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Regina, the Widow to Second Republican President, Frederick Chiluba has died

Headlines Regina, the Widow to Second Republican President, Frederick Chiluba has ...

Late Dr Chiluba’s wife, Regina

Widow of Zambia’s Second President Frederick Chiluba, Regina Chifunda Chiluba has died.

Family sources have confirmed that Regina Chiluba died at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) at 12:30hrs on Sunday afternoon.

Government evacuated Mrs. Regina Chiluba to Apollo Hospital in hyderabad in India, in November 2016 reportedly battling cancer.

She however came back last week and was immediately admitted to the University Teaching Hospital as her condition was deemed terminal.

In 2002, the Ndola High Court divorced her marriage to Edward Mwanza.

She later officially married Frederick Chiluba.

At this stage Chiluba had divorced his wife of many years, Vera Tembo.

Regina spent most of her life with Chiluba in courts of law as Chiluba and herself were dragged into court on allegations of corruption by the Mwanawasa government.

In 2009, she was jailed by the Lusaka Magistrate for allegedly receiving government property but was later acquitted by the Lusaka High Court.

Chiluba died in 2010 from a heart condition he had suffered since 2006.

Regina is survived by her children Bwalya, Malama and Mando.

Funeral arrangements are will be announced later.


    • Ever since the advent of ARVs, “after suffering from a long illness” statement has been overtaken by cancer.

      RIP mama.

    • With all due respect to the deceased MHRIP she shouldn’t have left Mr Mwanza for that the kafupi murderer. Had she stayed with Mwanza she would’ve been alive and kicking.

    • If only Govt evacuated my aunt also who died of breast cancer but no she was a non entity although being a voter. They cut off her breasts at UTH where she had to travel many kilometers from another province to Lusaka. It was agony all the time traveling by public transport all the way from northern to lusaka. If only our government could use the money they spend on politically connected people to send them to all these countries to create more cancer clinics in every province that would have lessen my aunties stress of travelling to and fro only to be on wait line and see a doctor after 1 week. Many poor people in Zambia suffering from this deadly disease have a double portion of suffering. Africans ifwe kaya mwe.
      Imagine since independence we have no health facilities that benefit us.

    • @1.5 2020visionless…. its not like FTJ grabbed her by force, this same foolish mwanza willing gave wife to ftj so he can enjoy all the fringe benefits of which he did. Dont blame FTJ.

    • @House fly
      I’m saddened to read your posting and the passing of your aunt.That should not be happening to any Zambian 53 years after independence..My condolences to you and your family

    • @ Nubian Princess, what the hell you think Vera should smile, she moved on and have her own things. Frankly Hope Regina confessed her Sins Coz she humiliated Vera. What ever wealth she got from Chilubas?? has remained. We should learn to reflect on some of our actions as human beings. MHSRIP..

    • Welcome back Lunshi wamu Ng’anda and my condolences to the Regina Family. Nevertheless, some sins will always have consequences! This woman and the Husband planted a bad seed into Zambian marriages especially FTJ being the President He should have led by example.

    • @Ndobo, I was watching soccer Zambia vs Mali, I don’t know where funeral gathering is. You know abena Chiluba had many houses.
      Regina is Lenje not Luapula. Twalimu pyanika kale, so Chiluba family is not involved.

    • @housefly
      Touching post this what pains me only god knows how many connected ones are sent abroad…these current politicians fail to understand that some of them will be ordinary citizens in 6 years time..all those funds wasted on grossly overpriced roads could be used on contructing 2 state of the art cancer screening centres.

    • All deaths are a sad affair, within this period two cancer deaths of Errol Hickey and Mrs Regina Chiluba, May Their Souls Rest in Peace in Gods realm. There could be many of lesser social standing as @ housefly who have faced the same but go unsung. We should speak out when 53 years down the line priorities are still being misplaced! The money spent on evacuations to all sorts of destinations are from taxes collected from the general Zambian populace who largely do not benefit except for the privileged among politicians and a select few with tags! This is totally unfair and its high time investment was made at home in Zambia of the facilities only accessed by the apamwamba paid for by abapina! Every Zambian has a right to high quality health care!

    • I have been telling you nubian is abused. Tamumfwa. This girl was raped by her uncles or cousins. She needs counselling. The trauma is immense.

    Back in the 80s and 90s it was unheard of for Africans to die of cancer but today because we are embracing all these Western foods like Pizzas, Junk Food and fizzy drinks like coca cola and pepsi and ignoring Home cooked fresh traditional meals.
    Wake up people these Junk foods are not meant for you!!

    • Am having nsima with mudyoli and home grown beef not imported.

      Terrible is having junkies, a fizzy drink and pizza after getting paid for waiting for his president at the airport.

    • @jay jay as it also occured to you that by then africa had no means to diagnose cancer?people smoked like chimneys back then and could have easily gotten lung cancer and some cancer types are hereditory so as much as your statement might have shred of truth its totally inaccurate

    • In the 80s and 90s we did not the capacity to diagnose cancer… we called it witch craft then whenever some one had cancer or some other unexplained longed illness

    • @patriotic
      People in Cuba smoke cigars like no man’s business (though have the best health services in the World) and don’t have high records of cancer partially due to the fact that they have not yet been invaded by the likes of KFC, McDees, Burger Sh%t etc.
      The rule of thump is cancers cells thrive in acidic environments the more meat,processed foods you eat them more acidic your body becomes…eat more greens and fresh foods that are alkaline for a healthier you. Most traditional African foods are high in carbohydrates and vitamins.

  2. The growing of cancer related illnesses should sound alarm bells in any serious developing country. The questions to be asked about the cancers that are killing our people must include:
    1. What type of cancer is it? 2. Where has the victim been residing in the past 2 years? 3. Issues of food, drink, air where the victim was residing;
    4. Did the victim have parents suffering from the same disease? 5. When was the disease detected, how many months? 6. Were tests carried out as soon as the victim felt something was wrong? Where was the victim first tested, and what regime was put in place to monitor the victim? etc.

    • I think most of our cancers are partly due to a lot of people’s compromised immunity. A lot of people do not want to know their HIV status. That is why you find a lot of people dying from cancer related diseases within a short time while in the past, it used to take a person atleast 10 or so years to succumb to cancer or heart disease. If we are to limit these so called cancers, let us make sure that we get tested for HIV so that our doctors know what they are treating.

  3. But Zambians are dull, cancer was there already in the 70s, 80s and 90s, there was no advance technology in Zambian Hospitals to detect Cancer till recently, when it comes to food, most of the food we buy in local markets are not test like in western countries to see if they are safe too eat, don’t fool yourselfs the water we drink is dirty where do all the mines throw there cabbage in our rivers, stupid Zambians

  4. Which cancer? There are HIV-related cancers you know. Talk of ba Kaposi ba sarcoma, ba lymphoma, etc. I am yet to hear Chagwa mention the word HIV. Since he became president, he has never mentioned this word and yet this is the scourge ravaging young lives which needs political leadership. The truth is there is no more truth in Zambia. All these alleged causes of death are not true. Even the Minister of Health is now telling lies that HIV infections are going down when in actual fact the UNAIDS report is saying something opposite. But whom are we kidding? Let us continue our Ostrich ways. Only time will tell.

    • The Real Quest
      I hear you my brother the present leadership is a big dissapointment.The man is already in campaign mode for 2021.And I agree I have not heard him say anything about the aids pandemic by now he should have been telling us about his Plan B after the Americans pull out PEPFAR.He can’t even react to the massive deforestation caused by load shedding which in itself was caused by corrupt acquisition of useless Chinese generators.

    • Ba @The Real Quest, naimwe ndamitwishika bushe tamuli balwele kabili naimwe mwalitemwa amaule…… just come out we shall understand!!!!!

  5. What contribution did Regina make to Zambia to be evacuated to India for a known terminal illness? After grabbing someone’s husband Regina inherited huge stolen wealth which should have been used for treatment to India. Government should have evacuated late Mukhondo Lungu instead.

  6. Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
    Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
    Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She’s gone where the goblins go,
    Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up & sing & ring the bells out.
    Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
    Let them know
    The Wicked Witch is dead!

  7. She knowingly started an illicit and adulterous s.exual affair with a married man she clearly know was HIV positive. What then did she expect? Did she think she could wash Kafupi’s HIV tainted sperm and it’s over? Anyway, look at all of them, Sata, Mushota etc, too much nyele, micomibi kwa mitenya kona ye isize ng’wanyi kwa litindi ?

  8. Wow Zambian’s can be malicious!! I did not hold Regina in high esteem knowing that her rship with FTJ was questionable but still I felt a ping reading that she had passed on.

    Anyway, coming to LT, the article above about Regina’s passing is one of the best I have read in a very long time. It provides sufficient context and background as to who Regina was and why we are reading about her. It is also well written.

    • I wonder what you mean because this article never says anything about what she was doing before she met FTJ…its like marrying FTJ is the highlight of her life.

    • You are right but that is why we are reading about her…because she was FTJ’s widow and no othe reason. Did you want her whole cv? The article provides sufficient context with regards to her marriage with FTJ….that she had just gotten divorced.

  9. For every death of a ‘big shot’ that makes headline news, hundreds upon hundreds of our people perish on the floors of UTH and many other ill-equipped ‘health’ centres across the country. And we’re mere statistics not worth a mention even at the footnote of a tissue paper. For if our lives mattered too, surely you wouldn’t put putting us on death row in UTH while you and your kind gallivant the globe searching for better health care. The least we ask for is … let us die in dignity in our hospitals, and not this life of having a UTH that sometimes goes for days without water. Tamulila abana babanenu kanofye abana benu … Mayo iye leleeee!

  10. May her soul rest in peace. I pray the Almighty God grants the family comfort in this time of grief. To those who write bad things about her and whatever you think you knew about her may God forgive you. It shows the homes you came from and how you were brought up. Its sad.

    • Nada
      You and your lot are what we need to get rid of.What nonsense.A harlot dies and we should praise her?She obviously grew up in a home like yours and didnt mind being a prostitute knowing that pipo like you would be pontificating her as a saint when she dies.

  11. Sad,instead of mourning the dead I am worried about the children and what will happen to them. They didn’t seem well brought up, the family has a mammoth task

  12. It is with sadness that we in UPND received this news. I am curently in the united kingdom and was recently called by our press officer to advise me on this sad development. We in UPND mourn with the chiluba and mwanza family. The death of a loved one is not something easy to take. We keep you in our hearts and we hope you heal soon.

    UPND chief strategist , live from brighton UK

  13. Reading these comments one can’t help to wonder, is Zambia a Christian nation? IMHO were a big joke. People are full of malice and jealous. Just Imagine what what It could be like if we all worked together for the common good of all Zambians. Think about it guys what will this country be like 20 years from now for example, do you ever wonder?

  14. Madam Regina Chiluba, you did your best to live your life. To err is only human but judgement is for God the Creator. You stood by your husband even during trouble times. MYSRIP.

  15. Though nothing can bring back what you have lost. Instead of Mourning, let’s find the strength in what’s left with us.

  16. Whoever among you all who has never committed SIN continue hurling insults at Mrs. Chiluba. Leave judgement to God. We have all at one time fallen short of glory of God. Thy shall not judge.

  17. I wish none of her children reads this because I for one having lost a mother though she was in her 80’s felt the real pangs of death. No matter whatever form this lady has gone to meet her maker is irrelevant. I am sure even Very who was wronged cannot condemn her the way some people are condeming her. Let’s learn to respect the dead, you never know when it will be your turn to mourn a loved one.

  18. Indeed Zambia is a Christian country full of non-believers, people without faith and respect for GOD, drunks, adulterers, prostitutes dancing to Chilepule baby.This is the reason there is suffering in Zambia, a nation of hypocrites!!

  19. It was definitely HIV. What cancer? If it was things like breast cancer she would have been open about it. It was HIV/AIDS related cancers like kaposi sarcoma. Similarly FTJ’s so called-heart condition was not what killed him – it was HIV/AIDS! We have to accept these facts or we will all perish with our self delusion. Others will call us judgemental. So be it. We know what we speak is the truth.

  20. @Robert,
    I applaud you for calling a spade as such, a spade! Zambian politicians are very promiscuous & this is what AIDS likes to flourish. Chiluba was killed by HIV-AIDS, you recall how his family declined a postmortem! Look at Lungu himself, he goes to Israel for medical consultation under the guise of diplomacy. Not even touching Christ’s tomb can save you from ending up in a tomb in Embassy Park this year. Time will tell.

  21. @Robert,
    I applaud you for calling a spade as such, a spade! Zambian politicians are very promiscuous & this is what AIDS likes to flourish. Chiluba was killed by HIV-AIDS, you recall how his family declined a postmortem! Look at Lungu himself, he goes to Israel for medical consultation under the guise of diplomacy. Not even touching Christ’s tomb can save you from ending up in a tomb in Embassy Park this year. Time will tell..

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