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UPND women accuses Veep of letting women down

Headlines UPND women accuses Veep of letting women down

United Party for National Development (UPND)  women have called Republican Vice President Inonge Wina to wake up, be brave, and voice out on police violence against women.

UPND National Chairperson for Women Namakau Kabwiku accused Madam Wina for  silence on Police harassment and brutality on Mrs Mutinta Mazoka M’membe.

Ms Kabwiku said Ms Wina despite being a mother, widow, grandmother,and first the Woman Vice President has disappointed the Zambian women by her silence.

“As women we expect a woman in a decision making position like madam Wina to utilise her position and speak out whenever a woman is faced with abuse of Human Rights and Gender Based Violence,” said Madam Kabwiku.

She  said Ms Wina should not look at her position for cash but to save the womenfolk from violence and poverty.

She also said that Ms Wina should be aware that violence against women is not  confined to any political party but cuts across the country irrespective of politics, tribe or region.

“We have seen female journalists including  pregnant and nursing  mothers being dragged to court for simply reporting things as they are while cadres and PF officials  involved in violence are left scot free.”

Ms Kabwiku regretted that  Ms Wina also remained mute when PF cadres undressed Priscilla Mwiinga in full view of the police simply because it was a UPND cadre involved forgetting it was a woman involved.

“Politics aside mama, be real, show us the benefit of having  a woman Vice President, police harassment against women entrepreneurs, like Mutinta and female journalists should end and not be tolerated.”

Ms Kabwiku emphasised that there is no ruling  or opposition political party where police violence against women is concerned and hence  advised Ms Wina to embrace everyone if Zambia is to end violence against women.

Ms Kabwiku regretted that the harassment of Mrs M’membe by police happened in her own home meant to be the safest place.

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  1. Right madam kabwiku the lozis knew very well the calibre of a woman when they denied her vote in western province. There is no hope in the whole governance systems

    • All women should speak out about violence, it is not the VEEP’s job. Also UNDP GBM is the number one abuser of women, why is he still in the party if UNDP feels so strongly about violence? Ubupuba!

    • Especially that Bo-ma Inonge can’t even control Dora, Margarete and that Kampamba of information start to go loose.

    • @Nubian Princess, Come on please start getting serious. Even yourself, instead of supporting the point raised you are resorting to attacking someone else instead of focusing on the concerns raised. Why are you defending the VP? It’s true, there are no tangible results from this VP, she kept quite even when violence was at its peak, a young lady purported to be UPDN was murdered in Chawama, do you think Inonge ever came in front to condemn that act? Again regardless of political affiliation, a human life was lost but our mama was nowhere. And you call that leadership? What example is she giving to inspire young ladies in Zambia to show that even women can lead? Near Zero. BUT you instead of speaking up you come up with your party complexes…Grow up, Lady!!!

    THAT IS NOT WHAT WE CALL police violence against women.

    • @Emmanuel M Chileshe, What of the UPND clad woman who was stripped naked in full view of your same VEEP (who to date has never commented about it), is that the same banana republic law you are referring to? Whats with the CAPS lock? Is it stuck fellow citizen?

    • @Emmanuel Mwamba Chileshe,
      Don’t you have anything to do for yourself publicity in CAPS? Tearing a search warrant is not a crime.

  3. Does this mean any woman, can tear a court search warrant and get away with it? When you break the law don’t expect the police to be smilling at you just because you own a news paper. The police are just doing their job. Think of a woman living Chiblolya tearing the same search warrant nobody will even talk about. The law is being applied fairly thats what you get for being arrogant and disrepectiful to the law.

    • What of the UPND clad woman who was stripped naked in full view of your same VEEP (who to date has never commented about it) and full view of police. I guess they where doing their job right?

  4. Provocation, provocation and provocation all the time.
    No one is above the law. Not even a woman in her own house.
    Leave the Vice President out of your petty jealous ba UPND.

  5. Kabwiku should equally show leadership by cautioning Mutinta against disrespecting the law of the land!! I expected her to describe the tearing of a search warrant as regrettable- that’s the kind of leadership we expect- balanced criticism- not one sided!!!

  6. Law is Law period…true we need to indeed upheld women’s rights looking at it from opportunity perspective….but when it comes to relationships men need protection too….women have graduated from materialistic life to controlling/dictators hence they are killing men in the process

  7. She might as well speak for the women murderers also!! Tearing a search warrant is an offense. Concealing company properties under seizure is an offense. Offenders face the full wrath of the law/police.

  8. Ili li Kabwiku nalyena li donki lya mwanakashi. Bushe iyi donkey nali ipusha Mutinta ninshi alepwile ama court dicuments? Has the female donkey asked itself whether Mutinta’s problems with the law are poiltical or gender issues to bring in the innocent Veep Wina? As far as we human beings are concerned and as far as we can see, Mutinta behaved like a donkey, or at least unbefitting and undignified for the daughter of the highly esteemed Mr Mazoka. Mutinta has reduced herself and the Mazoka name to the level of donkeys like HH. And imagine even agreeing to share…….with a rascal and white collar thief like Mmembe.

  9. Madam Wina is doing the right thing by not interfering with police work, otherwise the same donkeys would accuse her of politicising the police. Bushe what is so special about that rascal Mutinta Mazoka-mmembe, just sharing her privacy with Mmembe should make her untouchable when she breaks the law? Donkey Kabwiku please give us a break!

  10. I honestly don’t think Amai aba is letting anyone down.
    This is what happens when people who should be in an Old peoples home are given jobs for fitter able folk.

  11. Has madam donkey Kabwiku or any other UPND donkey told us whether Mutinta has broken the law by tearing the warrant of arrest? I don’t mean donkey-land laws, I mean laws for normal human beings.

  12. She would be interfering with police work if she commented. By the way how many women are stripped naked at Shoprite outlets for shoplifting?

  13. Women dont take advantage coz u are women when boma say go away you argue yes u will be beatten,they came with papers to search

  14. Leave Mama Inonge alone. Mrs Kabwiku attention seeker. If you break the law then those found wanting will face the consequences. Police go ahead.

  15. If there is a search warrant and it is given,served, on a person then that warrant has been executed and is the property of the person it is served on. Then maybe that person can do whatever they want with the paper. We all assume tearing a warrant is criminal yet nobody has quoted a specific law

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