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Former First Lady Christine Kaseba asks Zambians to support President Lungu

General News Former First Lady Christine Kaseba asks Zambians to support President Lungu

First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba during the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Zambia's Independence and the 50th Anniversary of India -Zambia Diplomatic relations in Lusaka on October 18,2014
Former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba

FORMER First Lady Christine Kaseba has asked Zambians to support President Lungu and his government because he has demonstrated good leadership and commitment to addressing the country’s challenges.

During the launch of the Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) programme in Mazabuka on Saturday, Dr Kaseba, who is the matron of Solidaridad Zambia, said it is the duty of the civil society and other stakeholders to help translate government policies into action for the benefit of the people.

“Our President has demonstrated his commitment and leadership in addressing issues to do with climate change and other challenges affecting the country, but we all need to support the implementation of government policies,” she said.

“What are we doing to educate people? For instance, we talk about crop rotation, but do people on the ground know what it means?”

Dr Kaseba said land degradation and poor water resource management are affecting productivity in agriculture.
She said such problems are interrelated and contribute to the low and declining productivity in the sector leading to low food insecurity.

Dr Kaseba said pressure on land and water resources in Mazabuka is increasing.

“In this regard, we as Solidaridad Network are calling for sustainable landscape management methods to be applied in this area,” she said.

Officially launching the SLM project, Minister of Water and Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Lloyd Kaziya said Government will continue strengthening partnerships with civil society organisations promoting agriculture and water resource management.

Mr Kaziya said sustainable landscape management is important in the socio-economic development of the country because it contributes to employment creation, food security and development of industries.

Solidaridad Network Foundation Zambia manager Angela Mulenga said a one million euro five-year project will apply different interventions to change people’s mindset towards SLM.

Ms Mulenga said improved sustainable landscape management in Mazabuka would help secure the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, rural households and private sector business operations.


  1. Rubbish! Support visionless Lungu & his PF bandits at your own perils. Poverty, hunger & load shedding is now normal under PF. Time wasting, Lungu said himself that he is VISIONLESS!
    The Skeleton Key

    • She could have done better to stick to the business she went to do in mazabuka and not turn into pf spokesperson.

    • Just shut up you dull woman!

      We all know you are very grateful to Lungu for giving you K3 million of poor taxpayers money to stay in a hotel for months after you moved out of state house!

      You should be under investigation by the ACC by now, but PF is hiding these crimes just because they are also benefiting.

      Make noise and you will pay for it soon!

    • I don’t blame her. I also saw Mulenga Sata’s pictures the other day. You need to be strong & resolved (not dependent on govt handouts) to continue opposing Chagwa’s brutal govt. Many weaklings like Edwin Lifwekelo will surely fall.

    • @Shameless – exactly. This statement now explains that meal with RB. Next we expect Maureen to start parroting the ‘support President Lungu song’.

    • Oh please, id she really said this she better find something better to do as this is like asking Zimbabwean to vote Mugabe Corpse….Twachula Pafula!!

    • Failure to account for public funds given to her during her husbands term of office shall compel her to support anything in power.Where is your so called cervical cancer fight?

    • Insala ba na Sata. The other day i saw your step son attending something that Mrs Lungu was addressing listening attentively and i predicted hunger has entered Mr Satas Home.

  2. Madam, there was a minister of youth on ZNBC TV last who confessed not having an idea of how many jobs have been created and yet the biggest problem of the youth in Zambia is jobs and you are saying support this government. How unfair could you be?

  3. Four jobs created in Zambia so far – Religious Affairs Minister, Water and Sanitation Minister , State house affairs minister and Infrastructure Minister


    • I have exactly similar sentiments as yours, we respect this lady, she can only do us a favour by leaving us to judge for ourselves whether Lungu Chigwe Kabotolo deserves any support from any sane Zambian. Please ba mayo ba Kaseba, zip up or go in privacy to Chigwe and quietly get your share of the spoils before you drive some of us mad with your appeal. We do not want to conclude that RB was after all correct to say Njala inyokola. Epo mpelele.

  5. You sense UNPD supporters will not like this coming from Kaseba. They claimed time after time that she was in HH’s camp in the last election. It was claimed that she hated Lungu.

    Kaseba has realized that she was being used by Mmembe to make Lungu look bad.

  6. Of course she has to be seen publicly supporting the black Hitler called lungu. She has seen how evil and vindictive the rat is so why risk her safety and wealth by being honest about lungu. It is rough in this dictatorship.


  8. I don’t think the former First Lady Dr. Christine kaseba has read Any of Douglas North writings.

    President lungu’s Administration is doing nothing to easy uncertainty in the country.

  9. Upnd cadres are crazy,before 11/08/2016 you all wanted Dr.Kaseba Sata to join upnd like Mulenga Sata,Miles Sampa,Guy Scott did and all was well.but after she refused and now behind Edgar Lungu,you call her names!!!indeed “ciwamina galu kuluma mbuzi”.wait as even the likes of Maureen Mwanawasa,Mulenga Sata will soon follow suit.one thing you fail to notice is that Edgar Lungu is a people’s president.ECL knows how to look after people especially those close to him.ANY POLITICIAN WHO MEETS ECL BECOMES HIS SUPPORTER!!!HH is greedy so many politicians run away from him.in life many people support the hand which feeds them-simple!!

  10. Lungu good governance? Just the other day he was supporting a PF official who publicly calls for caders to steal plots and take over stations and markets.

    Maybe lungu meant taking over markets and bus stops and stealing plots provides the 500,000 jobs he promised.

  11. Oh now we know what that lunch at RB’s place was about. How can RB buy you Dr Kaseba for a plate of nshima? Suddenly Lungu is showing leadership??? Where??? My hope is that Maureen Mwanawasa didn’t fall for a plate of nshima as well.

  12. The two First Ladies have been offered something by Lungu to back him. Mu Zambia no one feels for the poor or advocates for them, It is what profits them. The Country has become worse in the history of Zambian Politics. Cadres has taken over. Majority of Zambians are not benefiting anything but wallowing in Poverty and you say we support Lungu. Shame upon you two First Ladies.

  13. Insala I saw Nulenga aaah it’s a sorry sight. The mother has failed to feed him so ECL is the only salvation… Shame. Madam Dr Bette silent than joining the mercy. Maintain your status like a former first Lady not dirty politician. After all you don’t have the qualities. Go to the Ward.. Clean money.

  14. Is the house for the retired president complete, that Sata started building for this lady as property of the ex president, knowing well that Sata would have not lived to see it happen??? What about other FORMER PRESIDENTS? who’s the last president to have his house built by GVT as per constitution?? UPDATE PLEASE BEFORE I GO ANY FURTHER

  15. @21 President Lungu has stopped building houses for former presidents. Kaseba’s will be the last one to be built. Also RB opted for cash instead of a house.

  16. She has relatives in the diplomatic service … she’s got to keep on the right side of the political divide. It’s called the human instinct to survive.

  17. Rubbish. Obviously she has just woken up from her political slumber and she is not seeing what is happening. Its better to shut up than talk trash. Could this be coming from that RB valentine invite? Shame.

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