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The manner Police issuanced of permits to political parties contributed to political violence

General News The manner Police issuanced of permits to political parties contributed to political...

Chief Mumena With Senior Chief Ishiindi right and Chief Ishima Sankeni V1 at Statehouse after Meeting with the President Lungu .pictures by Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse.
Senior Ishindi of the Lunda speaking people in Zambezi says the manner Police handled the issuance of permits to political parties during the run up to the 2016 general elections contributed to political violence.

The traditional leader said the police is the basis to holding peaceful elections in the country and the issuing of permits for holding public rallies was not handled properly and this caused tension among party cadres.

ZANIS reports that the senior chief said this in his submissions before the commission of inquiry into the voting patterns and electoral violence in Zambezi district at Mukanda Nkunda capital yesterday.

The traditional leader said police should have controlled the movement of cadres from one place to another as this contributed to provocation and insults which resulted in violence.

Although Zambezi district did not experience physical violence during campaigns, the senior chief felt that police failure to stop violence only advantaged the ruling party at the same time created apprehension in the opposition’s strong holds.

“The opposition was agitated, they felt unprotected by police who is supposed to provide protection to all citizens regardless of one’s political party affiliation, so the others felt offended and showed their anger in voting, “ Senior chief Ishindi said.

Senior chief Ishindi also said the people in his chiefdom where expectant that government was going to deliver the report on the findings of the committee instituted to investigate the cause of the ethnic Luvale / Lunda conflict before the 2016 election.

He said his subjects are not happy with delay to deliver the outcome of the investigation because it was denying them their right to enjoy their inheritance.

“There has been four committees constituted by different governments, since 1971 to 2015 over the ethnic conflicts between the Luvales and the Lundas but we have never known the outcome, my people are not happy because they cannot enjoy their inheritance.” Senior Chief Ishindi said.

But Senior Chief Ndungu of the Luvale speaking people said the unresolved tribal conflict between the two tribes was greatly affecting the development of the district.

He explained to the commission of inquiry into the voting patterns and electoral violence when it called on him at Mize capital that he feels government has not been firm in ensuring that the ethnic conflicts are resolved.

Senior Chief Ndungu said tribalism in the province may take time to end because it was being compounded by traditional cousinship between the Kaonde people and the Lunda who cannot support the Luvales in any development endeavors.


  1. That we know, don’t insight violence.
    PF sued Litunga, tomorrow it will be chief nshindi. They will arrest Shindi wife.

  2. Please let us be frank and simply say that the manner in which pf police only allowed pf rallys at expense of opposition led to violence created by pf cadres themselves. Do you still remember the upnd woman who was gunned down in cold blood by pf police? Do you now realise why Lungu wants out of icc. He is a murderer who deserves to be hang

  3. everyone knows this already,the police were,are and will be biased.there is no professionalism in the police the courts the army you name them…its a third world curse in general and Zambia in particular..

  4. Credit to these Chiefs that have called a spade a spade!

    Now let’s us see if this Lungu appointed commission can be equally impartial and put the blame squarely where it belongs!

  5. This do called Nshindi of the Lunda people is full of greed. He shud kno that history is clear.. He is on Luvale Land this is why the whole district was called BA LOVALE, Western Province was BA ROTSE meaning BA LOZI province.. KK said tho history is white clear that the district is for Luvale speaking people it has tiy have s neutral name to embrace ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION. This is clear that’s why commissions when they discover the TRUTH they fail to publish the report to avoid civil war. Centuries back Lunda Chief who strayed in BA LOVALE was given that piece of land to settle. Now it like CAMEL & MASTER. Fortunately the LUVALEs are cool they are always provoked BUT cool. God is light. Remember the story in the Bible; two women and a baby. Linda’s can’t claim Zambezi East is for…

    • Chief Ishindi you moron.Not Nshindi.
      Why did you decide to settle on the Western Bank if that was your land.
      No insults ok.

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