“Do not feel marginalised that you are marketeers because money does not segregate”, said workshop facilitator Mrs Vivian Mtetwa on Monday as the Stella Project kicked off the financial and business training for marketeers in Kabwata.

The training, which is partially funded by the US Embassy and is in its pilot phase, aims to train 40 Kabwata maketeers in business and financial management skills over a period of 10 days.

Stella Project CEO Stella Sata says a lot of marketeers struggle with the day-to-day details of running a business so she hopes the training will help.

“A lot of marketeers are already running businesses so the aim of this training is to add formal knowledge to what they already know.”

She says the training is only half of the objective and that the Stella Project will also follow up on the training to help the marketeers put to practise the business skills they are learning.

 “ When the marketeers were applying for this training we made sure to get their stand numbers and contact details so that we can follow through and see how will perform throughout the course of this year.”

Stella says the training is hands-on and is modelled using the businesses the marketeers are already running.

“As you can see these marketeers come from all walks of life. Some own saloons, barbershops, some sell vegetables and others are into welding so the training will focus on practical aspects of running a small business such as record keeping, costing, financial management, costing and savings.”

Training facilitator Mrs Vivian Mthetwa says marketeers should not lament the lack of diplomas and degrees but should be their own bosses and take charge of their businesses.

“I see a lot of you saying things like ‘Ifwe tatwa sambilila so twakula shitisha fye salaula’. That is a wrong attitude. Infact you people who deal with cash every day should be rich because you deal directly with the customer and have power to control your business and set your own prices.”

Kabwata councillor Longa Chiboboka he is grateful for the partnership with the Stella Project and is happy that Kabwata was considered first for the marketer training.

“Even when the marketers who are attending this training get the cerfiticates it will make them proud because it is a testimony that they are officially trained.”

The councillor was also pleased with the turn out of the marketeers.

“I am particularly pleased that there are more women participating because generally women tend to be segregated but they are well represented here.” He added.

Training Participants
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  1. This Stella girl has her head stuck so high up her behind that she cannot smell the coffee just like lungu. Daddy money is sweet to use to make yourself seem hardworking. Anyway it is our money because ni tax which kept your late father. So no thanks but continue doing whatever it is you are doing. We can’t thank you for our own money


    • Iyee! This girl, I hope she extends that training to his brother in his dog selling enterprise, Sata mulenga is now thin and seems to be struggling,,,he needs that help


  2. This project is funded by USAID but stella does not mention giving loans to these masketeers ,she was given money by americans and the ony way to justify is to call for such tuma meetings , tell us how the certificate shall help can i access loans



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