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Chief Chama asks Govt to work on deplorable Chibote/Chama road in Kawambwa

Rural News Chief Chama asks Govt to work on deplorable Chibote/Chama road in...

Chief Chama of the Chishinga people in Kawambwa District has appealed to
Government to work on the deplorable Chibote-Chama road which leads to his Palace.

Speaking when Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti
Nsemukila paid a courtesy call on him, the Chief said owing to the bad
state of the road, the vehicle he bought for himself from his savings
has been damaged beyond repair after using it twice on the road.
He appealed to government to work on the road starting in May when the
rains subside because most farmers in the area depend on it
to deliver their farm produce to the markets.
The Chief said he is happy that the Patriotic Front won the August
2016 quadruple elections so that they could continue with the many
developmental projects in Kawambwa and the Chibote –Chama road is one
the projects which should be taken seriously.
Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti Nsemukila agreed with
the Chief that the state of the road is unbearable because in some
portions, the grass has overgrown.

He said the situation shows that the road has been neglected for a long time.
Dr. Nsemukila informed the Chief that he has endured the hardships on
the road to reach the Palace and Government will actively give the
road the attention it deserves.


  1. But Ba Edgar was just there and didn’t complain of that road. Buleti is growing big headed, he is only exposing PF daily. Find solutions.

    • I also want the road leading to my house repaired, am spending a lot of money on spare parts for my car. I bought my car using my own money.

  2. There should be a road data base and a road assessment process that informs GRZ which roads have outlived and need rehabilitation. We should not wait for Chiefs or people to complain. That is also the work of the councillors to present such problems to Government.

  3. Easy said than done,you people just wake up and say this and that must be done just because you’re a chief doesn’t mean when you say the government will find money easily. Learn to listen to government budgets and just waking up from the blues and wanting this and that. Follow the budget these short cuts are costing us poor tax payers more and more money as the government try to impress you ,they press us in tight corners with new ideas of getting money out us.

  4. Having driven on this road , I truly understand it’s deplorable state. Growing up in the area during the Kaunda area we used to see graders every year or so . They would work on the road from chisembe to chibote , katota, chama, mambwe.

  5. Kikiki pf made promises during election which they knew they wouldn’t keep. You were lied to chief Kikiki

    • NEZ I consider you my mate because you’ve admitted being frustrated and I’d like to help you understand or make me understand without a fight. These family of the post made us cry at one time or another and today it’s just there time to feel and face what we faced period. They are very selfish and self centred,so let’s let them deal with there ghost. For the chief ,politicians don’t come with money to develop our country but the government through us the people collect money and distribute it fairly though not always. So a chief must understand that zambia is for zambians not for a chiefdom. Let the budget control the projects not anyone and everyone.

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