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Fred M’membe’s wife Mutinta granted a K3,000 bail

General News Fred M’membe’s wife Mutinta granted a K3,000 bail

M’membe’s wife Mutinta (C)

Lusaka magistrate Faides Hamaundu has granted Post Newspapers in liquidation Editor-in-chief Fred M’membe’s wife Mutinta a K3,000 bail in her own recognizance.

Mrs M’membe 39 of plot no.7345 Nangwenya road has been charged with obstructing police officers who had gone to her residence to execute a search warrant.

Magistrate Hamaundu has since set 3rd March,2016 as the date for commencement of trial.

The Lusaka Magistrate court on Tuesday, 14th February issued a warrant of arrest for Mr M’membe for failing to deliver to the provisional liquidator the real and personal property, books and documents under his custody or control being the properties books and documents belonging to the Post newspapers Limited in liquidation.

It’s during the execution of this warrant that Mrs M’membe had an altercation with Police officers leading to her arrest and subsequent detention in Police custody.


  1. It was unnecessary from the beginning. The police need to be trained in professionalism. They’ve the Sam UNIP mentality.

    • The first Zambian President in the making. Fred M’membe will be the First Gentleman. Lungu, Dora and RB in the doc. Wynter Kabimba Justice Minister, Mutembo DPP, Nchima the Director at the ACC. This lady will put together a winning team for Zambia and the thieves will scamper or be jailed. They are a cancer that is hurting Zambia. They are leaches and someone needs to get rid of them. Go Mutinta Go!

  2. leave the Membes alone and go after real criminals that have plundered the nation, shame on all of you intimidating people, your days are numbered and I will continue to pray that your sins find you out. Lungu STOP it, you use te name of the Lord in vain to commit your atrocities

    • You are a true hater. God knows what you look for in your life dear. You don´t seem to have any direction in life. Where do you stand kanshi mwebantu

    • @ Jay Jay

      You are only good at blabbing. What have you done to change current situation? Blabbing, blabbing and more blabbing.
      Good or bad, Fred is in front line unlike you

  3. Criminals are being praised. Upnd have always missed the live wire which can give them presidency. They like supporting enemies of the majority voters. Hh is a lost case.

    • the issue is not whether Mmembe is right or wrong, but the harrasment is what is worrying. No one deserves to he harrassed, not even ECL himself.

    • Fwebene this guy is a communist(rainbow party member) and atheist, communist when the bigger bosses Russia and China have done away with it, kikiki, he doesn’t even know what he stands for, even the Dalai lama who can’t even use a eating fork in fight, knows his target. Let ‘s pray for him so that he wakes up, so that he either be on our side or the other side, there only two sides in Zambia, you either with us or them, choose one boy. Evening.

  4. Be reminded of the horse and the rider story. when the horse runs a good race, the prize money is deposited in the account of the rider and not the horse. In most cases, the rider then sends the winning horse to a stabble while he crosses continents for holiday sleeping in nice hotels. The horse keeps on taking un treated water and grazing green pastures while the rider takes mineral water and well baked foods. those with ears, let them hear.

  5. Beautiful? The meaning of beauty must have changed. Look at the rotten facial skin. And she is also shapeless from neck downwards. She wears large sunglasses perhaps hoping to hide her face and he rest of her. I am sure even for Mmembe she remains a proxy wife.

  6. Mmembe’s newspaper was so instrumental in pushing pf’s agenda in 2011, it was pf’s mouthpiece for the to ascend to power, i don’t understand why they didn’t ask him not to preach about them to Zambians since he was a tax no paying citizen, in short pf was harboring someone who had committed a crime, that on its own is a crime too. Harboring a criminal.

  7. For those who remember the Zero Option in the early 1990s, the then UNIP President, Inyambo Yeta, was served with a search warrant when the police wanted to search the UNIP offices. Inyambo Yeta tore up the search warrant. Mmembe wrote one of his usual lengthy editorials arguing that Yeta had committed a very serious offence and deserved to be locked up. What has changed since then for him justify Mutinta’s tearing of the search warrant? Those blindly supporting Mutinta and Mmembe’s behaviour should, at the very least, have a sense of history.

  8. Yes the accounts clerk and wannabe lawyer and scribe wrote about the seriousness of tearing up a search warrant. He spoke at length on how people who have nothing to fear or hide could not refuse lawful authority to be searched. He repeated the same when KK went into hiding just as he has done or when attan skipped bail or when Xavier feared for his life their homes were destroyed families divided forever not being able to bury their loved ones properly and that was OK!

  9. You are victimizing an innocent woman maybe the president is admiring the wife of Mr. M’membe because she is more beautiful than his that’s why he uses the state machinery to fight his battles so that Mrs. M’membe becomes royal to him. Useless!

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