel man but I was dead wrong, terribly wrong. I cannot even imagine what will become of this country by 2021.

    • Lungu has set a new mark for vindictiveness against opponents. He has nobody to blame if he gets the same or worse treatment when he leaves govt.

    • Buckteeth Lungu
      Nice one the man does not realise that in essence he is digging his own grave.He is definitely not clean and the pipo he is persecuting now will have the last laugh

  13. We cant live all our lives just bringing the price of mealie meal down. We have to fund raise for the government so that we can provide for the citizenry my brother. We also have to abide by the laws of the country.

    • I suppose by citizenry you mean Lungu and his minions. Zambians are not benefiting from the PF govt. Industry has been killed and the economy is on its knees. That is what is breeding this savagery. There’s no more money to steal.

    • At least there is one thing we agree on, albeit from very different perspectives. The biggest sin that Mmembe made was to help usher in Satan. From Satan we beget Lungu. For that he cannot be forgiven. Let him feel the consequences of his folly from 2011.

  14. Kikikikiki…..UPNDonkeys have something to talk about today, they have run out of ideas. Even Mr HH himself will have something to say today….kikikikiki…
    to be a donkey is hard business, someone has to set the agenda for you. I am gonna have a field day laughing at the anticipated senseless comments by UPNDonkeys!

  15. The freedom of press fighter stay strong. We know that this is a personal vendetta from the sick dog lungu. The Zambians who support lungu don’t realise that slowly this is becoming a dictatorship. Nature has a way of dealing with dictators. I foresee lungu dying a more painful death than saddam

    • I don’t like Lungu nor Mmembe. I will cheer whoever will suffocate and swallow up the other. This reduces the number of enemies.

    • Lungu amusiliza Mmembe . . . next all his real property, which obviously is already marked – – – will be forfeited to the State . ECL for Life..

  16. There is nothing good about this Mosho. He is being used by Chagwa to finish the only voice remaining the mast together with Lusaka times. We must not support blindly because soon they will pounce on Lusaka times and we will have no voice whatsoever just like they did with the watchdog.These dictatorial tendencies being exhibited by Chagwa should be of concern to every citizen. The promotion of democracy and its tenets should be upheld and protected. Today it is Mmembe, tomorrow it could be anyone.Is this is not the same Mmembe they PF went to bed with in 2011 and allowed him not to pay taxes because he supported them against RB? The same taxes have brought him misery and he is paying dearly. Journalists should avoid this trap of siding with politicians and remain neutral as well as…

    • Without Mmembe, PF would not be in power. For that, Mmembe deserves what he is getting from his party of choice. However, every dog has its day. PF cannot be in power forever and they will get theirs in the neck one day.

  17. Membe deserves no sympathy. He is being eaten by the same crocodile he raised. This is the fruit he is getting for his nonsensical reporting of ”Micheal this” and ”Micheal that” It is a well known fact that Fred was PF cadre during Sata’s reign. Fred was in charge of the PF’s publicity wing operating from Bwinjimfumu.

  18. Jail the 1d1ot called Fred M’membe and his wife!!these two are very arrogant.they think that only them are above the law!!i have no kind words for evil Mm’mbe just jail him together with tje f00lish wife!!

  19. @NEZ:go and tell Fred M’membe to go and practice his evil freedom of expression in Dundumwezi!!!this is the same Fred who destroyed HH’s political career by labelling him tribal.he called upnd a bantustan party for many years.but since you are fast and forgeting,today you ignore all those nonsense Fred used to write about upnd-shame.Fred has destroyed the names of many innocent Zambians.i really thank Edgar Lungu for finishing this arrogant small creature called M’membe!!!Let Fred dance to his tune!!Go PF Go!!

  20. I have never been a supporter of M’membe but i appreciate some of the scandals which he has revealed thru the Post. He is the cause why Zambia is a state where it is because he heavily supported the snake which is biting him in death through PF. I hate the way he has been harassed in the name of not paying taxes. he is a fighter and he will not be finished.

  21. Another example of Lungu going power crazy. Like M’membe or not that is not the issue. The issue is our so-called President who thinks only of power and keeping it and if you fall out with him beware, he will take you down ay way possible and certainly not act like like President. He thinks only of the international mining companies filling his pockets and when they are full it goes to his bank accounts hidden over the world or taken by his secret plane to stuff the mattresses of his villas in other countrys. This is not a good way to run the country!

    • Fred Mmembe was warned and he opted to ignore the timely warning
      Results: A tonne of bricks has fallen on him….. Plz Lungu follow thr your word. The chap must come to his senses . . .or wait for HH in 2031 for a new lease of life!

  22. Newspapers are not meant to praise the government in a Democracy unless you are in China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia or any of the many countries without free press. What has eluded people like Lewis Mosho and all those celebrating what is happening to M’membe is that one day we may have a terrible dictator and we will need brave people stand up for what is right. M’membe may have made some mistakes in his reporting but I still believe he is a necessary evil. We could not have know about the illegal dealings at ZNBC had he not reported it in his limping Mast. The current PF is a very strange one, I can bet you that if M’membe was to start dancing Dununa Reverse tomorrow and pledge allegiance to the devil all this will go away. But the will leave Zambia with one less principled man…

    • “Newspapers are not meant to praise the government in a Democracy unless you are in China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia or…”
      So we were in China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia the past 5 years in which The Post praised Sata’s government everyday? Yangu!

  23. Instead of killing the Post we should nature it. Instead of destroying M’membe lets acknowledge that he has contributed a lot to our limping Democracy. The POST NEWSPAPER was a very good Zambian company that was started from scratch by Zambians and it went on to produce other companies like Post COURIER. Instead of separating individuals from the company you have decided to throw away the baby with the baby water. Ted Turner founded CNN but he got thrown out OF HIS OWN COMPANY WHILE IT CONTINUED OPERATING. THE SAME COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO THE POST.


  25. @ Godfrey Mwale please keep it closed if you do not have anything to say. Banks want your TPIN numbers find time to ask why they want them. Why should a business fail to pay???????????

  26. This Mumembe man is not special and he is not infallible. What is happening to him was expected, l sympathise with him. Look at the way he sent FJT to the grave, he thinks he can do that again any sitting or retired president. There are a lot of souls that are haunting him. He needs Gods presence in his life. He should ask God for forgiveness.

  27. It has moved from law to harassment. There is no way that this continued persecution can be justified. We need to understand as a people that today its on Mmembe, tomorrow , it will be you. This government is very brutal to anyone they feel is in opposition. Beware the wolf in sheep skin (ECL).

  28. This is sad. Despite him going to bed with the pf, this kind of harassment is sad to watch. It’s not a case of if mmembe survives this, but when he survives this and what he will do. Governments change. This won’t go down well. Like the poster above (ngobola) mentioned, mmembe could have been kicked out like Ted Turner and replaced with a PF stooge. I am beginning to think thsee moves were not properly thought out. This won’t end well for both the persecutors and the persecuted. I see a war of the world’s coming soon.

  29. This reminds me of a woman in the bible who was caught in the very act, men brought her to Jesus so that he could punish her, but what did Jesus say, if there’s anyone among you who has not committed any sin should be the first one to stone her but what was the reaction of those guys. They all bowed down, and what am about to say is just people’s imagination and not written in the bible that these guys when they bowed down they might have been counting their own mistakes and this is why they decided to leave without stoning that lady. What am i saying is that m’membe may be pursued now for whatever crime committed but we have so many other organisations right now that are struggling to pay tax but are not pursued like M’membe, its good to treat each other well especially that the…

  30. Please help me with facts,is this mutinta mazoka the widow to kambela mazoka who is married to m’membe now or there are just common tonga names???????? pliz help

  31. imagine calling me Kafupi, Muwelewele, Cabbage, Twit, Satan and King Cobra, etc when am alive. Do you think i would spair you when am dead? Am sure this man is fighting against spirits of the dead he traumatised so much while they were alive. I don’t know why the devil works like that. He can use you for so long and later dump you and use others to traumatize you. It goes on and on. In history, we call it the “the rise and fall of…..”. Whats trick is knowing how many are for and against you. Sometimes we may think we have people on our side yet the whole country is cerebrating yo situation. Its very painfull to see your friends coming for solidarity when they can not do anything to help you. Can you imagine yo friends attending yo funeral in large numbers yet you died as a result…

  32. Country men. The issue here is about the failed loan repayment at Invest Trust where his house was pledged as collateral. Iz thus the first props to be grabbed for failing to honour loans? People gave lost farms. Please leg the man carty his own cross.

    • John, even then, there is a better and civilized way of handling that issue. Leaders should be careful with what they do because to be honest, this is sending all the wrong signals out there and the investors we want to come here will think twice before making their move.

  33. Toba what you saying is true but some times people become too self centred stepping on everyone and any one they find on there way. Just like you’ve said,it has back fired on him cause that’s how he was and this is the reason everyone is happy with what’s happening to the post and it’s directors. It’s a Leason to all of us to be careful on how we carry ourselves and to remember that every person is very important to our life.

  34. I think Zambians are past the persecution of Fred Mmembe, you have grabbed his paper, you have grabbed his trucks, please, leave him alone.

  35. Ba Kabwesha.
    Yes we should be discussing and getting concerned about Mealie Meal price.



  36. Mr Meembe remain strong.All this will come to pass its just under five politicians fearing their own shadows.Mr Lungu will never be President forever and his time to go will surely come.In bemba we say”uwaisa kuya aya”.Fili eko tuleya.

  37. The current treatment of Fred Mmembe and his family is prophetically replica to what may come to happen with Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Even in death Zambians would not be deterred to seek justice from illegal, corrupt, hash and impoverishment Zambians are subjected with Lungu. Chiluba the thief is still being tried and convicted posthumously. His family, not known. Sata’s trials will begin at an opportune time. His sons who used to harass journalists have gone un heard. Edgar Lungu CAN NOT ESCAPE convictions with the kind of arrogance he exhibits disregarding the constitution and rule of law. In life or death justice demands to be seen. Mmembe’s misfortunes can be celebrated today, but Lungu’s trials are in the offing.

  38. We may have different reactions to what Chagwa and police are doing to Fred but a wrong is a wrong. Police have no right to tear anybody’s clothes, worse for a woman, just because they want to effect an arrest. Police must exercise professionalism and civility in the way they discharge their duties. Yes there comes a time when maximum force is needed but not in such small arrests.

    It doesn’t matter what grudges we hold against Fred but we all need to start getting worried when these things start happening.

    Today it’s Fred, tomorrow you and me. Reminds me of the Germans who were indifferent to Hitler’s evils against the Jews. It was not long before he turned the guns against his people when he suffered defeat at the hands of the Russians.

    These happenings should get us all…

  39. These happenings should get us all worried. Bad laws must be disobeyed. Only good laws should be obeyed. Without media freedoms, we have no democracy! Today it’s the media, tomorrow it is you and me. The choice is ours.

    The only reason dictators target the media is to create fear so that the masses should not question corrupt deeds. How can Chagwa make dictators as his best of friends? And we expect him to behave differently? There will soon be no difference whether you are PF or UPND. Chagwa will soon turn his guns against his own citizens. Watch this space.

  40. Chagwa Lungu must be very careful and if I were him I would ask Chiluba’s children and wives on how life turned upside down for them once the stinking thief was out of power. To date, they are still suffering from the acrobatic toilets of the diminutive skank, so long after it kicked the bucket. M’Membe’s Post company was a Limited liability company separate from his other assets and to target his house in such a manner is nothing short of rotten victimisation. Only time will tell but Lungu must know that once he is out of office, we shall separate him from his ARVs and let nature naturally take it’s course.

  41. She is an absolutely lovely girl, so different to the media image. I feel very upset for her to be in these matters. I pray they will solve all their legal matters and start afresh.

  42. Banana republic, failed state. Foreign exploitation of the country is most welcome as long as you leave you brown envelope at State House first before you start sucking blood

  43. The troubling thing is the way the government is dealing with this family, with impunity. I feel like their rights to a fair trial being trampled on.

  44. Tearing a search warrant is mounting to resisting arrest, and it would definitely land you in trouble . M’membee and wife are definitely arrogant.

  45. This regime of Chakolwa Lungu will one. day face the judgment of God because God cannot put such a barbaric leader like Lungu to lead his people . This is what the Dununa reverse stupid churches who worked with Chakolwa wanted for this country. God is watching all of you and soon Jehovah God will punish you. He who kills with the sword will die of the same,the great shall be humbled, the humbled will be made great, the first shall be the last, the last shall be made the first. Edgar and his police officers must be careful what they are doing now .Money is making them foolish but God is watching. Even u fellow citizens laughing at Mmembe and his wife tomorrow it happen to u and your family. What does it mean to be Christian? Is this How u Mock God?

  46. Zambia is already polluted by the spirit of not forgiving . We r really planting a very bad seed in future of this nation. What makes me wonder is that every year we gather for the so-called national prayer n reconciliation. Is there a reconciliation without forgiving one another. Mandela became the icon of Africa because of forgiving his enemy. But our president who even call on the name of the lord. Why ?. We are not unordinary people but God’s people Christians for that matter. God bless our Zambia

  47. In the name of national prayer n reconciliation criminals should be forgiven, but who should be forgiven and who should forgive who. Should ECL forgive Mmembe, who does Mmembe owe? Is it the people of Zambia or ECL? The banks money which Mmmbe owe is it for an individual for ECL to forgive him? The DBZ money is it for an individual no it is the people’s money so why should ECL forgive for something which is not his? The people have entrusted the national in ECL’s hands to look after it on behalf of us now because he is a Christian he should forgive all the offenders for him to be a good national prayer n reconciliation. Why do we have laws? We the people of Zambia made rules of which everyone should follows but no some should not e.g. tearing of a search warrant that is a government…

  48. Why do we have laws? We the people of Zambia made rules of which everyone should follows but no some should not e.g. tearing of a search warrant that is a government property. Disobeying the Police even insulting them and when they react you complain, maybe we should do away with the law and leave like animals so that only the fittest can survive.

    • Laws are rules that bind all people living in a community. Laws protect our general safety, and ensure our rights as citizens against abuses by other people, by organizations, and by the government itself. We have rules to help provide for our general safety. These exist at the local, state and national levels.

  49. How you are treated for an actual or perceived commission of an offence is just as critical for purposes of the rule of law and process. People should be asking whether the actions we are seeing are reasonable in the circumstances. Is due process being followed or is there heavy handedness or even a breach of individual and family life? Is the law being used to settle ‘old scores?’ When you have clear answers to these questions, you may make your informed conclusions. Often people only realise the importance of following the law, even during arrests, when they suddenly find themselves at the brutal end of the authorities for what maybe a simple offence – or where the reaction is not commensurate to the level of what has allegedly been committed.

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