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Council of Churches in Zambia breaths fire on fake Prophets and Pastors

General News Council of Churches in Zambia breaths fire on fake Prophets and...

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has called on government to protect citizens from unscrupulous individuals masquerading as miracle performers .

The Church body says government through the ministry of Home Affairs should come up with statutes that enforce the regulation of churches in accordance with the society’s Act CAP 119.

CCZ General Secretary Rev Suzanne Matale said there is need for government to control churches operating in the country.

ZANIS reports that in an interview in Lusaka, today, the CCZ General Secretary lamented that many unsuspecting people are being abused by the masqueraders who are demanding huge amounts of money and sexual favours in exchange of miracles.

The CCZ is concerned and saddened by the increase in levels of desperation among Zambians seeking miracles performed by self-acclaimed prophets and pastors, she said.

She noted that the council is dismayed by the high cases of criminality being perpetuated by the clergy.

The Council has since appealed to the general public to take heed from the biblical teaching by being weary of false prophets who masquerade as wolves in sheep skin.

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  1. Religion is an imagination. Regulation would require scientific formula which is impossible…maybe miracles would be a standard or heavenly experience from Rev Matale….

    • “The Church body says government through the ministry of Home Affairs should come up with statutes that enforce the regulation of churches in accordance with the society’s Act CAP 119.”



      Preying on ignorance and gullibility of the uneducated for their own financial gain.

      Snake oil salesmen, ALL OF THEM

  2. Ba Suzen Kwena chachine – These prophets of doom have invaded Zambia: Any way these are last days spoken in Mathew 24 V 24 says: FORCE CHRISTS AND FORCE PROPHETS WILL RISE AND SHOW SIGNS AND WONDERS TO DECEIVE MANY IF POSIBLE EVEN THE ELECT. How can some one say I am going to raise the dead from UTH Mortuary -That Lusaka force prophet instead of saying I will go and pray for the sick in hospitals so that Government stops spending money on medicines. These are magicians who are now doomed. Real Pastors and Prophetic Men and Women of God do not show off.

  3. This must include those soiling themselves in politics like chief cadre Pukuta Mwanza who is behaving like a government spokesperson.

  4. All churches are business houses..! This is the problem of following blindly..! I strongly believe that Christianity was brought to us just to milk us out of our resources..! And now even magicians are using Christianity to enrich themselves..!

  5. These Fake Prophets are Fake Profits!

    Starting with that cretin Andrew Seer1!

    We need strict regulations to ban these false prophets from cheating the people of their hard earned cash.

    The last prophets ended with John in the book of Revelation. All others are charlatans and conmen!

  6. Churches are business for pastors don’t forget about,am looking for a big plot I will start my on Church zoyipa chitani mulungu azaweluza (zcma)

  7. Be careful to what you do or say about the church as this is a spiritual warfare.
    The powers behind this cannot be seen, don’t you just wonder how Christianity is rather dwindling in some nations. However in Zambia is a different story! Why is it easy to minister in Zambia and some parts of Africa and southern Asia.
    How difficult to do ministry in the western world, and how the Arab world kill the same Christians because of the faith.
    We need spiritual direction than regulation by non Godly leadership in this issue.

  8. Look church can only be business in Zambia however in other lands it is life and death.
    In some places a pastor is the most hated person, the pastor can not even manage to have food on the table or find people to come to church.
    In some places in the world anything to do with God is hated. And there are no prophets either fake or true prophets.

  9. Please zambian Remember what the bible is say dont follow what people there applying on them selfs same people are there for money even in the old days satan used such peope .please read the bible and believe in Jesus chirst because he is the only way to life devil want people to go with him

  10. In exodus remember what happeaned when moses was sent by God to egypt moses he was a prophet of God but same people in egypt wanted to show how powerfull they were .but they never believed in the most high God.moses was a prophet of God ……..

  11. Many people can claim to be prophet speaking for God people may do this to get money or power for fame.same might even do it sincerely for their owen’good” reason.this was a problem today in the past’and it is still a problem today many who now claim to speaking argne aginst each other. Their messages do not agree after speaking about God’s true prophet of long ago. The apostle peter warns.
    But there were also false prophet amon the people just as there will be false teachers among you(2 peter2:1)
    God knew there false prophets he also knew people might have in knowing which was false.so God made it clear which prophets were sent by him.look agin at the example for moses when God made him a prophet to carry his message to egypt and not been know as a prophet then.how could the…

  12. Please please my brothers ‘sisters and mother and father Let us know the truth God loves us

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