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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

UPND advised to discard its political pride and accept President Lungu

Headlines UPND advised to discard its political pride and accept President Lungu

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and UPND vice president Geoffrey Malama
THE United Party for National Development (UPND) should discard its political pride and accept President Lungu as the duly elected Head of State, says Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) presiding bishop Peter Ndhlovu.

Last Friday, the UPND in Southern Province vowed not to recognize President Lungu as the Head of State.

In an interview in Lusaka, Bishop Ndhlovu said it was unfortunate that the UPND could reject the election of a President who won the republican presidency through a popular vote.

He said it was an insult of the worst order for one to undermine President Lungu’s victory which had been widely acknowledged and recognized by major governments and credible institutions the world over.

“It is sad that others cannot recognize President Edgar Chagwa; and this is an insult to the Zambian people. We believe that in this country we only have one way we have chosen to govern ourselves and it is only through the ballot. He was elected by the people and declared as duly elected by our institution which governs our elections.

“Therefore, I would like to urge the UPND to come out of their pride and accept defeat because there is tomorrow, there is 2021. For them to continue living in deceit and shun away from the fact that Edgar Lungu is the President, I think they are living in their own world,” Bishop Ndhlovu said.

He advised the UPND to go back to the drawing board and plan for 2021.

“Elections are not over and we have elections every five years and therefore I believe they can still emerge. Unless God allows you to be a leader, this is a Christian nation and it is only God who can ordain and approve you as a leader.

“If someone can fight a God-given leader, they are fighting against their own destiny. I believe we need to reach a point of coming out of politics and focus on development of this country. Southern Province is part of Zambia and in Zambia we only have one President,” Bishop Ndhlovu said.

He called on politicians to embrace the spirit of accepting defeat and congratulating the victors.

“UPND come out of your pride and accept Edgar Lungu as the President. Time will come and if God approves you as a leader there will be no struggle,” he said.

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    • Bandit Ndhlovu~please spare the masses from your mediocrity!
      UPND & majority of Zambian people with the international community are aware of ECZs corrupt malpractices in manipulating the actual votes to illegally favor visionless Lungu & PF+some MMD bandits.
      The presidential petition must first be heard & determined who the truthful & transparent winner of 2016 elections by the con~court. Visionless Lungu must respect the constitution & people’s rights to be heard, the judiciary should be independent without being compressed into ordering Lungu to give power to the speaker. Then the petition can be heard. Without visionless Lungu giving power to the speaker, he remains undemocratically, illegally & fraudulently ‘elected’ as a president. Until the petition is heard fairly, blind Lungu…

    • …was illegitimately elected. The constitution is very simply clear & Lungu must be made to respect the laws of the land with an independent judiciary.
      How much is mealie meal today?
      Has load shedding tears improved or worsened since 2011 to 2017?
      Is the plummeted & downgraded to negative B economy any worse off at the helm of visionless Lungu’s pathetic failures~PF~bandits?
      Where is blind Lungu’s 500,000 jobs?
      Where is the K5/ltr Saudi Arabian fuel?
      When will UTH have water & medicine?
      The presidential petition must be heard by professional con~court judges not those compromised PFudges who don’t know what 14 working or business days means.
      The Skeleton Key

    • If I wont recognise Lungu NO one in UPND should. I know most UPND members feel the same.

      Any way what is the issue here? Lungu forced himself to rule Zambia by crook and hook so he should get on with the job and stop blaming UPND for his failures.

      Why is it important that UPND should recognise Lungu as president after he has refused the courts to conclude the petition. Until the petition is concluded no one Lungu remains an illegal Zambian President and the powers that be in the world know it.

      What we want is Lungu to hand over power.

      VIVA HH and UPND for using soft power to expose Lungu and his PF. Faka pressure.

    • @Chilyata lol i was actually talking about 1D10TS like you. Waonekela typical of you and your chi vice president of the gbv and juvenile insults.

    • We have always advised UPND to put facts on the table of how elections were stolen from them.Up to now no one from the UPND camp has done so.
      The SADC,EU,LOCAL MONITORS like independent church mother bodies that monitored elections all showed that ECL won elections.
      UPND are you telling us that all these institutions were wrong only you are collect.
      Show us your pvt that you conducted so that we can compare to what ECZ and INDEPENDENT CHURCH mothers bodies have.
      I believe no body stole your elections,you are just emmbarrassed.
      Ask Kabimba the Rainbow leader how PF and the team monitored the 2011 elections.
      They won clean because they were very intelligent as compared to you UPND.
      HH you were just beaten pants down.
      PF won from 6.5 provinces whilst you won from 3.5 provinces and PF…

    • Why cry for recognition next you will be telling us that PF failed to get the economy back on its feet because UPND did not recognize Lungu. And please stop this illogical argument of God ordains leaders PLEASE. What God has given us is the Free will to Choose there is no imposition of Leaders by God. There is no way that God would have imposed Lungu on this country we put him there ourselves.

    • @Shameless,
      And that is how these dictators become untouchable, as they start believing that they were anointed by God to rule. That is garbage, and my heart bleeds to see such statement like”God-given leader” and that is coming from a bishop?
      That is actually misusing God`s name.

    • Oh please..redarts like Ndlovu and his midiocre Lungu leadership should give us a break from this. UPND won that election. They just didnt want to plunge the country in flames. Lungu knows this and he must thank HH and GBM for being gentlemen. Let him just enjoy his alcohol as he has nothing to fooer the Zambian people. HH and GBM are the legit.


    • Peter Ndhjovu or whatever they call you, your advice is in fact supposed to go Edgar Lungu to allow the petition case by the UPND to go ahead without delay so that Zambia and the whole world knows exactly who won the 11 August 2016 general election. Why is Lungu interfering with the Constitutional Court, Ndhjovu? Why did he break the National Constitution by refusing to hand over power to the Speaker while the petition by the UPND and you open your dirty stinking mouth to say the UPND should accept Lungu as the winner of that election? Foolish tribalistic Pastor or whatever you are called. Hell is waiting for you!

    • I still don’t understand what is so special about UPND, these are misguided sycophants wallowing in bantu botatwe aura trying to take over the country. It won’t happen, who do you take us for?

  1. Facts are that UPND has an on-going case in court and there is no way and it is completely illogical for them to discard the case without being heard. I think bishop Peter Ndhlovu should rethink his statement in the name of righteousness and above all what is constitutionally right.

    • Can’t say I blame this Man of Gold and his ilk! If State House is awash with cash to dish out to anyone who sings ECL’s praises the loudest; anyone who offers to lick ECL’s boots – even if ECL stepped in raw sewer – why not grab the opportunity for a quick buck, Man of Gold?

    • You UPDN F00LS. Your tribal party has only 58 MPS and the PF/MMD/Independent are over 100. The voting in Zambia is partisan meaning one votes for President and MP. Independents are PF and just disagreed on adoption. So all votes where for MP and Lungu. It is luck of brains to continue hallucinating that Hyena won

  2. Pukuta Mwanza should be in forefront in making sure that issues of such nature are resolved in a transparent manner.UPND has gone to court to seek redress over what they feel was not fair. Why are you not urging the courts to rule who the legitimate winner was?Let the courts hear the case and make a ruling.Otherwise you are making courts irrelevant which is recipe for anarchy.

  3. Until petition is heard Lungu remains illegitimate and a fraud. Any one suggesting UPND forgets and recognises a fraudlent president is without a doubt congenitally stup!d. It’s not only UPND but well meaning Zambians want the truth how that thief stole the election.

    • Yes, without a doubt, congenitally stup!d you are Wantanshi!!…HH lost dummy! Do you guys use your rear holes to hear?

    • @Uko iwe

      You sound agitated, are you one of the thieves eating poor Zambian tax payer money? If your thieving drunkard president has nothing to hide why isn’t he using his bought judges to hear the petition? How does it feel to go to bed every night knowing that more than 65% Zambian rejected you? Relax, the petition will be heard and your drunkard will be humiliated and sent to jail.

  4. We have always advised UPND to put facts on the table of how elections were stolen from them.Up to now no one from the UPND camp has done so.
    The SADC,EU,LOCAL MONITORS like independent church mother bodies that monitored elections all showed that ECL won elections.
    UPND are you telling us that all these institutions were wrong only you are collect.
    Show us your pvt that you conducted so that we can compare to what ECZ and INDEPENDENT CHURCH mothers bodies have.
    I believe no body stole your elections,you are just emmbarrassed.
    Ask Kabimba the Rainbow leader how PF and the team monitored the 2011 elections.
    They won clean because they were very intelligent as compared to you UPND.
    HH you were just beaten pants down.
    PF won from 6.5 provinces whilst you won from 3.5 provinces and PF…

    • Why is the petition not being heard ? Are you on drugs ? Don’t you know about a petition being blocked by PF on some 14 day technicalities ?

    • Bj~Go to sleep! Your visionless PF has no scope. This is 2017 when other countries are developing economically sound, democracy flourishing with independent judiciary & in Zambia it dununa backwardness unfortunately to load shedding & poor economy.
      Inzanyokola njala mwapya PF bandits. Very soon all PF charlatans will find themselves into mwamoneni~ask kankunkibiti~ bandit Kambwili!
      The presidential must be heard first & Lungu must also give power to the speaker as required by the constitution~simple or else, go to sleep without vision.
      The Skeleton Key

    • @ BJ Can you just go to the ECZ website and check for Chitulika constituence which Essau announced as ECL 33477, HH-32. If you find this constituency then some of us will accept that ECL won. This particular constituence does not exist and this useless Bishop is saying UPND should swallow their pride and accept defeat my foot! These are the Bishops that are putting God’s name and Christianity to shame.


  5. Upnd is behaving like a Man who has been dumped by the girl friend and he continues to insist that the girl is still hez..The best a man can do in this case is to accept that he has been dumped and move on.Its like You have been dumped and you refuse to move on..lolest.Let them accept the EL is the president and move.But even if they will not accept that Zambia have already Accepted the President and that will not change anything.They can only be One President at a Time.B

    • Until the petition is heard after blind Lungu gives power to the speaker in actuality of the constitution~simple!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Which petition ba fimbwi. You are just time wasters. We know you are scared to go back to the drawing board because it’s messed up. The only option you are remaining with is to replace your tribal leader something next to impossible. Its the constitution which allows petition and gives duration not pf. If can’t recognise the person who signed it why should you recognise the constitution. Wait for another election if you are just interested in petitions who cares. You are just a bunch of retarded tribal cadres who adds no value to our democracy. Go and suck cow’s tits.

  6. HH won’t be a President in Zambia coz of his cadres are misreading him,cadres you are showing to all Zambian people how you will destroy Christian nation.you are showing tribalism while you are not even in power shame.EL is a President of Zambia just accept it.

  7. A cheque must have cleared from Lazy from this Bishop as they are all in his pocket…gone are the days of out spoken bishops!!

    • Jay Jay ~ You are so right. Even the belly of bandit Ndhlovu has started to fatten after clearing the cheque & other brown envelopes from visionless Lungus banditry PF.
      The Skeleton Key

  8. ba peter ndhlovu. you are not qualified to talk about politics in Zambia. do Christians in Zambia allow stealing? is it allowed in a Christian nation? edi galu ngu stole votes from a friend and now you so called self professed Christians want to ignore that aspect of stealing. to hell with your pastorship. give ceasor what belongs to ceasor.

  9. If God chooses leaders, why not give him the damn Dubai ballots to pre-mark. For all I know, even thieves pray before they go to steal.

  10. Why is lungu blocking the UPND petition to be heard in court by reliying on a 14 day technicality ? Will 14 days change the evidence? ? On such a decisive issue lungu should just let the courts see the UPND evidence

    • Actually its not Lungu who is blocking the petition to be heard, its the constitution. You people had all the time but you blew it. Time management is a very important key in life. Time is money, ifintu ni bwangu

    • Well, planet Mars is inhabited, why not get your very sore lousy soul there? We won’t miss you in Zambia man!

    • He is president and time is ticking day in nd out whilst your mind is living in the past as the song done by The Witch! ( Lving in the past) wake up nd think ahead we need you in opposition that’s the way life goes in politics. Forget the past nd forge ahead we thank you…!

  11. Most UPND supporters can be referred to as, “a bunch of useful *****S”! They remind me of Germany during the reign of a ruthless dictator, Adolf Hitler. He brainwashed his supporters, to an extent where very educated people, such as University Professors, where told that their education was irrelevant to the well-being of Germany, because they had a leader (Hitler) who could think for them. So, they burnt all their books, believing that Hitler had all the knowledge and wisdom that was required to govern and develop Germany. Similarly, HH has been telling his *****ic followers that his case will be heard, yet deep down his heart he knows that such a thing will never happen. My advice to the UPND is the time to prepare for 2021 is now. Whether you accept ECL as President or not, Zambia…

  12. Its only in Zambia that you a self-made Bishop, who steals from the poor in tithes and offering and survives on the same (and may be from Govt), can go ahead make political statements like this. While he is entitled to his opinion why can he not let UPND have their on opinion?

  13. I work with such kind people who live in denial the most important thing is to occupie them E.g. Going to the gym for a holiday so you refrecty on the way you run your affairs.And your day to day thing. If one is seen to on red , we put such people in seclusion.coz there are taken as time westers . There don’t bother about others people,it is all about me.

  14. In 14 days, the UPND failed to present evidence to prove that elections were rigged. Surely, how long should it take for someone to present such kind of evidence? If they believed that 14 days was not adequate for them to present evidence (which I think was, anyway), why didn’t they make submissions in Parliament when the bill was debated? Foolishly, because of their collective over-bloated ego, they decided to boycott debates on the constitution. Likewise, in August 2016 they de-campaigned the referendum, but now they are crying foul that most of the fundamental human rights have not been enshrined in the constitution . What a farce! Let’s be objective, then we will be assets to the corrective.

    • I, at some point, wanted to believe that the UPeND had some brains in their rank and file until you posted this Fuehrer! True this is a bunch of brain-washed/hypnotised dullards! No bowls to use their independent minds atase malabishi yeka yeka!


  16. Egypt vs Cameroon ….Egypt leading at half time ….final winners Cameroon ….HH v Edgar ….HH leads in western Zambia until late …Edgar wins and HH is still waiting for another final whistle.

  17. Lungu is a republican president of Zambia while hh is a party president whether ufuna or siufuna lungu is a president of all Zambians as long as u ar in Zambia he’s yo kateka.

  18. Another ‘hungry’ Bible basher. Duly elected by who? Advise your President to let the petition go through. After that he can continue using language like ‘Zambians have him the mandate blah blah! He is illegitimate until he is legitimatised by the courts of law which he has miserably compromised!!

  19. The way they had stolen state funds for privatisation is the same way they wanted to steal. Baloba ilyauma. Let them vomit their bitterness until they do it no more. Confess your sins otherwise there is nothing for you even the 2021. Insult the way you feel like but Zambia is bigger than 3 provinces.

  20. lomba ukayangana photo yama leaders VIVUNGO Please yai GBM WAPAMBANA, FOLLOWED BY NEVERS MUMBA LAST HH though he is a Tonga bull

  21. I wonder what stage of construction that useless House of Prayer building is at now? All these thieves in robes want to be part of these construction projects.
    We should be building libraries instead of such useless things…

  22. Let them be still in deep sleep in their wonder land until then we will wait for them in 2021 when the will wake up. They want Lungu to follow the constitution when them are refusing to follow what the constitution says about 14 days. We are waiting come 2021 will see who is who.

    • Respect and Recognition is earned and not demanded. If Lungu won the 2016 Election democratically,legally and Constitutionally he should prove this in Court and the Court will declare him the Winner. Once the Court declares Lungu the Winner after the Petition is heard and determined most Zambians would have no difficulty in recognisiing Lungu as the Legitimate President of Zambia. Until the Petition is heard Lungu will remain an illegitimate President with dire consequences on the Zambian economy and himself.

  23. Some United Dunderheads need medication, no matter how much you blood thirsty animals insult, wish evil or dream the fact remain elections were declared free and fair by all international and local monitering bodies. If I recall the blood thirsty animals such as bucket brains halungu, spanka, chiyaya and co (before Nez migrated to this site) were busy crying for their strongholds to seperate from Zambia just because the majority of Zambians rejected their tribal group of misfits and conmen.

  24. Bishop Peter Ndhlovu is involving himself in politics while he claims to be a preacher in his church.
    As far as we are aware the Church he represents is not with him on his political stand as he alone personally benefits from Lungu. Ndhlovu is one of the architect in the creation of ‘Christians’ for Lungu, an abomination against God. If BIGOCA are serious in maintaining the integrity and adhering to call of God with their organisation, its time to part company( how can you yoke yourself to a wayward, worst, unbeliever) this one individual Peter Ndhlovu. As for Zambians we do not need lectures from traitors of God’s word masquerading as a preacher. Edgar Chagwa Lungu is on record that he is president of half Zambia. Who is Peter Ndhlovu to ignore that capitulation of Lungu.

    • Edgar Chagwa Lungu is on record that he is president of half Zambia.
      Just there I can tell that you still have problems with maths! Which is greater 6.5 against 3.5, please don’t give that half bull sh!t otherwise I will mark your answer as wrong!

  25. Even winter Kabimba has repeatedly asked ECZ for copies of G12 certificates only to be met by silence.

    Lungu is hiding behind a 14 day technicality.
    As one blogger above says there are non existent polling constituencies where lungu got as many as 100, 000 votes. That is he is afraid of the petition.

  26. A Bishop Ndhlovu, please stick to your calling. Leave these issues to Politicians, you are not competent enough to understand these issues. This is advice from me, a die hard truthful PF cadre

  27. This is not about Pride, it is about Constitutional Rights to be heard in terms of the existing Bill of Rights. We don’t know who won the 2016 Presidential Election and who is our Legitimate President. This is an Election Dispute which has been Petitioned legally. So let the Courts hear and determine the Petition and then after due consideration declare the Winner of the Election. We want the Courts to respect the Will of the People.Its irrational for the Petitioners to recognise the People they are accusing of stealing their votes. Stealing elections should be punished and not rewarded. Period.

    • If you are so hot about what the constitution says, then you know 14 DAYS to mount a petition, is over by now. The courts are jerking you because, if you keep filing they have to pretend to be interested until you get it.


    • From another blogger….
      “The UPND Petition was “dismissed” on a 14 day technicality which is illegal at Law. To make matters worse 14 days in terms of the law is 14 working days ending 8th Sept 2016. Concourt has no powers to dismiss the Petition without hearing and determining it. Court was supposed to declare a Winner but they failed to do so.”

  29. Is that Bishop Ndhlovu who was once secretary General of CCZ or its someone else? I had great respect for him and I new him to be a truthful God fearing man. But if now he has turned into this, then it is a matter of much regret. Then the salt has lost its saltiness and is no longer good for anything but to be thrown and be trodden under foot by men. Why do people give lies about Lungu winning when deep down their heart they know he lost miserably and both in 2015 and 2016? It is really sad when men chose lies rather than the truth. Is it seeking favours or it tribal motivated hate? God help us. Zambia might be doomed to failed state status if even people like Rev. Ndhlovu begin to sink just like that.

  30. What will happen if this case is not herd up to 2021? Does it mean UPND will not participate in the elections as their petition case will still be in court? Lawyers please advise….

  31. U are the very stupid Bishops who were encouraging Chakolwa Lungu not to accept defeat. How can u again today tell HH &GBM to accept Chakolwa. U are very foolish Bishop Ndlovu. U are the same fool who embraced Lazo Chiluba of MMD. Walitumpa saana. And u call yourself a bishop? U are just a fool of a bishop. Instead if u are a genuine Bishop who believes in Romans 13:1 go and tell Chakolwa who upholds Zambia as a Christian nation that he did not win, God’s choice was HH. In a christian nation we dont encourage stealing votes. The same way u have found it easy to tell HH if u are a TRUE Christian. be courageous to tell off Lungu that he did not win and therefore. he must hand over power to a genuine winner. Dont be a coward Bishop who supports criminals.

  32. Amazingly boring! If you don’t accept the President, then whom are you in Opposition to? Quit politics or play the game. Elections always bring a Winner the Loser must buck up. tedious.

  33. The only evidence that pf have that they won the 2016 presidential election is that the 14 days elapsed.

  34. Very foolish patriot abroad .Elections should not just bring any winner but a ligitmate winner according to democratic tennets . If u a cadre continue leaking the boots but politics have got time frame. *****.

  35. We do not have a president as a country. We only have a pretender who is backed by stolen money and bribes from Morocco, S. Arabia and other dictatorships. He never won the August election, and he used his illegitimate position to buy off all ECZ, Judges, etc. Now he is busy ranting about running for a 3rd term when he has not even cleaned his teeth in cleaning Zambia of corruption and poverty! We shall never recognize a thief and thug.

  36. UPND is very useless just like their president.No direction at all and full of pride,to me even 2021to hell with that

  37. Failure to recognize a legally elected President! Am not a lawyer, but I believe there must be some offense attached to it.

  38. For your own seek, UPND is just winging through the media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. UPND is a domed party and to hell

  39. Lungu was fraudulently given more than 100,000 votes.

    That is why he is afraid of letting the nation hear the petition. And instead is hiding behind a 14 day technicality.

  40. Ignorance is bliss! Some PF Bloggers don’t understand. The UPND Petition was “dismissed” on a 14 day technicality which is illegal at Law. To make matters worse 14 days in terms of the law is 14 working days ending 8th Sept 2016. Concourt has no powers to dismiss the Petition without hearing and determining it. Court was supposed to declare a Winner but they failed to do so. Concourt also forgot that the old Bill of Rights still exist and the High Court administers it and that Petitioners have Rights to be heard in Court. Legally the Petitioners have a very strong case and would win at ICJ without a doubt. The fact that Lungu refused to handover the Presidency to the Speaker of Parliament during the Petition Hearing process disqualifies Lungu from the contest. Legally Concourt made a…

    • Please can you enlist as many cohorts as you like to help you stand on a mountain and sing your verse ”14 day technicality” for months on end and see if the situation will change. Edgar Chagwa Lungu is the President of the republic of Zambia…huh you guys are boring really!

  41. PF Government do the right thing so that our Country can move forward. Leaving others in suspense will not help, allow the petition to be heard otherwise it will haunt you. You have not ascended to Power with full blessings from God.

    • If lungu genuinely won, that is is what he would want so to move the nation forward.

      But instead he is relying on a 14 day technicality to dismiss the Petition.

    • Iwe Mateo, this nation moved forward last year save for a few indoctrinated individuals still wallowing in denial…by the way Zambia won!

  42. Which God honours fraud? Mr..Bishop how much have you been bribed? Look at this? Hosea 8v2: International Version
    “They set up kings without my consent; they choose princes without my approval. With their silver and gold they make idols for themselves to their own destruction.” Watch out do not blasfem the name of the Lord. The United States have over 324 mollion people and their resilts were revealed almost immediately. Do you think Zambians are stupid? Tome will tell.

  43. The Observer, can you give the UPND the directions to your mother’s house so that they can come and put the proof before you, since you want proof so much. The UPND went to court but in the usual style they were denied chance to be heard and give the proof of how an election was stolen from them. As for Bishop of Gold!! Shame on you. God can never ordain anyone through manipulation of votes, “stolen victory”

  44. Constitutional law states 14 days! And you ignored or avoided the rule of law and thought you are more animal than others, keep crying frail as the country moves on. Viakulolavye…! Keep living in the past and cry.

  45. Lungu will not be recognized as long as there is a court case. There has to be due process in a normal country.

  46. You UPDN F00LS. Your tribal party has only 58 MPS and the PF/MMD/Independent are over 100. The voting in Zambia is partisan meaning one votes for President and MP. Independents are PF and just disagreed on adoption. So all votes where for MP and Lungu. It is luck of brains to continue hallucinating that Hyena won

  47. When his excellency visited Luangwa last time, he mentioned something like, “Zambia is not developing because those in opposition are many”. I was left wondering what this statement meant.

  48. Yayaya UPND were crying for the Constitution. During their monthly Press Briefing, they were reminding the Zambians that PF has failed to give you a Constitution that they had promised within 90 days. It appears, the colleagues did not know what was contained in the constitution. Their other problem is opposing on everything. Like in the case of 2016 Elections, ideally there were only 2 parties in contention. PF had other political parties backstopping it while UPND depended on the individuals that left PF and joined UPND. The same group that UPND used to condemn when they were in PF had abruptly became a darling. By so doing, UPND placed the voters in limbo meaning that they have no agenda for the country.

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