FISP beneficiaries in Chipata in E-Voucher scam


Government is investigating a scam where some Electronic –voucher cards for the Farmer Input Support programme (FISP) in Chipata district in eastern province have been accredited twice.

Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu disclosed that some farmers have taken advantage of the prevailing irregularity and accessing inputs more than once.

Mr Zulu said the usage of E-Voucher cards has since been put on halt until investigations are over.

Mr Zulu told ZANIS in an interview in Chipata today that he has also
engaged Bank ABC, the bank which is activating the cards to make a
printout of all the beneficiaries so as to establish farmers who activated their cards
twice and consequently acquired inputs more than once.

He noted that government last week released K18 million to pay
all the 10,000 farmers in Chipata who had not received farming inputs
under FISP using the E-voucher card system.

Mr. Zulu added that surprisingly some cards have still not been
activated an indication that money was diverted.

He has called on the security wings to expedite their investigations and ensure that people involved are dealt with.

Mr Zulu regretted that this will affect other farmers who can’t get their
inputs because their monies have been diverted to those who already
had their cards activated.

Mr. Zulu also warned agro dealers that are allowing farmers to swipe
for inputs more than once saying if found government will not engage
them in future farming seasons.

And one of the agro-dealers Tience company  operations Director Lottie
Kamanga noted that he became suspicious when he noticed that same
farmers who had swiped last week were coming back to swipe for more inputs.

Mr. Kamanga said so far about 32 farmers wanted to swipe twice of
which 10 managed to do so but 22 were intercepted after being noticed.

46,000 farmers in Chipata district were expected to receive their FISP through the E-voucher system of distribution.



  1. Corruption in everything that this PF does. Isn’t there anything that can be done without corruption? Its almost march and the goons are telling us that farmers have not yet accessed inputs, what a mess. The vision less and Dora slit at play together with kanitundila. The combination of these three is the worst curse to have befallen this country. E-voucher, so they planned all along and now they are just implementing their plan and siphoning money into their overseas accounts while the masses are wallowing in abject poverty. What a waste of votes, you will regret for having assisted these mists to steal the elections.


    • These of copying “technology”. PF government paid billions for a simple spam credit card system, and call it e- voucher.
      And now they will start “e-government”. So many idyots in PF.


  2. This E-voucher is disgusting. This morning I had received representatives from different cooperatives and clubs that the money has not yet reflected at the banks but maize plants in most fields have tassels. This farming season God has given us favourable rain but poor leadership from Edgar lungu cost this nation, says paramount chief mpezeni of the Ngoni speaking people. But paramount chief mpezeni has observed that even if these people report to me about the problem they are facing with e-voucher me I just get brown envelopes and bribes from president Lungu and say that things are okay but he is doing nothing. Useless government. Says paramount chief mpezeni.



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