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Govt regrets the beating of Journalists in Chawama

General News Govt regrets the beating of Journalists in Chawama

The Government has learnt with regret the reported violence against Journalists in Lusaka’s Chawama Township yesterday.


Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government Spokesperson Kampampa Mulenga has condemned the violence that is reported to have occurred during a joint operation by the Zambia Police, Zambia Medical Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) and Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) to clamp down on illegal drug stores in the area.

Four Journalists from the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and Muvi Television were yesterday beaten up and had their cameras damaged by some residents in Chawama as they filmed the operation.

Officers from DEC, ZAMRA and the police were also reported to have been beaten during the operation.

Ms Mulenga said the hooliganism and barbarism cannot be condoned in a democratic society.

“May I seize this opportunity to reiterate that the PF Government under the leadership of His Excellency the President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu will not sit idle and allow the perpetrators of such crimes go unpunished,” Ms Mulenga said.

She has called upon all law enforcement agencies to ensure that they leave no stone unturned and bring all culprits behind these barbaric acts to book.

The Chief Government Spokesperson reiterated Government’s commitment to uphold and defend the rights of Journalists.

Ms Mulenga also reminded members of the public to always remember that Journalists need to be able to do their work without fear or intimidation.

She said Journalists have a responsibility to their audiences to gather news objectively and to report facts.

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    • iwe kolwe deadNBC doesn’t cover upnd,if deadNBC covers it then it’s not upnd, these are your colleagues after all your middle name is hooliganism and barbarism.

    • Why ZP, DEC etc decided to do such inspection during AFCON tournament? All journalist should be covering soccer .
      I don’t blame Chawama PF people.

    • How can ZAMRA go with Ba Mwami? Mwami is useless, he is clobbered everywhere by anyone! The chaps bodies are intoxicated with alcohol bought from corrupt activities! If had a way, can be firing at least 200 mwami’s every month! Their ability and integrity levels are too level for an employee!

  1. People are defending their livelihoods. They will become more and more violent unless they are given a means to earn a living. Government needs to wake up to the fact that a hungry people are an angry people.

  2. Zambia is not a democratic country so this type of behaviour is expected. This is how Zambians behave. They are violent and dirty. Just look at their living conditions and how dirty their towns and cities are.

  3. Kampamba should also talk about the harassment of the Mast Proprietor Mutinta Mazoka Mmembe. Harassment of Journalists is harassment and it should not be segregatory. She’s a minister of information and Communications which covers both private and public journalists. She should not be heard subsidizing the condemnation

  4. This silly girl Mulenga is just following blindly and being used in 4 years time they will toss her aside like a used condom ..everyone knows Chawama is Lazy’s backyard even his daughter has a ward there; you are scared to name and shame as you will be next

  5. Those are PF caders behaving they way they are expected to behave.. After all their leaders tell them to takeover public places and steal plots with impunity.
    That’s normal for the corruption infested party.

  6. Its misplaced priority. ZNBC is failing to broadcast live TOTAL Under 20 Africa Cup of Nations in preference for Chawama joint operation to loot drugs, despite collecting TV levy from citizens. Even after selling 60% shares to Top Star & collecting TV levy, they can’t still deliver the services. What is the use of ZNBC?

  7. You are now talking about barbaric behaviour portrayed by Chawama residents because there are some journalists f
    rom PFBC. If there were only journalist from MUv, this lady would keep her mouth shut. I feel
    sorry majority of Zambians

  8. To hell with your fake regrets you silly rats. While the PF government unleashed the PF thugs of police on mmemmbe ( a journalist and his wife too) who abused and terrified the poor mutinta mmembe,you now want us to believe that you care for the media fraternity? To hell and hope that this happens to your close family. You misdirected loose woman

    • Let her flow somewhere else not in our way, least we divert her into kariba dam and make electricity out of her.

  9. Obviously the work of UPNDonkeys. Wait until they are cornered then you will hear a statement from UPNDonkey leaders about police brutality in the police cells. Dont argue, I know what I am talking about, I know all the UPNDonkeys inside out. Ask mwalitendwa and mutintilila.

  10. By the way UPNDonkeys have already forgotten about mutintaula, they have such a small span of concentration so don’t do anything foolish for them or in the name of Hakai Inde, he does not know you.

  11. By the way UPNDonkeys have already forgotten about mutintaula, they have such a small span of concentration so don’t do anything foolish for them or in the name of the chief donkey, he does not know you.

  12. By the way donkeys have already forgotten about ntatimu, they have such a small span of concentration so don’t do anything foolish for them or in the name of the chief donkey, he does not know you.

  13. By the way donkeys have already forgotten about last weeks events, they have such a small span of concentration so don’t do anything foolish for them or in the name of the chief donkey, he does not know you.

    • Mr Terrible, Mr Terrible.

      Lately you have uncharacteristically being ranting extereme gibberish.

      What are you smoking ? Or is it the stress of supporting cluless lungu ?

      Take time out. You know we are fond of your rantings but now it’s getting extreme.

  14. Very sad but then this is PF spirit. And is this not Changwa’s compound? This is one reason we need to redesign Lusaka and get rid of all compounds

  15. Illegal drug stores will stop mushrooming when the 500,000 jobs that were promised come up. Anyway in our dreams

  16. I only regret the beating of a MUVI journalist, the rest deserve what they got even worse than that so that the message is sent to their masters that they have been abusing the so called public broadcaster when they do not even know the meaning of the public. To the public means Lungu, Wina and the PF. Stupid *****s.

  17. Systems in this world can only find better ways to live or deal with sex, drugs, violence, child marriage etc. You foolish leaders can never stop these vices. People will continue to do sex, steal, do drugs, grab other peoples spouses, sleep with minors infecting them with diseases etc. Improve your leadership bench marks and stop barking like rabid dogs. Its good that the police, Dec and ZNBC liars were beaten. They do nothing anyhow.

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