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Kambwili denies having 2021 presidential ambitions

General News Kambwili denies having 2021 presidential ambitions

Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Former Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili

Former Informational and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili has denied ever having ambitions to stand in 2021 as the PF presidential candidate.

Dr. Kambwili says it is total confusion for him to start talking about contesting the 2021 presidential elections barely a few months in the ruling PF’s five years mandate.

In an interview with QTV News Dr. Kambwili states that as things are he still belongs to the ruling PF which he notes has a mandate to govern Zambia from the year 2016 to 2021.

Dr. Kambwili says he will therefore be unreasonable to start thinking of the future as to whether he can stand or not in 2021 when his future now is being a Member of Parliament.

He has admitted that he is enjoying his position as a back bencher Roan PF MP, a position he claims is much better than being a Minister.

Dr. Kambwili notes that from his experience he has actually come to the realization that being a Minister is one of the most temporal jobs in the world which one can never expect to keep for a life time.

He says as MP however, he knows that no one will remove him from representing the people Roan Constituency.


    • Of course he is not stu.pid to admit at such a wrong time that he has such ambitions. He knows what Big Brother can do to him. So he is waiting for the right time. Just wait. There shall be drama in PF.

    • Kambwili does not think about the future? What a load of s.hit from a so called Dr. who was supposed to bring down the ZWD. Is there a reason why one should not have ambitions. Kambwili you are a proper f00l. Stay in there Kambwili, Edgar needs to be dislodged. I hope you are thinking what I am thinking. Kambwili you are the man to bring sanity back to that party that was meant to be pro poor and was put into power for that reason. Do not let the people that have bestowed the trust in you down. PF has been hijacked before our very own eyes and you are the one to stop the rot. There is a cancer in PF that needs to be eliminated soon as 2021 beacons.

    • Kambwili is a strategist who has learnt a lot from stealing copper wires and metals and he should not be underated. I am loving Kambwili and the way he is playing the system that he intends to usurp. Backbench loving for now then launch when the time is ripe. Take the g.oons by surprise!

  1. Why can’t we in Zambia look for serious people to represent us. Seriously 14 million people, and the minions in UPND and PF are all we have.

    • @Nzelu, people on this forum represent the cream or elite of the educated Zambians. Now if you read the contributions and opinions of the majority of the bloggers here, what does it tell you about the calibre of these people to “represent us”? Many can not analyse issues and provide reasonable justification for supporting or why they are against a topic. All they look for is whether the issue at hand involves a PF or UPND, they don’t even read the article to grasp what the key issues are, instead they start offloading their dislike based on their party affiliations. The point is that the politicians have seen the weakness among the Zambian elite, and people like Chanda can say what they want knowing well, the elite are so s.tu.pid and nothing would happen. Unless the elite wakes up…

  2. Am here please vote for me ,but the problem is that I hate cadres and I hate street vendors. So am sure I can’t stand a chance,and most of all I hate fack promises .

  3. I have always argued that it was a big wrong to confer an honorary doctorate on Kabwili. He is still young and was expected to work for it. Honorary honours are a preserve for tired people such as KK, VJ, and the like.

  4. Dr Kambwili, power is something you take by yourself; no one donates power to you. If you are such a chicken, then no one should take you seriously. We need a real Zambian with balls enough to challenge the foreigners ruling us. If you say you are a chicken even more reason for us to rally behind HH.


  6. Of Of course you wouldn’t own up to it even tho between and you we both know you have ambitions. I don’t blame you because lungu is not messing about. With state machinery at his disposal he is clearing all opposition coming his way. Wasn’t it recently when there was an assassination attempt on you in that plotted road accident. Be wise and be quiet if you want to survive the dictator. Only strong men like hh can handle him and cause him sleepless nights. This is a dictatorship

    • @New Evil Zombie (Nez) you are an ilomba mwana! Fake news is the diarrhoea you suffer from hence your “kikiki”..ati assasination attempt yaya..what an exceptional 1mbecile you are. I think you must be the ZWD editor that has failed to increase its online visitors as you ZWD block all comments that are not pro United Du.nderhead propaganda..and that is the lies you want to take over Zambia in 2021?? Better Unip takes back power in 2021than United Du.nderheads Ltd.

  7. Power has three dimensions: Julian Power, Pretender to the throne and usurper of power or the To Be or Not to Be Power seeker such as Macbeth. In the general consensus of things , what power question entails to us today in Zambia is the big question: Do we become a Kingdom or pursue our dream of a viable Republic as the Republic of Zambia or a Kingdom of Zambia?

  8. As usual the coward President Lazy is using ACC investigation as leverage it will be shelved for 4 years gathering dust until BUFFOON CK starts making noise.
    What a corrupt country …oh we are a Christian nation!!

  9. A LEADERSHIP crisis and vacuum lies in upnd. I therefore encourage ck to make a coup de tour in the tonga party and become president.

  10. Don’t be a coward, it’s your democratic right. Only problem you’ve got more skeletons in your closet than a grave yard.

  11. Flip flopping dinosaur scared out of his wits. We all know you harbor great ambitions for 2021 but you are just scared of been covered in the rubble of a tonne of bricks before we wind up 2017.

    Ukabweshe nenjanji waiba kuLuanshya, Chimbwi Kapoli.

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