Peter Sinkamba
Peter Sinkamba
The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission(CCPC) has rebuked opposition Green Party President Peter Sikamba’s assertion that the Commission has failed its role in mitigating the mealie meal prices.

CCPC Board Chairman Calvin Fube Bwalya says his Commission totally refutes the opposition leaders’ assertion that the commission was failing to enforce section nine of the competition and consumer act which prohibits horizontal agreements between competitive markets.

“The Commission neither regulates nor dictates the prices of goods and services in the market,” Mr. Bwalya clarified.

Mr Bwalya stated that the current prices of mealie-meal is affected by many factors such as the shortage of maize in the region and the smuggling of the commodity which has triggered the increase in prices of the staple food.

He stated that the commission is committed to protect consumers, saying the commission has instituted investigations against the millers and that the results of the investigations will be known to the public soon.

The commission has since appealed to the consumers to report any enterprises involved in anti-competitive business practices.

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  1. I agree with Sinkamba on this one. These institutions are not serving the nation in the manner they should have been doing. I will give u just one simple example; you have a shop owner selling his goods inside the shop, paying all taxes & levies. on the other hand, you have a vendor who smuggles in goods, evades taxes, has not trading license, no levy & selling right in front of this shop owner at a much cheaper price, isn’t that unfair competition? what have you done about it?



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