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Zambia Police Fail to Remove a Printer from Fred M’membe’s House

General News Zambia Police Fail to Remove a Printer from Fred M’membe’s House

Resident of Fred M'membe
Resident of Fred M’membe

Police on Saturday attempted to seize a printing machine mounted in the car park of former Post Newspapers proprietor Fred M’membe’s yard on Nangwenya road in Lusaka’s Rhodes park area.

The printing machine was being used to print copies of the MAST Newspapers.

Police however could not manage to folk lift the printing machine because it is said to be mounted to the ground.

The police only managed to remove some components from the printing machine and seized a speed boat suspected to belong to the Post newspapers in liquidation.

Last Thursday, Police conducted a search at the residence of Mr. M’membe following the issuance of a warrant of his arrest by the Magistrate’s Court.

According to the warrant signed on February 14 this year, Mr. M’membe was supposed to be arrested for failing to deliver to the provisional liquidator Lewis Mosho, the real and personal property, books and documents under his custody or control, belonging to The Post Newspapers limited in liquidation.


    • What puzzles me most is the situation whereby white colar criminals are praised like they are hero’s. See how hh and now mmembe are being worshipped. It’s nauseating to say the least. Criminals don’t deserve any defence.

    • @ HH OVAL HEAD.

      You are just a PF id10t. How much has Lungu and his thieves stolen so far?

      HH made his money in broad day light without being a political mole like Mmembe. Why has Lungu, and all the previous presidents failed to prosecute HH despite him welcoming the investigation into his wealth and privatisation contracts?

      Answer. HH is 150% clean and his record can be backed by international organisations who employed him to do the jobs.

      Government is afraid to prosecute HH because any investigation will show that HH did nothing but most prominent PF guys including RB, Mutati and most former MMD politicians stole the privatisation money. ZPA chairman at the time VALENTINE CHITALU has all the answers about what happened to privatisation money, why not ask him and sue him…

    • Continued;

      Now for Mmembe its a different story. He entered into a deal with RB to obtain a loan with Nchito brothers . when he got the money RB did not get a share and to make matters worse, the company for which the loan was issued collapsed under dodgy circumstances. So RB demanded answers or a small payment topped up with campaign support. Instead Mmembe ditched RB and supported Sata ‘s PF. We all know what followed after that. Whatever the case, the way Lungu is going about this is wrong. He should let the courts decide in the matter independently instead of bullying the judges to do what he wants.

      Lungu ‘s actions are scaring away potential investors.

      Lungu and his PF will see fire consume them very soon.

      Only HH , GBM and UPND will liberate Zambia.

    • Let PF just concetrate on developing the country than following people na KUTOILET. Its a shame. Please ba PF twapapata DEVELOPMENT of the country first. Nga namufilwa kulanda fye.

  1. The dictatorship under lungu is astonishing. The mast is a very legal entity separate from mmembe so I don’t see how mutinta can be victimised for mmembes alleged wrongs. To me this is a personal witch hunt led by that big peenis head rupiah and his rat partner lungu because I don’t see why they are more interested in the printer. Why not cease goods linked to mmembe alone that can be used to pay creditors if truly u are doing this to follow the law. It seems the only aim is for pf to silent any independent media. What is pf scared of. Can you guys tell us??

  2. A well established company will have a Finance department that maintains a Fixed Assets Register among many other financial records. This register will have details such as :
    1. Description of the Assets
    2. Serial numbers
    2. Date of Purchase
    3. Cost price
    4. Location
    In case of liquidation, the liquidator can rely on this register to locate all the assets of the company. If an Assets is found missing from its respective location, a theft is presumed to have occurred. Legal action can be taken against the officer that was in charge of the asset.

    There’s absolutely no need of searching Director’s, former Manager’s or employee’s private residences for company property.

    • There is no order in Zambia my friend. What do you think about eating mango on the road side, dancing ndendeule. Do you expect any better? No.

    • That’s why Zambia is a failed state. An ignorant liquidator, a lawyer for that, has been appointed to harass and humiliate Mmembe without following due process. A director or senior manager will not get involved in a liquidation if the liquidator does not pay for his time. Mmembe cannot be involved in any way with the Post Newspapers in Liquidation unless Mosho pays for and Mmembe agrees to use his time. I only gape with mouth wide open (GWMWO?) because Mmembe brought this on himself by supporting these evil PF crooks to get into power in 2011.

  3. Yes that happens when a would be tax evader “cooperates” in this case despite handling millions of dollars there is no proper Asset Register and Financial Records criss-cross between personal accounts and business accounts but this was deliberate on the part of the accounts clerk wanna be dr.

    • This is what Upnd don’t want to see as long as oval head gets some political mileage. Mmembe has been hiding assets even as far as south Africa. So do we expect government to fold arms and it’s ok balekeni ba king maker. Meanwhile a poor fellow like me lost everything through bailiff seizure and nobody shed even a single tear.

    • Kiki ndanje if you live your life based on pf morals and customs of irresponsible kaloba then you only have yourself to blame. So why can’t the enforcers go after mmemmbe assets or thereof the post. Can they prove that the printer is owned by Fred ? The mast is not the post and mutinta is not Fred. This is simple comprehension or may you are dyslexic ka ndanje

    • Nez if you were a chicken I wouldn’t eat you. I have my own mind and don’t pander to political patronage. If Edgar is wrong I castigate him not you who can eat faeces if HH commanded you. Don’t reply to my posts I’ve warned you.

  4. This m.membe matter was done in BAD faith. Allowing him to continue his business and repaying the monies due could have led to recoverly of the monies he ows FTJ case took 10yrs and this may be concluded after Lungu left office. Will the monies be revovered????

  5. membe killed ftj and while acting together with winter kabimba in August killed sata may his soul rest in peace so he deserves punishment.

  6. Crime is full in Zambia and Police are busy with Mmembe. What a waste of time and resources. The world has moved from stone age to iron age and now in the computer age. I am PF but I insist the Post and the Mast must continue giving us news that the most boring TV station in the world, ZNBC is not giving us

  7. My problem is how criminals are celebrated in zambia , do evil really rule our nation, the law needs to be respected if there will be sanity.
    Any law breaker is a criminal tax evader is a criminal, people are being imprisoned for the same offences why in Zambia it is a joke.

  8. No need to heald the printer in the garage when you it’s genuine. shame on you guys who are supporting without knowing the truth

  9. To All: Insults are bad and is a sin just make sensible contributions for many to learn. If some one supports M’membe and the other supports Our President Lungu and the two have differed through Government Laws do you need to insult each other you bloggers, even if it is HH. You are still in captivity (Slaves) of insults, you need deliverance.

  10. Imwe lets not worship criminals,oneday we will have crime gangs like in some south american countries.let HH,nd FM respect da law.deal with them imwe ba police.

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