Govt to phase out FISP during 2017/2018 farming season-Siliya

Government is phasing out the Farmer Input Support Programme(FISP) during the 2017/18 farming season.
Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya said when she featured on a special live Programme on Breeze FM in Chipata on Thursday that Government was planning to complete phase out the FISP during the upcoming season.
Ms Siliya said the government would now concentrate on the Electronic Voucher(E-voucher) system.
The Minister said the was phasing out  of FISP in the next farming season is meant  to curb the cheating of farmers.
”The Government is planning to phase out FISP to E-Voucher in the next farming season.This is to ensure that we curb people who were benefiting from the conversational farming,”she said.
She said it was sad that since the introduction of the FISP in 2003, farmers have not graduated much because the same farmers have continued receiving the inputs.
Ms Siliya said initially 100,000 farmers were put to on  FISP but as to date 1.6 million  people were benefiting from the government subsidised programme.
The Minister also said there was a delay in the delivery of farming inputs during the 2016/17 farming input owing to the election petition.
She said she was aware that the farming inputs distribution was delayed because of the petition.
Ms Siliya assured that Government would improve in the distribution of farming inputs in the next farming farming season.
She said this was because the government would start planning early for the next farming season.


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    We will see with time if phasing it out was a good idea, or lack of proper implementation is the reason.

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      This useless Minister said “phasing out of FISP in the next farming season is meant to curb the cheating of farmers”.

      Yes, she wants to move the cheating back to PF Ministers so they can steal more!

      Next we will hear she has called back the Ugandan that fixed the ECZ election servers to fix their computers so that 20% goes directly into her bank account!

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    Ba PF be careful guys of what you say. You like saying thing any how without consultations. See how you have dropped in the rural rating because you have not delivered the inputs up to day. Please Mr president put your house in order, us who interact with villagers know how bad the rural people are speaking of PF. Please pull up your energies before the rural people move away.

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    PF have lost support from small scale farmers for banning export of agricultural produce. People are still stuck with their maize, beans, cow peas, ground nuts, ground peas, onions which they had produced in excess specifically for export because there is no market for them in Zambia, except for maize. So where are they going to get money from for school fees for their kids? PF listened to the opposition that the govt should not allow export of crops because there was shortage of food in the country. The reality is that shortage is caused by smuggling which still goes on uninterrupted whether there is ban or not. Its farmers who suffer most. Even if the ban is lifted, the price may go down or crops will perish for those who can’t afford preservation chemicals. For onion, there is no…

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    Its conservation farming not conversational farming.
    FISP has helped thousands of farmers and that number of 1.6 million is huge.
    The issue is how the Min of Agric handled it not phasing it out! Phasing it out for e-voucher will just create chaos! This is why sorry ba Dora but you gotta go, you have not managed the ministry well enough. Repair the system don’t remove it.

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    They have failed to handle the program and she shud have been happy that a program meant for 100000 people is serving 1.6million. This election story doesn’t seem to get out of Lying Dora. Dora I’m sure you were not told that the delay was caused by the fact that govt didn’t pay the companies money. You had money to campaign but nothing to pay fertilzer n seed producers. OBSERVING FYE

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    Wonder how most Zambians enjoy hand outs from government..! Fisp was intended to help small scale farmers to grow bigger and graduate from government dependency but the system has been misused and now u have close to 200000 farmers…including gost farmers..! Some names on fisp are not even farmers but briefcase business men who smuggle fertiliser outside zambia…! Opposing for the sake of it will not take us anywhere. Fisp has failed and has been misused. With proper implementation, the e voucher will help government save alot of money. Boma iyanganepo syndrome is killing Zambia..!

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    The intention of introducing FISP by president Mwanawasa was to improve people ‘s lives especially vulnerable but viable farmers, now this prostitute minister of agriculture is saying that fisp may be removed, have people’s lives improved especially farmers in this nation? The answer is no. The allocation to this fisp program under Pf especially under president Lungu go to president and his ministers pockets , it is not serving it’s purpose. This prostitute minister of agriculture should keep quiet if she doesn’t know anything. Dora siliya only know about sex , I remember of a rich man in Lusaka who was telling me about how Dora siliya behaves during sex. The man said that Dora siliya is sweet and he enjoyed sex that day when he slept with her. And he is thinking of going back to Dora…

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    The honorable minister is a qualified journalist so no doubt she will be able to articulate how the petition could and apparently did impact adversely on inputs distribution.

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