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UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa takes the Malawi’s Maizegate Scandal to Parliamernt

General News UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa takes the Malawi's Maizegate Scandal to Parliamernt

Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa
Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa

Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa this afternoon raised a point of order demanding an answer from the government on its silence over the much talked about Zambia -Malawi maize deal.

And in his ruling, Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini directed Mr. Mweetwa to formulate some questions to be forwarded to the Executive regarding the Malawi – Zambia maize scandal.

Dr. Matibini said this is because the point of order raised relates to a national matter.

In his point of order, Mr. Mweetwa contended that the committee that found the Minister of Agriculture in Malawi Dr George Chaponda guilty of wrong doing also cited Ms Siliya to have aided him in the fraudulent activities.

The Choma Central Lawmaker wondered why the government was quiet despite the Malawian government taking action and finding Ms Siliya wanting over the same scandal.

The committee which was tasked to investigate the importation of maize by the Malawi government from Zambia found that in his wrongful endeavor, Dr. Chaponda was aided by the Zambian Minister of Agriculture who instructed her Permanent Secretary to issue Trans Globe with a maize export permit for 50, 000 metric tonnes when Trans globe did not legally qualify for one on account of not being a registered taxpayer in Zambia.


  1. Lungu is a fraud convict, what do you people expect ?. The only positive is he is keeping the Bemba thieves at bay, otherwise I would not support him.

    • So Mweetwa is Bemba for having stolen a plot in Choma ? And HH is also Bemba for having stolen from thr mines ?
      Bembas, you just gotta love us sw1ne iwe !

    • @Mana… YOU ARE SO LOST just like your finished leaders who keeps fishing for wrong answers to his electoral losses! First you INSULTED BEMBAS FOR NOT WORKING WITH YOUR PARTY after GBM joined you you were PRAISES. AFTER LOOSING BACK TO INSULTS! If you have not observed BEMBAS ARE VERY OBJECTIVE AND COURAGEOUS. THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN SHALLOW GROUP THINKING!! As you are INSULTING, YOU HAVE SOME INFLUENTIAL BEMBAS WITH PF, some in UPND, some in NGOs opposing the PF , including the INDEPENDENT MPs which is UNHEARD OF IN SOME PROVINCES FOR AGES! Even the maize scandal you are referring to, XAVIER CHISHIMBA, A BEMBA HAS GONE WAY AHEAD TO EXPOSE IT THAN YOUR FAVORITE LEADERS. So mune JUST SHUT UP!!

    • Dora Siliya, your name can’t keep popping in scandal after scandal. Why woman?

      Every scandal with a tinge of corruption attached, Dora Siliya’s name is not too fay behind. This can’t all be just a series of cruel coincidences. There must be something very wrong with the way this woman uses her Govt positions. Either she is deep to her eyeballs in CORRUPT PRACTICES as Minister or, she is the MOST CARELESS PERSON to ever been appointed Cabinet Minister in Zambian history. In my humble opinion though, the former is the most likely state of affairs with Dora—CORRUPT TO THE CORE. Someone can’t be this St#p!d not to have learned their lessons and be careful next time after the scandals she was associated with in the MMD/RB era. This shows how unfit this woman is for Cabinet…

    • continue:

      … appointments. But you just have to wonder why she keeps getting Ministerial posts. Why, ba Lungu, Why!?

    • @ Ba Chibwe…you are right Cornelius is also a thief…he stole a plot meant for the construction of a modern market! And the chi silly town clerk is busy trying to conceal Cornelius’ illegality! What a sham of an MP!

    • @ Mana from Hell.
      That is why Mwanawasa kept the Bantustan region at bay. He fired Kavindele because he could never trust himself with unpatriotic bantustans. He preferred Bembas to be his deputy and to be in his cabinet because they are patriotic and mature. He even preferred an Eastener to bitter Bantustans.

      Just last month, home affairs released statistics form all provinces of Zambia. Your Bantustan region had the highest score of criminal records that includes theft.

  2. Teflon Dora! Nothing sticks to her fur as long as gogo RB still rolls his belly like father xmas. Ni pa Zambia, ba Mweetwa. The innocents are victimized by the fools and the saga continues.

  3. Choma Central Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa, well done, where are the rest of our MPs? Independents, UPND, FDD, MMD and PF? Busy drinking at assembly motel.

    • There is nothing he is going to get …if you ask vague questions you get vague answers…even finding out who is behind this company is hard work, or how long its has been in business…

    • Correct @ Nzelu in wondering where the rest of the MP’s are for this is opportunity to put pressure on the Executive to be accountable for actions that they take. Actually the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and the ACC must take keen interest and make follow ups accordingly. The investigations by the Malawian government has thrown in names of the Zambian president and his Agriculture Minister, so far it is known that Malawi has fired its Agriculture Minister Dr Chaponda on the same with further investigations revealing a lot more….! One would ask why leave it to Malawi alone when suspected ‘accomplices’ are seemingly comfortable in Zambia? Please elected representatives of the toiling masses rise up to the occasion and speak for your constituencies, it also gives Dr Chishimba…

    • contd…. a boosting for his efforts at restoring the dignity most upright Zambians wish for good governance and national development through accountability for what belongs to every Zambian!

  4. Lung, Chaponda and siliya are not be bemba, so only an empty tin would associate the bemba with this. You are clearly thinking from your butt.hole

    • Comment what? they will simply say we can not make any further comment as ACC are invrstigating. And ACC will be investigating for the next 10 years till the culprits die away.

  5. In Zambia we have a Parliamentary Commitee for the Agriculturical Sector just like in the UK …why dont they summon the FRA Director, Agriculture PS and Dora to come before them and answer simple questions…these Commitee MPs are paid an allowance to be members of such things.

    • These people are likened to kaponyas at bus stations where they have taken over everything to the point where the council has been kicked out ..meaning no one to clean the toilets and surrounding, they are left to defecate in chibuku tetra packs and customers are keeping away.

  6. Corruption is a normal way of life in Zambia, Nothing strange here for the hardcore criminal PF government. For them it was business usual. The Malawians are new to corruption.
    Dora was hired to bring in her criminal expertise, not that she’s qualified or knows anything to do with competence and productivity.

  7. We thank you our own member of upnd. This is the type of leadership this country needs because as things stand this country has no leader. Just an illegal chap masquerading as president


    • Kikiki ukose I think you meant he will remain illegal president. Even here in leeds where I am visiting friends and political officials in the UK they are so disappointed that Zambia is going down the route of Zimbabwe. Am so embarrassed here to feel like I am been looked at as an asylum seeker.

  8. Dora need a husband not this politics she is pushing. She is kept because she is a defender of Lungu. How can news reader run agriculture? You need your own vision as a minister how to transform the ministry. Gone are days of people like Ben Mwiinga, Ronald Penza. Those were ministers who were always trying something new. It shows were thinking about improvements in their ministry.

  9. The fish rots from the Head downwards. Dora and Zambia’s own Jammeh are in it together. There is no way ECL would have failed to take a bribe. Dora using her bottom power and ethnicity will be safe and busy self enriching herself. This is what happens when u have an illegitimate President with a theft and criminal record. Shame on this Rising Dictator.

  10. Am lost here now. What’s bemba got to do with this topic. Please just go ahead and push for her exit. This lady minister Dora is bad for our country. At one time she almost sold all public schools and after failing to sell the schools , she ended up selling Zamtel. Let’s face it she is a criminal and the president must not spare her. Am PF and ashamed of this lady . She was the reason we kicked out MMD only to resurface after the death our president.

  11. as Zambians we have come to accept corruption and mediocrity in leadership thats why ministers like Dora can walk with their heads high the problem is the appointing authority is terribly weak and compromised..he is too dependent on sponsors,those who were flying him out at night to look for money for the elections,its now payback time…

  12. Good on you Mweetwa. This is what happens when state house becomes a den of corruption. State house was a respected place under comrade KK but no more. And while corrupt PF police were busy oppressing M’Membe and wife, criminals were busy killing two innocent young girls in Kafue.

    • Choma Land Scandal should also be tabled in Parliament, we cannot have this crazy bald head grabbing land from poor traders! We sh!t in the bush because of pathetic trading areas. We want that land back so that the CDF money can work by building a good market…kettle calling the pot black really. Am not surprised even Hypnotized Hyena also grabbed huge tracks of land from poor villagers! Genetically inborn land thieves!

  13. 1. And his land issues in Choma? Can a UPNDonkey MP please bring this up in parliament?
    2. Can UPNDonkeys please tell us when are they inaugurating their president? 2026?

    • Terrible I know you PF just like myself but please Dora has being a bad egg in all ministries she has saved and it looks like she is disparate for money. God knows why. Look at her history,she was in court over the Zamtel saga and trust me she be going to court very soon if there will be no favour. What kind of a person is she ,without shame.let’s not support such behaviour and if we truly love PF it’s we got ride of such people like her. Being in good books with the president doesn’t mend one has to get away with anything and everything.

  14. Dora is one of the ministers President Lungu talked but failed fire bcoz of RB. It is difficult to do the right things as a leader in any capacity wen way to the throne was aided corruptily and fraudulently

  15. If ECL can’t sack Dora Siliya then he must be impeached if corruption is to be eradicated. Zambia has no legitimate President who is dedicated to deal with corruption. The illegitimate President is assisted in this thieving role by the corrupt RB who is the defacto President. Little Malawi is better in dealing with corruption than Zambia. This is what happens when u have a President who has a theft criminal record. He is protecting and promoting fellow thieves. Very sad Indeed!

  16. PF government and its leadership has been found guilty of corruption by a foreign country in the maize scandal. The non rebuttal to all the facts of corruption that has led to the dismisal of Agriculture minister Chaponda of Malawi that signed this deal with Dora Siliya minister of Agriculture in Zambia is clear evidence that Zambia was involved in this shameful scam. PF Lungu has not rebated to all the deception of his minister incriminating him.
    Where a corrupt official is fired in Malawi who was involved with a corrupt official in Zambia that is let free, describe a toxic and rotten leadership of Zambia.

  17. Zambians something is put on the table to debate you start talking about your tribesmen and tribes and what not. Are you surly normal and with people like you who go off the topic ,can a country develop. No wonder Dora is busy making dirty deals with men like you fools busy going offline. Talk about the maize saga not which tribe has more criminals. We all the same it just depends on individuals and not the tribe.

  18. Being a concerned Zambian who loves mother Zambia I feel this tribal talk will not get us anywhere as a nation. We need each other.
    Calling one another names will not help this nation. We are a democratic nation. In a democracy people are free to support whosoever they wish.
    It should not be about who is what tribe, but about who will do a better job of governing the nation. As long as we continue with this tribal way of looking at issues our nation will never develop. If we want any development at all we must start looking for quality in our leaders.
    Another issue we need to bring to an end is insulting our leaders on social media. When our leaders go wrong we can give helpful comments, not insults. And I think it’s being cowardly to use the social media to insult others. Why not…

  19. Forgive Dora, her mania of stealing is as a result of being single. When it itches in the slit the remedy is to commit scandals. It itches and stinks a lot. Scandals are a remedy. Uyu Chimbwi alefwaikwa ukulimunwa.

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