The Zambia Environmental Management Agency(ZEMA) Southern Region Operations Manager David Kapindula, has called on infrastructure developers in Luano District to acquaint themselves with environmental laws.

Mr. Kapindula said this whilst facilitating a ZEMA public forum for the Upper Lunsemfwa Dam Project(ULDP) ltd at Kasansama Primary school in Mkushi.

He stressed that there is need for infrastructure developers in new Districts such a Luano to maximise the technical advice from ZEMA, saying that the advice pertained to developers of infrastructure such as Dams.

He said that laws such as the Environmental Act number 12 of 2011 as well as the Environmental Impact assessment Regulation number 28 of 1997, compelled developers of such projects to engage ZEMA before constructing any project.

He pointed out that disregard for the law would attract penalties that ranged from heavy Fines to jail sentence.

Meanwhile, Upper Lunsemfwa Dam Project Chairperson Costain Chilala, disclosed that this project had reached advanced stage after exhausting various procedures.

Mr. Chilala said that the proposed Dam would unfold many benefits to the farming communities of Mkushi, Luano and Kapiri-Mposhi Districts.

He said that the project is driven by a consortium of 27 farmers of all scale, adding that the primary motive behind this K5.2m project is to ensure water security that supports farming throughout the year.

He said that the dimensions of this Dam measure 1.2 km width, 19km length as well as 31.5 meters depth.

Mr. chilala said that the project developers had anticipated that some households in surrounding villages of Chief Chitina areas such as Kasansama, Myafi and Katuba, would have to be displaced and compensated.

He assured that the affected 182 households would be compensated adequately, adding that 35 of these households would be resettled 132 hectares land in Milombwe area.

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