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ECZ, Edgar, CONCOURT AND High Court Judges will never be forgiven by Zambians-GBM

Headlines ECZ, Edgar, CONCOURT AND High Court Judges will never be forgiven by...

United Party For National Development vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said that Zambians can never trust ECZ, President Edgar Lungu, the Concourt and High Court judges anymore.

Mr Mwamba who is popularly known as GBM said that the said parties have denied the Zambian people credible and capable leadership of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and himself.

He said with escalating high levels of poverty that the country is experiencing under the PF government, the Zambian people are very angry with president Edgar Lungu and individuals as well as institutions that helped PF to rig the 2016 presidential elections.

“Ba ECZ [abena Priscilar na Chulu], nama judge ba mu Konikoti namu Hayi koti pamo pene na Edgar wine, abena Zambia tabaka mwelele pakubalalika insala nomulandu wabun`go bwenu [the ECZ [Priscilar and Chulu], Concourt and High court judges together with president Lungu Zambians will never forgive you for stealing their victory,” he said.

Mr Mwamba said that Zambians will never be happy with the PF government because it is an illegal government that is imposing itself on people that rejected it.

Mr Mwamba has since challenged president Edgar Lungu to go to the polls again with Hakainde Hichilema to see how legitimate his government is.

“The PF government is only the government of ECZ and PF members and not the Zambians because Zambians voted for my president HH. Am challenging Edgar to go for elections again with my president we see whether he can manage to get even ten votes from any polling station in Chawama, he is now an enemy of his own people and even himself because of incompetence,” he said.

“Edgar lost and he is not my president, my president is Hakainde Hichilema [he is the only right man for the position and the only legitimate Zambia`s Republican President and not Edgar,”added Mr Mwamba.


  1. I wonder who these politicians refer to as Zambians. One thing I sure of is none of what GBM is attributing to Zambians apply to me.

    • GBM your wife and family forgave you for cracking and skull, which is attempted murder, the worst sin a human can commit.

      What Zambians cannot forgive is you and HH thinking you can lead Zambia. Shut up and go to the Gym.

    • GBM your wife and family forgave you for cracking her skull, which is attempted murder, the worst sin a human can commit.

      What Zambians cannot forgive is you and HH thinking you can lead Zambia. Shut up and go to the Gym.

    • HH was spotted at Chelstone market eating nshima. Ati he is training to compete with Mwine Nshima. Can he handle another loss so soon sure!

    • We do not need your forgiveness. We made our choice and rejected HH for promoting tribalism. We are happy with the status quo and those who keep on crying foul can die doing so. Zambia is bigger than HH and UPND tribal inclinations.

    • @kaNubian, keeekekeke Maine Nshima?? you funny chick, am sure when you saw your beloved HH in front of nsima you laughed so hard that your boobs nearly cranked your skull. Its attempted suicide.

    • Before i say anything about what GBM said, I would like to ask any well meaning PF supporter to tell me EL and PF policies, What is EL trying to push to make the lives of Zambians bearable, Coz from where i am setting i can not see what PF stands for and what they want to archive at the end of the day. So PF Guys tell us what your party is working towards .

    • Bantubotawe, your primitivism is to explicit. Every political party has a manifesto to guide it. These are not secret documents. You are free to find it and read it. It seems you are equally ashamed of how HH and get are ranting laughables. Now tell us what sense get said.

    • GBM has stated a fact, except what he has said does does have any meaning.

      How do you find an innocent person, who has done nothing, you start forgiving them?

      ECL, ECZ and ConCourt judges have not committed any offence, so what would call for their forgiveness?

      It is HH and GBM who should begin to ask for forgiveness for trying steal the August 2016 elections.

      And for calling on people to rise and fight, causing chaos in some places of southern province, such as Namwala displacement and mistreatment of innocent citizens.

    • When people fail to see and appreciate the feelings and opinions of the people they want to lead, they no longer are an essential component of the society. Worse still, they continue on an egocentric war path with the judiciary, hurling insults and demeaning statements, know that they have effectively run beyond their expiry political dates and should be thrown where they belong – the political dustbin!!

    • Plz u bitter unpd tribalists dont behave as if its the 1st time the under 5 is losing. Hh has been losing elections since time in memorial. We the Zambians voted for Edgar Lungu becoz he is loved. Just becoz u lost a lot of money in campaigns does not mean u should force Zambians to love hh. Its not by force. Even in 2021 we are going to vote for Edgar Lungu. Tribalist HH remains rejected in Zambia.

    • True. These bitter unpd tribalists behave as if its the 1st time the under 5 is losing. Hh has been losing elections since time in memorial. We the Zambians voted for Edgar Lungu becoz he is loved. Just becoz u lost a lot of money in campaigns does not mean u should force Zambians to love hh. Its not by force. Even in 2021 we are going to vote for Edgar Lungu. Tribalist HH remains rejected in Zambia. Hh is the kalusa of all times

  2. I for one voted for ECL and will vote for him again if he so wishes to take up your challenge Mr GBM. Do nt deceive yourself sir, If you were to contest against HH, even you can beat HH. He is just overrated by people like you who think riches are pathway to power.

  3. GBM uli chipuba you are from pf now you are insulting pf President what kind if an ***** stupid foolish man are you?who do you think can hear you ?

  4. What is he talking about? Is he the mouthpiece of the nation?

    Letting bygones be bygones and moving forward seems to be a very hard thing for some Zambian politicians. In many situations it is better to simplify issues and let time settle the scores rather than keep on hurting and whinning to the end.

  5. This is the problem Zambians suffer from. Not knowing what they stand for. There’s a legal challenge to Lungu’s presidency. It’s disputed and the petition is in the courts of law and must heard and determined who won the election. If Lungu didn’t steal the election it will become plain after the judges have looked at the evidence. But to just wish that UPND must just move on and forget about Lungu’s theft of the election is unbelievably stup!d. The fact that Lungu is unwilling to let the petition be heard is incriminating evidence that he indeed stole the election. With his criminal background there’s absolutely no doubting that he stole that election!

    • Which evidence you bast.ards. We are tired of this nonsense of legal challenge when you f00ls failed to state any single evidence in the constitutional 14 days. Now you f00ls are advocating for an unconstitutional hearing which is very strange and worrying even to consider you as alternative leaders. 100 plus MPs and 58 really is a clear sign of losing considering the voting methods which are partisan and tribal like in southern province. It is very st.upid for UPND and GBM to continue yapping like rabid dogs. The next elections are in 2021 and the sooner they shut up the better. By the eay which Zambians is this chap with a big STOMACH FULL OF FEACES talking about. Let him speak for up and down and tongas not Zambians.

    • who should determine the winner the voters or the courts!!Mwebantu can someone educate me on this.Voters are the ones who decide the winner.

  6. GBV is just a dreamer- his daughter’s losing the Kasama Parliamentary seat is still ringing in his pompous big head! Zambia needs a better opposition than these blood thirsty dunderhead animals! Selfish, crooked, bitter, frustrated, violent, demented, delusional just truelly evil, evil animals! Hopeless cretin that doesn’t even know how read properly does he know about PVT system and the fact all monitoring bodies declared the elections free and fair! They only cheat themselves and their dunderhead bloggers led by the likes of chiyaya – a mental patient from Chainama.

  7. @Watanshi. U and GBM are spot on. The truth hurts but ECZ,Concourt and certain judges at the High Court mishandled the Petition and no right thinking Zambian will ever forgive these institutions for failing to deliver to Zambia a credible, fair and transparent 2016 Election. Zambia’s record of holding peaceful elections has been destroyed due to Lungu’s failed Leadership and criminality. Zambia will establish another record when the Petitioners take their Petition to ICJ soon. That trial at ICJ will embarass all of us and taint the image of all Zambians. HH and GBM should fight on all the way to ICJ until that Petition is heard,determined and the Winner of the Election is declared by ICJ. After 6 months in the Lungu controlled Courts its time to internationalise the Petition in search…

  8. GBV your own brother hates you! What does that tell you when your own brother goes to the media to complain about you say saying you? You think Kasama would vote for your daughter because of you, never! And chi HH is such a dull chap that he believed you. You GBV are a lumpene, a crook and a wife beater! And those are the facts! Your own UPND supporters called you a crook! Even your United Dunderhead blogger bucketbrainshalungu called you a crook! So who are you cheating? Even your United Dunderhead followers can’t stand you!

    • This GBV idyot is too dull to see all this.”IT” thinks the regional guys like it, far from it!…just being used,!

      Ask Sakwiba Sikota, but again this would be a tall order as Saki can’t utter a single word in GBV’s local language except for the Queen’s Language ”again” which would be very difficult for the big fat sack to comprehend!

  9. GBV why so much bitterness and hatred. You have become a real United Ponyio Nyio Dog.
    To hell with you and that dirty rogue Kaponya (HH).
    It appears that you have no case against PF and now you are insulting the judges and institutions because they have seen you have no case. You are such lumpens, dimwits and dandarheads. Pillocks

  10. I and many other Zambians like ECL, repect him, agree with the Concourt/ECZ decisions. GBM should speak on behalf of UPND and not cheat himself that all, Zambians are UPND. You voted regionally, PF got a national mandate. Unless you change your voting partner you will continue blaming innocent people for your own wrongs.

    If people did not want ECL, there would have been noise in the country, but all we hear is noise from UPND and particularly Southern Province. Zambia is bigger than that.

  11. People should deal with real issues and call a spade a spade. GBM is correct! The 2016 Presidential Election was heavily disputed and a Petition was filed with Concourt timely and was accepted. What ECZ and Concourt did is criminal and disgraceful. That Petition is not yet heard 6 months after it was filed. Lungu blocked the Petition using his Judge friends and proceeded to illegally inaugurate himself in Power. HH & GBM by now should know they will Never get Justice in the Lungu controlled Courts and so they must now take their Petition to ICJ. They should not wait for another Circus in the High Court on March 14 &15, 2017. They will use further delaying tactics so ICJ is the way to go. Hearing the Petition is like committing Hari Kari to Lungu and so Petitioners cannot get Justice from…

    • HH and GBM are only playing with your mind as their supporter. They want to maintain some support base. They know very well they lost clean and that their is nothing wrong with the Concourt or ECZ. Advise them to take the matter to the ICJ now. For sure, I can tell you they will never do that for fear of further insulting themselves. Their is no crime for ICJ to look at. You think they will accept your stupidity? Why are thinking like you never went to school. That is the problem of being over indoctrinated. Free yourself from thsi nonsense and begin to live reall life again. HH and GBM will only make your life difficult while they enjoy it. Wake up!!!

  12. We are now suffering because of useless court, president and ECZ. I agree with GBM 100% . And I don’t know why as Zambians we allowed to be fooled by Edgar lungu who is not even influential when we managed to fight FTJ who wanted to stand as president for third term though FTJ had political muscle than the current nincompoop head of state. Days are numbered for president Lungu all those that are surrounding him will flee from him. Shame!

  13. @ Ngoma. Your arguments are sound but u are making a wrong assumption that the Illegitimate Lungu Regime will accept and appear at the ICJ Trial. They know they have no leg to stand on and they make themselves fools.The Lungu govt knows that Concourt erroneously “dismissed”the Petition. They know that the 14 day expiry period, ,at law is not a valid reason not to Hear the Petition. In delivering Justice time technicalities should be avoided becoz Justice is far more important than Time Expiry. Furthermore, 14 working days only expired on 8th Sept 2016 and Concourt “dismissed” the Petition on 5th Sept 2016. To make matters worse Lungu breached the Constitution by refusing to handover the Presidency to the Speaker of Parliament to allow the Petition Hearing without Lungu interfering…

  14. Correction on behalf of GBM, it was a slip of his tongue. He meant to say “UPNDonkeys” and not “Zambians”? Which Zambians? He is just a lost fat soul, rejected in Kasama his homeland and also rejected in southern province which considers him as the main cause of hh’s sixth loss at the ballot and secons loss within a year to a complete new comer in Zambian politics. You don’t believe me? Pretend to be one of them and you will hear what they say privately about GBM and all bembas.

  15. Ati “my president hh”! Laughable, kwati kaiche ati anikonde. Ba GBM, wake up, hh has no use for you. If fresh elections were called today hh would NOT appoint you to be his running mate, he considers you a piece of useless baggage which does not bring anything to the table? Did you deliver the bemba vote ask yourself and that is the answer for you.

  16. What does this f00l (GBM) mean by saying Zambians will never forgive ECZ,Concourt,etc?which Zambians?GBM must not include me,my wife,dad and mum,my brothers and sisters because we voted for PF and ECL on 11/08/2016!!even in 2021 God willing,my family will 100% vote for PF and ECL if he will stand!!moreover,when did GBM or HH start buying us food for GBM to claim that Zambians are upset because of poverty?is HH or upnd our seviour?GBM -JUST CRY FOR YOUR POCKET WHICH IS SUFFERING BADLY NOW AFTER UPND LOST!!TRUTH BE TOLD,WHETHER HH WON IN 2016-OUR LIVES COULD HAVE CONTINUED THIS WAY ANDITS YOU GBM TOGETHER WITH HH AND YOUR CLOSE PEOPLE WHO COULD HAVE BEEN ENJOYING IN LIFE IN POWER,SO GO AND CHEAT UPND MEMBERS IN 3.5 PROVINCES!!!GO PF GO-ECL 2021!!!

  17. The three do not need to be forgiven; you are the ones who need forgiveness; and we are ready to forgive you for taking us for a ride and holding us to ransom.

  18. HH and GBM have No stories to tell the Zambians, their interest is putting money into there pockets only on the expense of the poor Zambians. All they want is to bring confusion in this country

  19. GBM is right.

    Until lungu let’s the nation hear the petition he is illigal to more than 50% of voters.

  20. UPNDonkeys, GBM is actually telling YOU that he and “his” president hh have given up on the petition and they have no clue what to do next after losing the elections and so much money. He is just too embarrassed to tell you that the inauguration of hh which they promised you is nothing but hot air. So stop being donkeys and rejoin the rest of Zambia as we engage the international community to develop our country. Otherwise UPNDonkey regions will join the index of the most impoverished in five years time while hh makes money over your heads.


  22. From the statements above, GBM is babaukaling, the people dont agree with him. HH came closer to clinching, hence the feel of being robbed the elections. we all know our election system has loopholes which in this case favors all in their stronghold.

    Its childish to call for a recontest, just to prove that HH is more popular. Elections are a drain to the nations resources. Let him wait till 2021, God willing, He and his president HH will restrategize and fight again.

  23. The tribal leader is not popular even if elections are to be held today he will still tumble. He is not a factor in Zambian politics. Even where l come from, he is not known. He is only known in Senkobo and Neganega sidings. He should just embrace all tribes in Zambia and educate his fellow tribalists that we should core exists for him to govern this country otherwise LISENGO LYA MBWA. Kuwayawaya fye.

  24. GBM had planned to imprison Edgar case or no case. He had said this at several rallies. His mission was revenge and not development. So he’s the one that needs forgiveness.

  25. Pf guys wolila samugwila pakamwa,even if he/she died with HIV/AIDS was on ARV people say witchcraft you witched our beloved one while that person left ARV in the house.let them cry until blood come out from eyes not tears.njoka pakufa yimafa nama lunga

  26. Now, who rigged the elections? Statistics indicate that the three provinces had at least 90% Voter turnout. And UPND were busy grabbing election documents in Lusaka and Copperbelt so that their desire for power is achieved. The purported master Rigger was on their side. Unfortunately, the ECZ wanted the will of people to prevail, hence they have been hated for the good work. The Con Court followed what the Constitution provides and they have been hated by the UPND. The High Court Judges interplated the provisions of the Law in the same way the Con Court did, and the equally have been hated. These two business men are indeed upto no good. They want to make profit from nowhere. May the power of the Almighty good Lord guide them to make them see things in reality. Good turnout in SP, WP and…

    • Why do you think I always refer to them as the ”two fool.s”? Very egocentric bast*rds these guys are!

  27. The UPND Petition was “dismissed” o make matters worse 14 days in terms of the law is 14 working days ending 8th Sept 2016. Concourt has no powers to dismiss the Petition without hearing and determining it. Court was supposed to declare a Winner but they failed to do so. Concourt also forgot that the old Bill of Rights still exist and the High Court administers it and that Petitioners have Rights to be heard in Court. Legally the Petitioners have a very strong case and would win at ICJ without a doubt. The fact that Lungu refused to handover the Presidency to the Speaker of Parliament during the Petition Hearing process disqualifies Lungu from the contest.


    • Some selfish Zambians wnat things in there then they say there is democracy,if against no democracy.Remember that upEnd is not the only opposition party.So it not causing unnecessary debates.Elections took place 7 months ago and the winner was declared there and then.But the country was ransomed by the selfish upEnd or united party for national destruction.The country was nearly destroyed by this foolish morons.This in turn has affected the distribution of agriculural inputs and other things because there was no government in place.How progress are they when they have told not welcome any development, but they have not boycotted parliamentary allowances.They even demanded for more and yet the people they pretend to lead are living in poverty.Shameful to hear a chief supporting such…

  28. A bunch of crap coming from a useless fat fool who is a thug by nature and openly admitted to beating his wife several times.I can never listen to such a person.And all of you talking about concourt and ICC,why isn’t the international community pushing the govt to resolve this issue?Look at Gambia,even the whole africa was behind them,not ba upnd who only had a fraction of the country behind them and expected the country to burn.Colleagues,when it’s your time to rule nothing can stop you,not concourt,not ECZ and certainly not your fellow politicians.Useless PC critics!!

  29. If we were to call for a rematch today, would the two parties be willing to go for it? Logic is that if i beat you out-rightly, i surely wouldn’t be scared of a rematch. But i have not heard a single carder from either camps mention this. what does that imply? none of them is sure

  30. If you want we can do a rematch now but on whose budget? Zambians have already chosen a President using tax payers money so if HH & GBV are ready to foot the bill no problem PF is ready. Otherwise they should forget or keep on dreaming.

  31. Wait a minute, rematch is coming in 2021 and we will see who will win. Do not blame innocent souls like the ECZ, Zambia Police, Judiciary, etc. Blame yourselves. Wen a team went to campaign in Mongu, some Leader complained to the citizenry their that Sakwiba Sikota, instead of helping here, he is helping a “Be……”. Unfortunately, this leader forgot that he had “Be……s” in his entourage. I’m telling you, this demoralised some entourage members and that what caused them to occupy a back seat. This is what we have been saying that Politicians are dividing us as a nation. I was not surprised to hear that three Provinces and half had actually voted in the way they did in addition to some —— as engineered by a Master Rigger. Wait for 2021 when there will be a rematch and as…

    • This is serious news!!Please shade more light on what that leader said.Was fat albert there, why is he still heaping praises on this leader.That was serious bane.

  32. Plz u bitter unpd tribalists dont behave as if its the 1st time the under 5 is losing. Hh has been losing elections since time in memorial. We the Zambians voted for Edgar Lungu becoz he is loved. Just becoz u lost a lot of money in campaigns does not mean u should force Zambians to love hh. Its not by force. Even in 2021 we are going to vote for Edgar Lungu. Tribalist HH remains rejected in Zambia.

    • Ba Sata gave him to lead Zambia the moron refused.It could have been a president if it did listen to Mr. Sata but sloverating cost him the presidency.Please ba Hachipuka take over the party and we shall migrate but not under the chief moron.

  33. You can paint a crow (the Corvus genus) snow-white: that does not make it a stork (Ciconia ciconia). It does not even beautify its ugly vocalizations (caw, cah).

  34. GBM: Here is a problem, your political adversary is in the country that provided the political contractor (NIKUV) to the last election. Why was Sata in Israel? You were with Sata as Defence Minister. What is common between Jews and Zambians? Is this visit intended to solicit MOSSAD support for a disputed election? What is your Plan B before six (6) months expire? All legal disputes have a legal statute of limitation

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